DONUT DELISH 2-pack Baking Mold – Includes BONUS Recipe Cards – Non-Stick, BPA FREE, FDA Approved, 100% Food Grade Silicone – Makes 12 Donuts


Let your inner pastry chef shine with our DONUT DELISH Baking Molds
Our baking molds are designed to help you bake like a professional. Made with non-stick silicone, clean-up is a breeze.
Made with BPA Free, 100% Food Grade Silicone, our molds are FDA approved and completely safe for the environment.
Think about the time spent with your family or children enjoying the pleasure of baking and enjoying your donuts together.

Includes BONUS Recipe Cards
This donut mold will encourage you to consider a healthy alternative to store bought donuts. Forget deep-fried, fatty donuts! Make your own donuts in the comfort of your home.
Our nutrition experts have crafted three donut recipes to get you started… Vegan & Gluten Free Chocolate, Classic Cinnamon Sugar, and Vanilla Glaze Sprinkle!

Even More Reasons Why You’ll Love These Molds
– Non-stick means you don’t have to use grease or baking spray, reducing calories and saving prep-time.
– Forgot the hassle of hand-washing after use, our molds are dishwasher safe.
– No metal coating like most conventional bakeware.
– Multifunctional: Can be used for bagels, ice molds, jellos, or other baking projects.
– Make 12 perfect baked donuts every time!

Click on the Add To Cart button now to order today RISK FREE and get your donut baking started!

Product Features

  • ✓ BONUS RECIPES & CUSTOM PACKAGING – Our baking experts have crafted 3 special donut recipes for our customers; Vegan & Gluten Free Chocolate, Classic Cinnamon Sugar, and Vanilla Glaze Sprinkle. These recipe cards are included in each order. Along with our premium custom packaging, the DONUT DELISH is a great gift idea for the baker or donut lover in your life!
  • ✓ HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE – Forget deep-fried store bought donuts… Enjoy the process of baking healthy donuts to be enjoyed with family and friends. Save money AND calories! Summer is coming – enjoy healthy donuts while keeping your bikini body.
  • ✓ HIGH QUALITY SILICONE – BPA Free, 100% Food Grade and FDA Approved. No plastic fillers, or chemical coatings common on metal bakeware. Non-stick silicone makes baking a breeze – your donuts will pop easily out of the molds.
  • ✓ EASY TO CLEAN – These molds are dishwasher safe, making clean-up a breeze. Why waste time scrubbing pans, when you could be enjoying your donuts!? The molds are microwave, freezer, and oven-safe, withstanding temperatures from -40°F to 450°F.
  • ✓ NOT JUST FOR BAKING DONUTS – Our molds are multi-functional, you can use them for making chocolates, jello, mousse… and even soaps and bath products.

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The Original Mighty Bright DuoFlex Professional Grade Clip-On LED Music Stand Light (Black)

Improving upon our Duet and Duet2 designs, the DuoFlex Music Stand Light provides 40 lumens of dimmable and adjustable warm white light on two independently adjustable necks.

The DuoFlex’s precision engineered optical grade lenses are specifically designed to distribute a wide field of consistent lighting with no hard edges. The precision lenses work in conjunction with our High CRI LEDs (High Color Rendering Index LEDs) to provide better color rendering and even light output. Colors appear more vibrant and true, and with minimal optical distortion.

The DuoFlex has two dimmable and adjustable LEDs on each head. These High CRI LEDs are rated for 100,000 hours and the unit can be powered by any standard micro USB cable (Mighty Bright Micro USB Cable included), or three AAA batteries (not included) for a typical battery life of 15 hours.

The DuoFlex Music Stand Light is ideal for musicians, DJs, and engineers; in the studio, on the road, and for focused lighting during performances.

We are The Original Mighty Bright – designed and headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, producing only the highest quality LED lights, lighted magnifiers, and craft accessories.

