Air Fryer XL Touchscreen by Cozyna (5.7QT) with 8 Cooking Preset and airfryer cookbook (over 50 recipes)

The Cozyna air fryer is the healthiest way to cook all your favorite foods and just got easier 8 with digital presets such as fries, chicken wings and even bacon! By allowing you to cook with a spoon or less of oil, the air fryer is the perfect tool to make healthier meals.

8 custom presets make mealtimes fun and easy! Like having a personal chef do the work for you!

The cozyna Airfryer’s parts are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Here are its specifications:

– 8 Built in Cooking Presets: From Bacon to French fries at the touch of a button

– 1700 Watts

– 5.5 Liters (5.7 Quart) capacity

– Fries, grills, bakes, and roasts food using a tablespoon or less of oil

– 60 Minute Timer

– Adjustable temperature up to 400 degrees

– Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning

– Includes 2 cookbooks with more than 50 recipes

Live a Healthier Lifestyle while still Enjoying Your Favorite Food!

Enjoy More of Your Favorite Food!

The Cozyna Airfryer XL delivers all the same great results as our original Air Fryer but now you can enjoy even more of your favorite food! This healthy deep fryer is perfect for the family, or for hosting parties. Whip up a variety of foods with no hassle and of course no excess oil or fat!

Learn New Exciting Recipes!

Every Air Fryer XL comes with one cookbook, plus an additional e-book cookbook which you will receive via email! From appetizers to desserts, each cookbook has a variety of delicious recipes for you to try and enjoy. Who knows? Maybe you will discover some of your new favorites!


– Do not place the air fryer on a surface that is not heat resistant.

– Do not place the air fryer on a stovetop.

– Do not fill the pan with oil or any other liquid.

Product Features

  • #TOUCHSCREEN | 8 COOKING PRESETS… The XL air fryer has 8 preset functions: fries/chips, chicken, steak, fish, grilled cheese, potato, chicken wings, and even BACON! You can choose from 8 touch presets or set your own Time and Temperature. Smart presetting buttons make preparation amazingly fast and mealtimes incredibly easy with just the touch of a button.
  • #FAMILY SIZE | 50% MORE CAPACITY: The Cozyna XL low fat deep fryer can hold 5.5 liters (5.8 QT) which makes cooking for the family a piece of cake! Dinner parties are a breeze with the XLAirfryer! Cook for 6-8 people at one time! Simply place your food in the basket, add oil if desired, choose your temperature and time, and enjoy!
  • #EAT HEALTHY | USE 70% LESS FAT: The Cozyna XL Airfryer is the healthiest alternative to deep frying as it uses stormic air flow technology and only requires a tablespoon of oil or less! This means, on average, you will consume 70% less fat while still enjoying all your favorite fried, grilled, baked and roasted foods! Finally, enjoy the same results of frying, with out all the unhealthy fat and oil!
  • #VERSATILE COOKING | FRY, GRILL, BAKE AND ROAST: The Cozyna Air Fryer XL multi cooker is essentially a fryer, oven and grill all in one. Now you can easily fry, bake, roast and grill all your favorite foods with a single cooking appliance! You can choose from 8 touch presets or set your own Time and Temperature to easily cook your favorite foods, or find new favorites In the included Cozyna cookbook…over 50 delicious and healthy recipes!
  • #100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We offer a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your healthy fryer. Purchase the Cozyna Air Cooker XL with confidence and effortlessly fry, grill, bake and roast delicious food for you and the family!

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2 thoughts on “Air Fryer XL Touchscreen by Cozyna (5.7QT) with 8 Cooking Preset and airfryer cookbook (over 50 recipes)”

  1. Not a Fryer, but a Great Oven. I bought this on a whim. It was a suggested lightening deal from Amazon. I’d actually never heard of an ‘Air Fryer’ before. After 10 minutes of research on Google I figured what the hey – I’ll give it a shot, I can always return it. Two weeks later, it’s my favorite appliance in the kitchen. Now that I’ve used it and researched, I have a better formed opinion.It’s important before buying that you understand what an ‘Air Fryer’ is – and I use quotes intentionally… the marketing…

  2. Love the product, LOVE LOVE the customer service! If you are going to read this, focus on the customer service of a company that stood behind its product, even though the customer (me) is at fault.The Fryer:So we bought this after looking at the more expensive fryers offered by Philips . The result? We Love it! It makes nice crispy fries and other “snack” foods, perfectly. (Hint Shaking the basket is a good thing, as well as warming it up for 1-2 mins) It cleans easily, and the kitchen does not smell of oil. We find…

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