360 Health: Your Guide to Cancer Prevention, Healing Foods, & Total Body Wellness

Have you ever wondered if there are ways to “turn off” bad genes or an unwanted predisposition to illness? If cancer, autoimmune conditions, or heart disease run in your family, you may be afraid that one day these diseases will also plague you. The good news is there is something called “epigenetics,” and this means, essentially, that you can switch genes on or off with lifestyle modifications. 360 Health, a comprehensive wellness guide, will walk you through various ways to create your healthiest body, one in which cancer and major disease cannot easily thrive. The book will teach you which foods are “anti-angiogenic” (cancer preventative) and which foods foster cancer growth. You’ll learn about supplements that nourish you and act as armor against disease, and you’ll learn which supplements or medications may be harmful. You’ll read about how the environment plays a role in toxic burden, but you’ll also discover ways to detoxify your body. You’ll find guidance and helpful tips for stress relief and overall well-being. 
360 Health gives you the tools you need for ultimate physical, mental, and spiritual health. You can add years to your life and life to your years. Added Bonuses: • A grocery shopping list is provided to help you search for the best and most nourishing foods. • There are also 20+ easy recipes incorporating anti-angiogenic ingredients, so you can be sure to find ways to eat that support immune functioning.

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Food for Thought: Recipes for Ultimate Mind and Body Health

Heal your body, protect your mind, and enrich your life.

NY Times bestselling author, chef, TV personality, and entrepreneur Cristina Ferrare shares delicious and healthy recipes from the meals she makes for her family and friends.

With her simple, creative recipes, you can explore everything from the importance of a nutritious breakfast to the surprising ways that the shape of a food can give us clues about the part of our body it will nourish.

Take the first step towards ultimate health with Food for Thought and join Ferrare in the kitchen as she teaches you how eating the foods you love can keep you healthy, vital, and strong.

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Plant Based Diet Cookbook: Healthy, Simple Whole Food Recipes to Reactivate Your Body and Awaken Your Taste Buds

Healthy, Simple Whole Food Recipes to Reactivate Your Body and Awaken Your Taste Buds

Are you tired of feeling physically drained on a regular basis? Do you constantly avoid peering at yourself in the mirror? Do you have the desire to be healthier but are overwhelmed by the amount of diets and quick fix fads out there to choose from? It can be difficult to choose and commit to a new lifestyle change in the broad world of healthy dieting and living. Especially when you’re unsure of what will personally work for you and your body. A plant-based diet is a sustainable, universally effective, life changing way of living.
The contents of this book includes:

  • The basics of a plant based diet explained
  • The Most Valuable Players of a plant-based diet over multiple categories that are strongly encouraged to consume regularly
  • A wide array of delicious and easy to make recipes for you and your family, including:
  • Smoothies
  • Clean Eating Bowls
  • Soups, Stews and Curries
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Side Dishes and Snacks
  • Desserts and Treats!

Isn’t it about time that you did something positive for yourself that is more than just a temporary change of pace? Are you ready to find a diet that actually works for you and is easy to grasp and incorporate? If you are ready to make a change in your daily lifestyle, then this book is a great choice in starting that journey! Or, if you just want to stop by to soak up valuable knowledge and discover new colorful recipes to add into your diet.
The time is now to start living a healthier more fulfilled life and embrace a more lively and confident self through a plant-based diet.

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Fertility Foods: 100+ Recipes to Nourish Your Body While Trying to Conceive

A complete dietary program for women seeking healthy pregnancy. Created by RDN certified experts, Fertility Foods provides you with powerful nutritional benefits and more than 100 recipes.

Struggling with infertility can be one of the most frustrating experiences for women looking to conceive. Rather than juggle multiple prescription medications all while scheduling an endless series of doctors’ visits, Fertility Foods helps you to seek better results—just by changing your diet!

As you prepare to enter one of the most significant times in your life, you owe it to yourself and your future children to make sure that your body has absolutely everything it needs, at the proper times and in the proper quantities.