Product Features

  • As the new generation of Mighty Bright’s Duet2 Music Stand Light, the DuoFlex provides 40 lumens of dimmable and adjustable light with three dimming levels on each head
  • Precision engineered optical grade lenses and High CRI LEDs distribute light evenly with no hotspots or harsh edges
  • With two durable and infinitely adjustable soft-touch silicone necks, an extra-wide strong grip clip, and small stable base, the DuoFlex provides light anywhere you need it – backstage, on stage, in the studio, or on the road
  • Powered by micro USB power cable (included) or three AAA batteries (not included, typical battery life of 15 hours)
  • Designed and headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, Mighty Bright uses only the highest grade LEDs and optics, backed by our 100% Mighty Bright Guarantee

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Vacuum Sealer Rolls Sous Vide Bags Food Vac Storage Heat Seal Microwave Freezer Safe Store A Meal – Deefre 4 mil Embossed Commercial Grade for Foodsaver BPA Free 2 Pack 11″x 50′ each

DEEFRE Vacuum Sealer Bags
Let food from farm to table!

Benefits you can get
Make things tidy and in order.
You won’t be tired of having a messy fridge where you never know what is where.
Not only save your money, but time and the burden of throwing away wasted food that has spoiled. 

• One side of the vacuum sealer bags are embossed(textured), the other side of the bags are smooth, that allows for maximum air extraction
• These vacuum sealer bags are made of superior quality food grade durable plastic, non-toxic, BPA-free, you can cook with confidence.
• Vacuum sealer bags are the thickest – 4 mil layer material, making sure that they lock out moisture and air
• Keep food fresh up to 5x longer, sometimes 10x longer, longer than alternative storage methods.
• Can defend against freezer burn (No Oxygen = No freezer burn), keep foods tasting delicious
• It is boilable – You can sous vide your favorite recipes, boil in bag at any temperature
• These vacuum sealer bags are microwave safe and dishwasher safe

Works well for NON-FOOD household items
The vacuum sealer bags not only can be used for storing leftovers, the resale of goods in a commercial or home setting, but also storing precious metals and other jewelry from becoming tarnished, preserving important photographs, keepsakes, documents, medicines, and seasonal garments from outside elements such as moisture, mold, and insects.

The vacuum sealer bags fit all clamp style vacuum sealers:
• FoodSaver
• Weston
• VacMaster
• Cabelas
• Rival
• Seal-a-Meal
• Ziploc
• Tilia
• Black & Decker
• George Foreman
• Nesco
• Others

Deefre vacuum sealer bags are made in China to US standards, you can buy now with total peace of mind. Just click ‘Add To Cart’!

Product Features

  • ONE FOR ALL: Vacuum sealer bags can be used with all vacuum packaging machines.
  • ECONOMIC: 2 packs, 50 feet length each, 4 mil thickness. which is 100 feet total.
  • GUARANTEED QUALITY: FDA approved and the vacuum sealer bags are BPA FREE.
  • EXCELLENT VACUUM EFFECTS: The vacuum sealer bags are high transparency,easy to heat seal, good tightness.
  • NO MORE WASTE: The vacuum sealer bag is one continuous roll, not individual bags. You decide the length of the bag to accommodate your need and cut it to fit.

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Large Professional Grade Super Non-Stick Silicone Donut Pan, Makes 9 Full Size Donuts, BPA Free | Oven, Dishwasher and Freezer Safe Doughnut Mold, Bagel Pan with Bonus Recipe Card and Gift Bag

Still Looking For A Durable Silicone Donut Pan – Non Harmful To You & Your Family?

Your search is finally over, as Wappa has taken your needs into consideration and after lots of trial and error – created the perfect silicone donut pan for you.

Check this out! An amazing silicone heat resistant – most useful donut pan, created to flavor your table and your life with the most amazing donuts you’ve ever tasted!

Higher Quality – Higher Expectations

Why waste your time with mediocre pans that get easily destroyed, burned or otherwise.

Spare your money & your time for other uses. Get your Wappa Silicone Oven Pan right now and save your piggy bank’s belly.

Make the most delicious donuts for your loved ones, immediately. Use it only once. It will convince you to stop using all other ordinary, medium or low quality pans, to bake your doughs.

A Fast & Safe Way To Take Care Of Your Own

Make astonishing bakery products, buns, donuts of course, cookies & everything else you wish to enjoy – for coffee time, for dinner time, for candy time, for all time!

