Gastric Sleeve Cookbook: 3 manuscripts – 170+ Unique Bariatric-Friendly Recipes for Fluid, Puree, Soft Food and Main Course Recipes for Recovery and Lifelong Eating Post Weight Loss Surgery Diet

3 manuscripts – 170+ Unique Bariatric-Friendly Recipes for Fluid, Puree, Soft Food and Main Course Recipes for Recovery and Lifelong Eating Post Weight Loss Surgery Diet

In Bariatric Cookbook – FLUID, you will find:

  • 50 Bariatric-Friendly Broth, Beverage, Popsicle and Mousse recipes for Stage I and II Fluid Diet. All the recipes are under 5g sugar, 5g fat and 15g carbohydrates.
  • The recipes suitable for each recovery stages are labelled accordingly. You will have plenty of options to put in your recovery diet plan.
  • Proper de-fat procedures are provided in the broth recipes while full Nutritional Information and serving information are provided for the rest of the recipes.
  • Examples include Beef Shank Broth with Vegetables, Fish Broth with Tomato and Tofu, Golden Turmeric and Ginger Chicken Broth, Combo Herb Water, Lemon Cheesecake Smoothies, Decaf Green Tea Latte Shake, Peppermint and Cream Popsicle, Ginger Milk Curd, Skinny Eggnog Mousse and much more!

In Bariatric Cookbook – PUREE, you will find:

  • 50 Unique Bariatric-Friendly Soup, Puree, Smoothie and Dessert recipes for Stage III and IV Puree and Soft Food Diets. All the recipes are under 5g sugar, 5g fat, 15g carbohydrates.
  • Serving Information and full Nutritional Information are provided for all recipes.
  • Examples include Kelp and Tofu Miso Soup, Creamy Pesto Chicken Soup, Buffalo Chicken soup, Creamy Crab Bisque, Creamy Worcestershire Chicken Puree, Indian Butter Chicken Puree, Salmon Rillettes, Maryland Crab Puree, Beef Casserole Puree, Coconut Chai Latte Smoothie, French Toast Smoothie, Golden Turmeric Yogurt Smoothie, Purple Yam Mousse, Creamy Red Bean Popsicle and much more!

In Gastric Bypass Cookbook – MAIN COURSE, you will find:

  • 70+ Bariatric-Friendly Chicken, Beef, Fish, Pork, Fish, Salads and Vegetarian Recipes For Life Long Eating For Post Weight Loss Surgery Diet. All the recipes are under 5g sugar, 5g fat, 15g carbohydrates.
  • Serving Information and full Nutritional Information are provided for all recipes. Cooking Information Summary Table and Nutrition Summary Table are provided.
  • Examples Sichuan Spicy Beef Stew, Mongolian Beef Skewer, White Bean and Chicken Chili, Yakitori Chicken, Portobello Tuna Melt, Spicy Peanut Salmon Burger, Vinegar Mustard Glazed Ham Loaf, Low country Shrimps, Crab Imperial, Sloppy Joe Lettuce Wrap, Taco Salad, Seared Tandoori Tofu and much more!

Pick up this book to enjoy these delicious and easy recipes today!

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The Ultimate Russian Cookbook: Amazing Russian Food Recipes for the Soul

“The Ultimate Russian Cookbook – Amazing Russian Food Recipes for the Soul” is truly the best and most interesting cookbook ever!

You won’t find anything similar on the market! It’s the most exciting and amazing cooking journal dedicated to the Russian cuisine.

It was specially developed to reach everyone’s hearts. It will make you fall in love with this delightful international cuisine and it will guarantee your success in the kitchen.

Learn how to combine ingredients, flavors and textures. Learn how to make authentic Russian dishes. Just imagine how impressed everyone around you will be when you make Abzhorka, Ajepsandal or the world famous Vinaigrette salad, a true Russian beets borscht, pickled salmon or the sweet and tasty Gogol Mogol.

It sounds really amazing, doesn’t it?

Make sure you get your hands on this special cookbook which is exactly what you need in your life right now. The Ultimate Russian Cookbook – Amazing Russian Food Recipes for the Soul It’s about time you changed the way you cook. It’s time you changed your ordinary meals into real culinary experiences.

This cooking journal will help you!

Just start cooking the Russian way!

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Food Processor Perfection: 75 Amazing Ways to Use the Most Powerful Tool in Your Kitchen (America’s Test Kitchen)

America’s Test Kitchen unleashes the potential of what a food processor can do with an eye-opening collection of 75 kitchen-tested recipes to make your cooking easier, faster, and better.

  Your food processor is a powerful tool but is often relegated to only a handful of tasks. We have always felt the food processor was underutilized and so we’ve set out to create a book that harnesses this appliance’s capabilities as never before, from almost-no-bowl baking to multi-step dishes like stir-fries where all the slicing and chopping happens in the food processor. The result is a book of 75 smart ideas where the food processor is the star of every recipe. It will transform how you use this appliance, streamline everyday cooking and baking, and open doors to projects you would never have considered tackling by hand.