Fertility Foods includes:
· Over 100 nutritious, satisfying dishes to boost your fertility
· Dietary breakdowns to help you understand what will help your body conceive, and why
· Tips on managing stress and other lifestyle factors
· Heartfelt support and guidance from women who have struggled with infertility
· A how-to guide on putting together a healthy kitchen

Fertility Foods is more than just a diet plan or cookbook. It’s a companion, a constant support providing you with the information you need to ensure you receive proper nutrition before conception.

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Fender FA-100 Beginner Acoustic Guitar with Gig Bag, Dreadnought Body Style, Natural Finish

Getting started as a guitar player was never easier than with the Fender FA-100 Acoustic. It’s priced so affordably that jumping in doesn’t require a big investment. This instrument features a protective and glossy finish encompassing the body, time tested quarter sawn X bracing, a compensated saddle and laminated Spruce top. Included with purchase is a Fender padded gig bag that lets you safely carry it wherever you go. Also included with purchase is Fender’s limited lifetime warranty.

Product Features

  • Protective Fender black nylon gig bag included.
  • Keep this acoustic in proper playing position with the included Fender strap when standing or sitting from the factory installed forward facing strap button and rear strap button.
  • Under the natural glossy Basswood top, the time tested quarter sawn X bracing adds to the distinct FA 100’s projection and top stability.
  • Sophisticated modern construction techniques typically reserved for acoustics at much higher price points
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty Included

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Instant Pot Coobook: 60 Delicious Smart Points Recipes That Shape Your Body

INSTANT POT AND SMART POINTS RECIPES This book helps you lose weight and also maintain a healthy body in the long term, unlike other fad diets. The cost effectiveness is also another plus when you compare it to most other programs that will not actually give you your penny’s worth. Instead of being hard on yourself both mentally and physically, use the simple Weight Watchers approach and see it work for you. You can still eat what you like but also eat better and watch your body transform for the better. All the recipes given here will assist you further in following the program. You can still eat delicious food while losing weight; it does not have to mean eating tasteless and unfulfilling food. Such approaches will only make you give up on your weight loss goal faster. So go slow and steady with Weight Watchers and see the results. You can also go ahead and recommend or gift it to anyone that you think could use the help as well. The Weight Watchers program has been so popular for a number of years now, and it is one of the ultimate, proven, successful ways for people to lose weight. The Weight Watchers plans are so easy for you to follow. It is a program that helps people to stay leaner, thinner but stronger, it’s the healthier diet plan. The human mind and body respond best when they feel safe and relaxed. If you tell someone to get out of their comfort zone the wrong way, then they will respond by rejecting the Whole idea of change. While you’re on a diet plan, it should be relaxing and enjoyable. You’ll want to give your body the greatest gift of all: “GREAT HEALTH & HAPPINESS” By applying this Weights Watchers program plan, you will find that the fat not only melts away, it stays away. You’ll be fitter and happier than you have ever been before, because you’ll be adopting the same kind of positive mindset that keeps men and women like you at a healthy weight.

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Eat Like Caveman! Paleo Diet Cookbook: 50+ Easy and Tasty Recipes for Your Healthy Strong and Beautiful Body

Limited Time Only! Buy a paperback version of this book and get a Kindle edition as a gift! Absolutely free! 

The paper version is more convenient for everyday cooking. Favorite recipes with your notes are always at hand!
Meet the Paleo Diet Cookbook! 
In this book you will find: 
The principles of the Paleo Diet 
An initial weekly meal plan with recipes 
The common mistakes beginners make 
And, of course, an excellent cookbook with more than 50 recipes for your diet. 
10 breakfasts 
10 lunches 
15 courses for dinner 
6 recipes for snacks 
10 desserts + A gift! Five additional incomparable recipes for desserts 
EVERY recipe contains: 
Number of servings 
Cooking time 
Number of calories per serving 
Nutritional information (quantity of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) 
The ingredients are easy to buy at the nearest market, and cooking the meals doesn’t take long! 
Just follow the simple instructions for each recipe and start your Paleo Diet today! Feel stronger, leaner, and healthier! 
Click the buy button! 
ATTENTION! When buying a paperback version, you will receive the Kindle version of the book ABSOLUTELY FREE! Limited time only!

