2 Pack Standard 25 Inch Kitchen Stove Gap Filler Cover – Premium Silicone Spill Guard for Stovetop, Counter, Oven, Washer, Dryer, Washing Machine and More, Matte Black, by ITEMporia

Don’t Throw Your Back Out Trying To Clean Between Your Appliances
Cleaning the openings between your appliances and countertops often involves moving heavy appliances around – which can be a problem for people with back pain. The ITEMporia Stove Counter Gap Cover prevent the spills and messes so you never have to worry.

Made From The Same Silicone Used To Make Bakeware
Go ahead and set your hot pans and skillets down – they won’t melt this high quality food grade silicone, because it is made to withstand heat up to 445°F / 230°C. Perfectly safe to use around your children – they are non-toxic and won’t retain heat so little fingers won’t get burned.

Seals Gaps Completely – Liquids Can’t Slip Past
The ITEMporia Stove Counter Gap Covers are made of flexible silicone – so they conform to the surfaces of your counters and appliances – keeping messy, sticky liquids from spilling down the sides of your stove or washing machine. They adapt to uneven heights and gaps up to two inches.

1 Year Warranty & 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
If your new Stove Counter Gap Covers fail to perform up to your expectations – your purchase is completely covered by our Warranty.

Order Your New ITEMporia Stove Counter Gap Covers Today and Discover How Easy It Is to Keep Your Gaps Free From Spills and Crumbs.

Product Features

  • MULTIPURPOSE – Bridges the gap between stove and counter, as well as other gaps on your kitchen, house or office.
  • HIGH-QUALITY SILICONE – Designed with top-notch silicone, very durable, doesn’t warp or melt, and can resist to high temperatures.
  • STANDARD 25 INCH – Cover all of those irritating counter gaps in your kitchen, home and office
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Due to being made of high-quality food-grade silicone, the Stove Counter Gap Cover can be cleaned in as little as 2 minutes with a damp cloth, hence saving you time and minimizing cleaning efforts.
  • SET OF TWO: Each pack includes 2 pieces, they also come with 12 months warranty & 30 days Money Back Guarantee, buy with confidence!

3 thoughts on “2 Pack Standard 25 Inch Kitchen Stove Gap Filler Cover – Premium Silicone Spill Guard for Stovetop, Counter, Oven, Washer, Dryer, Washing Machine and More, Matte Black, by ITEMporia”

  1. Like The Way These Strips Are Designed. Worked Perfectly These were great for my needs. My counter is just a little higher than the stove and they still worked great. One side is narrower than than the other. I like the narrow side on my stove because the top gets really hot when I have a burner on high. This doesn’t overlap too far so I don’t have to worry about it getting too hot. The wider side is wide enough to reach up just a little onto my counter and then lays perfectly flat. I was also able to easily cut the strips to fit my counter length…

  2. Love, love Love, love, love these. Daughter in law has them. I live with other daughter in law and son. I was always fighting crumbs falling between stove and cabinet. There was always spills running down the side of the stove. It looked so nasty and was impossible to clean if I didn’t get the stove slid out. These blocked all the spills and crumbs. They are so easy to wipe down, throw in the sink and give a quick wash. My guess is you could probably lay them flat in the top shelf of the dish washer but…

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