Manhasset 1100 Model #1100 Accessory Shelf, Music Stand Accessory

Accessory Shelf provides storage at your fingertips! This durable ABS plastic shelf slides onto the ledge of your stand, instantly converting it to a double lipped orchestral stand. This shelf that is 16 inches long, provides convenient storage for your music paraphenalia.

Product Features

  • Model 1100
  • Accesory Shelf for your music stand
  • Made of durable ABS plastic
  • 16 inces long

3 thoughts on “Manhasset 1100 Model #1100 Accessory Shelf, Music Stand Accessory”

  1. NOT QUITE ALL I EXPECTED FROM A MANHASSET PRODUCT I’m disappointed in the quality of this item, even for the price. It is constructed of flimsy, thin sheet plastic, and is considerably shorter than the width of my Manhasset stand. Should have ordered two. Just received the item today and have already found that it interferes with page-turning. Also tends to dislodge from the stand during page-turning. I thought about fastening it permanently with black duct tape, but I think it is too delicate to withstand portage while attached. I plan…

  2. 1) It is made of plastic, not metal (should … 1) It is made of plastic, not metal (should be specified in product info). The plastic is fairly rigid, so unless you are placing something quite heavy on it, it will hold without deforming.2) The shelf is a few inches shorter than the width of the stand.*** 3) The folded part that slides over the stand lip is loose (does not grip tightly), and will slide around/off if simply placed on the stand. This means that if you bump it, or try to move the stand, it and its contents may be on…

  3. Very handy & convenient Finally have a place to rest my pencils, highlighters, eyeglasses & clips! I saw others who had these & I couldn’t believe how reasonably priced this was. Works fine, not as flimsy as some of the reviews said. I can even leave it on the stand while transporting. My pages do not get stuck on the ridges because they are in a binder, not a problem–I almost didn’t buy it because of those reviews but it works for me. Just wish it were a little roomier & had side pieces but you’re not going to put…

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