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Zip Ball Game – Sliding Ball Fitness Game for kids| Speed Ball Upper Body Workout Set for Kids – Bilateral Coordination Toy Ball Slider Activity Game for Family

The zip slide ball game is perfect for health conscious people who are keen on proactive lifestyles for the whole
family. Not only fun, it also provides an awesome upper body workout for people of all ages. Increases blood
circulation throughout the body while enhancing essential motor skills with the usage of large muscle groups in
the body. Kids can work out as a team or they can alternate roles as fitness coach or partner. Excellent for all
outdoor events and festivities; camping, parties, BBQ’s, school, back yards and beaches.

Great Exercise:
Stretching, pulling and breathing control all part of this fun exercise regime, are perfect
for childhood development (kids | teenagers) and it improves blood circulation and bilateral coordination

Role Play:
Enhances children’s motor skills and promotes good posture with the use of large muscles
in the body. Kids can play together as a team or one person can assume the role of fitness coach!

The family game is loads of fun and kids will have a blast doing fun, energized workouts,
virtually anywhere; in the backyard, camping out, at school, in the park or the beach

Party Favor:
Makes an excellent party favor! Add them to party bags or use as a stocking stuffers. Can also be used
to create a uniquely enjoyable party theme everyone will love. Either way kids will all have a blast jumping
around with friends, all while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Made from strong, high quality plastic materials and built for rugged outdoor usage it is made to last.

– Ages 3 years +
– Material | Plastic

– x1 Set of Zip (Slide)Ball Family Game
– x1 8″ Zipper ball
– x1 84″ exercise rope

Product Features

  • INTERACTIVE FUN: Kids can work out as partners, or one person can assume the role of fitness coach as they develop essential social interactive skills. Fun toy for kids ages 3 – 16.
  • HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Great upper body workout and promotes healthy living in kids and teenagers.
  • DURABLE: Unlike other market brands, the zip ball game is made from quality materials and built to last.
  • PORTABILITY: Super lightweight and easy to carry, you can work out virtually anywhere of your choice.
  • INCLUDES: 1 Set of Zip (Slide) balls for everyone!

Music Nomad MN205 The Nomad String, Body, and Hardware Cleaning Tool

Music Nomad’s All-in-1 String, Body, and Hardware Cleaning Tool is a must have for any guitar or bass player. The innovative design both extends the life and preserves the tone of the strings, and also cleans the body and hardware without any cleaning solutions. This premium quality, washable microfiber pad quickly cleans dust, grime, and fingerprints on the instrument’s body and hard to reach areas, including on top and underneath guitar strings. It also protects frets and fretboard from getting damaged while cleaning them. Turn it around to use the super soft, natural brush fibers as a cleaner for dust build-up and care on the body, bridge, pickups, saddles, tuners, headstock, and more. Cleaning off dust and grime is a must before you apply any polish to avoid scratching the finish. The All-in-1 Nomad Tool can be used on all electric and acoustic stringed instruments, drums, mixers, computers, pedals, and more.

Product Features

  • Innovative design extends the life and preserves the tone of strings, and also cleans the body and hardware without any cleaning solution
  • Premium quality washable microfiber pad cleans on top and underneath strings in seconds
  • Quickly cleans dust, grime, and fingerprints on the instrument’s body and hard to reach areas
  • Turn it around to use the super soft, natural fibers to safely clean dust build-up on the body, bridge, pickups, saddles, tuners, and headstock
  • All-in-1 tool can be used on all electric and acoustic stringed instruments, drums, mixers, computers, pedals, and more