Audio 2000s AST4446BK Portable Sheet Black Music Stand 60″ Height

Audio 2000s AST4446BKB lightweight durable sheet music stand is made of solid metal, Fully adjustable stand desk angle and Height with easy transport zip up carrying.

Product Features

  • Black Color Folding Sheet Music Stand with adjustable height, Foldable legs, Lightweight & Metal construction
  • Folding tripod design & Two section design with adjustable angle desk
  • Includes wire music clips and rubber feet
  • Height Adjustment from 27 inches to 60 inches
  • Package include Zippered carrying pouch

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3 thoughts on “Audio 2000s AST4446BK Portable Sheet Black Music Stand 60″ Height”

  1. Good Enough is all I need I bought this as an inexpensive portable music stand to take to jam sessions or other occasions when I want to travel light. My primary disappointment is that although the stand seems fairly sturdy, the rack that holds the sheet music is wobbly and I can’t find an adjustment to tighten it up. While it holds a few sheets at a time well enough, I wouldn’t trust it with a thick book. It serves the purpose I bought it for well enough, which is to not carry around the larger and heavier music stand…

  2. Using this like a podium stand for autographing books, compact, easy to set-up, think will work great! I love this music stand. The dual pink color is really eye-catching and very pretty. I am not a music person (I am learning) and I purchased this for a use other than sheet music. It came with a storage bag, was easy to put up, and to me (again, not a professional musician, not using it for sheet music) looked to be of good quality. It is very compact and I like that. At some point, I may take music lessons and may use it as a music stand. If so, I will update my review from a beginner’s…

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