Faithful And Devoted: Confessions Of A Music Addict

Both an ode to the joy of music and a cautionary tale of obsession, Jenna Rose Robbins’ coming-of-age adventure offers a glimpse into a subculture where unchecked fanaticism can lead to both euphoric and devastating consequences. As a love letter to fellow music addicts, the memoir of her time following Depeche Mode on the 1993 Devotional tour brings readers face to face with the artists she idolized, while speaking directly to the heart of every music fan.

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3 thoughts on “Faithful And Devoted: Confessions Of A Music Addict”

  1. Five Stars I am not a music band groupie or anything close to that. I am not familiar with Depeche Mode other than a faint recognition of the name. So why did I like this book?The best writing transports you elsewhere begging you to read on. This book does that and even more amazing with a subject I am not very interested in. Yet the band is not the real subject, it is Jenna and her adventures over the course of a mere week.Jenna’s writing pulls you in so that you feel what she…

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