Music Nomad MN107 Premium Amp and Case Cleaner and Conditioner, 4 oz.

Music Nomad’s Amp and Case Cleaner and Conditioner works great on all tolex, leather, vinyl, and rubber amps, cases, and drum chairs to clean, condition, preserve, and shine. It delivers a long-lasting, dry-to-touch new shine finish with a proprietary formula that embeds itself safely in fibers of tolex, leather, vinyl, and rubber, creating a moisture-resistant barrier. It does not attract dust because it is non-greasy, and it also includes added UV protectants. This product contains no harsh chemicals and is 100 percent non-abrasive. Music Nomad products are used worldwide by musicians, repair shops, collectors, and instrument makers.

Product Features

  • Cleans, conditions, restores, protects for months
  • Great for tolex, vinyl, rubber, and leather on amps, cases, and drum chairs
  • 100 percent non-abrasive and dry-to-touch
  • UV protectant added to deter sun damage
  • Non-greasy formula does not attract dust

3 thoughts on “Music Nomad MN107 Premium Amp and Case Cleaner and Conditioner, 4 oz.”

  1. Five Stars I bought an old 70’s Ampeg V-4 head that was totally filthy with years of dust and stains from spilled beers and god knows what else. This stuff worked perfect, cleaned it up nicely. I wouldn’t say it looks like new but I wouldn’t expect that, it’s still 40+ year old material after all. But it is as clean as it can be and now looks great, everything considered. The cleaner itself smells nice and even feels good on your skin, which is rare for me as I cannot stand the feeling of anything greasy…

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