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Aroma Housewares 20-Cup (Cooked) (10-Cup UNCOOKED) Digital Rice Cooker & Food Steamer, Stainless Steel Exterior (ARC-1010SB)

Enjoy easy home cooking with the Aroma 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker & Food Steamer. Restaurant-quality rice. Healthy steamed meals. Delicious one-pot dishes. Prepare all this and more at the touch of a button! Aroma takes the “cook” out of home cooking – turning kitchen time into your time! Help the kids with homework, get creative at play time or pick up that novel you’ve been waiting to dive into. All while delivering hot, hearty and healthy meals the entire family will love. This convenient cooker’s generous capacity perfectly cooks 4 to 20 cups of any variety of rice with specialized functions for both White and Brown Rice. Once the rice has finished, it will automatically switch to Keep-Warm so there’s no need for monitoring or stirring. The Steam Tray allows for healthy steaming of meats and vegetables, even as rice cooks below! With Aroma’s patent-pending Sauté-Then-Simmer function you can further automate your kitchen. Reaching a high heat to sauté or brown foods then switching over to a simmer once liquid is added, this time-saving function is the perfect choice for Spanish rice, chili, risotto, packaged meals and much more! The programmable 15-hour delay timer is great for families on the go, delivering delicious rice ready when it’s needed. And when the cooking is done, the inner cooking pot and all accessories remove for easy cleanup in the dishwasher. Steam Tray, Rice Measuring Cup and Serving Spatula included.

Product Features

  • Capacity: yields up to 20-cup of cooked rice
  • Steams meat and vegetables while rice cooks below
  • Easy-to-use, programmable digital controls with automatic Keep-Warm and White Rice, Brown Rice, and Steam functions
  • Sauté-Then-Simmer function provides high heat for sautéing the automatically switches to simmer once liquid is added
  • 15- hour Delay Timer for flexible meal planning
  • Includes Recipe Booklet, Steam Tray, Rice Measuring Cup and Serving Spatula

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Wolfgang Puck Food Prep Center with Stand (Green)

The Wolfgang Puck Prep Center is a customer favourite, and now, you can have some fun in your kitchen, too, with the popular item. This appliance will let you whip up frozen drinks, blend the perfect marinade, process bread crumbs, grind meat, chop veggies and so much more. Thanks to the stand, the Prep Center is equipped to handle a variety of tasks that will make food preparation a breeze. To make things even easier, there are six variable speed settings (stir, mix, blend, beat, whip and turbo) that allow you to handle a variety of kitchen jobs. The included dough hooks and twisted wire beaters transform the blender into a hand mixer to take on almost any mixing task, from dense cookie dough to mashed potatoes. • Elegant stainless steel housing with powerful 500 watt DC motor • Detachable stainless steel blending rod accommodates tall stock pots • Rubberized handle for a secure, comfortable grip • Non-slip mixing beaker; stays securely in place while you work • 5-Cup Chopper Bowl with thumb print handle and non-skid base can chop, mince and grind with the included stainless steel blades • Stainless steel whisk for emulsifying cream, egg whites and other delectable treats • Dough hooks and twisted wire beaters transform your blender into a hand mixer to take on any mixing task from dense cookie dough to mashed potatoes Includes: • Prep Center • Stand • Manual with Recipes • (2) Dough Hooks • Blending Rod • 5-Cup Bowl with Stainless Steel Blades • Stainless Steel Whisk • Twisted Wire Beater

Product Features

  • 7-Cup measuring/mixing beaker with non-skid base, variable speed and on/turbo button
  • 7-cup measuring/mixing beaker with nonskid base
  • Powerful 450W DC Motor. Elegant designed stainless steel housing
  • Dough hooks and twisted wire beaters transforms blender into a hand mixer
  • Rubberized handle at the top motor housing

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The Great Greek Cookbook: 40 Greek Recipes, Food Fit for the Gods

Did you know that the first cookbook ever written was by Archestratus in 350 BC? He was known as “the Daedalus of tasty dishes.”

Here, in The Great Greek Cookbook – Learn How to Cook Greek Food – 40 Greek Recipes, Food Fit for the Gods, you too will learn how to prepare tasty, simple Greek recipes.

Greek food changes with the seasons. The majority of these food dishes center around fresh, healthy appetizers drizzled in olive oil and main courses seasoned with cinnamon, cloves, and allspice. But, save room for dessert! If you have a sweet tooth, then Greek food should definitely be on your menu. With a large emphasis on syrup, honey, and pastry, you will enjoy making some of the most delicious desserts ever.

This Greek cookbook will teach you how to make 40 dishes, many dating back to Ancient Greece. If you want to recreate the fantastic food served in thousands of family owned tavernas throughout the whole of Greece, then look no further.

The Great Greek Cookbook is divided into three easy to read food sections: Appetizers (including soups & dips), Main Courses, and Desserts.

Here, beginners and seasoned cooks will find some of the tastiest recipes this side of the Aegean in The Great Greek Cookbook – Learn How to Cook Greek Food – 40 Greek Recipes, Food Fit for the Gods!

As we say in Greece – Kali Orexi!

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Delicious and Healthy Pie Recipes: – Best Christmas Food Ideas

Delicious and Healthy Pie Recipes – Best Christmas Food Ideas (With FREE GIFT Bonus)

Pie recipes are the highly superior preparations for dessert or maybe a side dish. Be it a vintage pie or a modern pie, it is always considered nostalgia to evoke the old way of baking. For many persons baking at household is a very tiresome job, but still, domestic baked products are quite nutritional and extremely nice. In case certain individuals find it intricate, some strategies or guidelines will create baking pie recipes at house pretty quick. This book provides ideas or rather guidelines in preparation of pie delicacies. Buy this book, and find your “FREE Gift” chapter after the introduction.

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KAIL Refrigerator Door Handle Covers Keep Your Kitchen Appliance Clean From Smudges, Fingertips, Drips, &Food Stains,Perfect For The oven, Microwave oven,&The furniture with a handle(10″)

Specification: Refrigerator Handle Cover Length: 27cm(10.63″)
Refrigerator Handle Cover Flat wide:13cm(5.1″)
Fastener: Velcro
Material: Fabric
Package include: 1 x pair Kitchen Appliance Handle Covers

Product Features

  • KEEP YOU HANDLES CLEAN & WASHABLE: Keep your handles away from from food, sauces, oils, water drips, smudges and fingertips. Easy to clean.
  • FIT ANY KITCHEN APPLIANCE: Refrigerator door, oven, dishwasher and microwave.
  • VELCRO STICKS: Made with Velcro fastening. When it in place,it won’t slip down on your hand or stick to your clothes. Easy be placed and removed at any time.
  • CREATE A WARM HOMIE ATMOSPHERE: These handle covers is perfect for kitchen decoration and give your kitchen a warm beautiful looking.
  • PACKAGE: Includes set of two handle covers for kitchen decoration.

Bento japanese food: Learn to prepare delicious bento launch box to style japanese (Bento CookBook) (Volume 1)

Make Incredible Bento Dishes! with this japanese cookbook

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $5.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. Now Including a Bonus Section right after the Conclusion! Grab Your Copy Today!

Haven’t you always wanted to…

  • Make food that’s as delicious as it is beautiful
  • (Wow friends and family with amazing food
  • Spice up your regular menu
  • Whatever your reasons may be for wanting to pick up a copy of The Bento Cookbook: The Artful Japanese Lunch Box, you’ll quickly discover that making Bento creations are easy and delicious! Even if you have no experience cooking, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know in a way that’s easy to follow. With this book, you’ll discover:

    • A brief history of Bento boxes.
      • The key characteristics of Bento.
        • Dozens of delicious and eye catching recipes.
          • Fun and tasty desserts.

          There’s a reason why so many people love Bento – and now you can find out why! With The Bento Cookbook: The Artful Japanese Lunch Box, you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried creating your own Bento box sooner. Download your copy now and become a Bento master!

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    Sirt Food Diet Cookbook: 60+ Sirt Food Diet Recipes, Gluten Free Cooking, Wheat Free, Whole Foods Diet,Antioxidants & Phytochemicals (Volume 1)

    How Can You Go Wrong With Superfoods-Only Diet?

    FACT:Way too many of us live in a state of poor health, lethargy and moderate obesity. We live with headaches, back pain, inflammation, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, skin problems, insomnia and cancer – they’re all the byproducts of modern western diet, based on processed food. Superfoods are foods and the medicine and they can help with all these symptoms!! Sirt Food Diet Cookbook contains over 60 Superfoods Sirt Food recipes created with 100% Superfoods ingredients. Most of the meals can be prepared in just 10 minutes. Each recipe combines Superfoods Sirt Food ingredients that deliver astonishing amounts of antioxidants, essential fatty acids (like omega-3), minerals, vitamins, and more.

    “Our Food Should Be Our Medicine And Our Medicine Should Be Our Food.” – Hippocrates 460 – 370 BC

    The best thing about Superfoods Sirt Food Diet is that it will keep your appetite and cravings under control and it will balance your hormones. It’s nearly impossible to lose fat if your hormones are out of balance. Superfoods Sirt Fod Diet works because it’s return to the type of food your body naturally craves and was designed for. Whole foods Superfoods is the food humans consumed for literally millions of years. Superfoods are nutritionally dense foods that are widely available and which offer tremendous dietary and healing potential. Superfoods diet forbids processed foods, hybridized foods, gluten foods and high glycemic foods. There is nothing super in any of the processed foods or today’s hybridized wheat, corn, soy or potatoes. Processed food is the main reason why people suffer from inflammations and why their hormones are out of balance.

    Would You Like To Know More?

    Download and start getting healther today. Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button.

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