Fast – big – durable – heat resistant – non-combustible – non-hand-burning and so much more!

What else do you need from a donut bake pan? To make you coffee? Well, perhaps in the future, it might, with the help of technology – for now though, it will  allow you to enjoy your homemade delicacies with relishing pleasure!

Add To Your Cart Now & Start Baking! The Oven Is Waiting For You To Begin!

Product Features

  • EASY TO USE- CLEAN – RE-USE: You may clean it by hand-washing it or you can just put it in your dishwasher, and leave it at that. The silicone will not allow any dough-type to get stuck in the cavities, and even if they will, they fall off with some warm water, due to the pan’s non-stick surface.
  • BAKE ANYTHING: All you have to do is put your dough of choice in place. Then let it get the job done! From tasty, uniquely shaped muffins and cookies to petit-fours & actually any bakery delicacy you wish.
  • HUGE & HANDY: Forget about those tiny little forms, through which the dough escaped, all the time – even if it stayed on, you could not enjoy your donut properly, because of its candy-size. We are talking about a family sized pan (14.4″x 12.6″x 1.18″) with a capacity of 3 1/2″ (9 cm) per cavity.
  • ASTONISHING QUALITY: True Silicon material, heat resistant up to 450° F, which means it does not melt in the oven, or destroyed in the dishwasher. Food safe it is; for your safety we have created a product that does not get discolored in your bakery, does not smell like burnt plastic in the oven, but it does allow your donuts bake even faster due to its molecular structure & durability.
  • MICROWAVE SAFE: You may easily use it in the microwave, with absolutely no danger of it, melting or causing any other problem to your devices. Highly resistant to microwaves, as well. We produce only the greatest products for the greatest cooks – you may be today among them!

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3 Pack of Replacement Silicone Sealing Rings Fits 5qt & 6qt IP Models | Sweet & Savoury Edition | + FREE Silicone Mitts + ebook! BPA FREE & 100% Food Grade



Fits the following Models: Fagor 3 in 1 6qt, IP-DUO60, IP-DUO50, Smart-60, IP-LUX60, IP-LUX50, IP-CSG60 and IP-CSG50


– Made from the highest quality FDA approved silicone.

– Always BPA FREE and 100% Food Grade which is suitable for the dishwasher


– Our sealing rings have passed vigorous tests to ensure that they are leak proof and seal fully when attached correctly.

– We provide details step by step instructions to show you how to correctly replace your seals


 Three replacement rings to suit any cooking occasions:

 1 x Blue ring for savoury food

 1 x Red ring for sweet food

 1 x White ring for everyday cooking


– All of our packs come with a free pair of BPA free, Food Grade Silicone Mitts to help you with your cooking!

– FREE Ultimate Slow Cooking Guide E-BOOK! Recipes, tips and tricks for successful slow cooking and more!


– 3 x Sealing rings (Red, White, Blue)

– 1 x Pair of mitts

– 1 x Step by step instructions

– 1 Ultimate Slow Cooking EBook – link will be sent to you by email

100% LIFETIME Money Back Guarantee



Product Features

  • ★ COMPATIBLE – Fits IP models IP-DUO60, IP-DUO50, Smart-60, IP-LUX60, IP-LUX50, IP-CSG60 and IP-CSG50 also fits Fagor 3 in 1 6qt model
  • ★ QUALITY – Made from the highest quality durable Food Grade Silicone which is 100% BPA FREE and dishwasher safe
  • ★ BIGGER PACK – Includes 1 x savoury edition ring, 1 x sweet edition Ring, 1 x replacement white ring and a pair of mitts
  • ★ FREE MITTS & FREE E-BOOK – Free pair of BPA free silicone mitts that perfectly compliment your pressure cooker and a FREE Ultimate Slow Cooking E-BOOK Guide!
  • ★ LIFETIME WARRANTY – Our products are backed by a lifetime warranty, return at any time for a 100% full refund

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Big Mouth Centrifugal Juicer – Elechomes CJ901 High Speed for Fruit and Vegetables Dual Speed Setting, 900 Watts Whole Fruit Big Mouth Juice Extractor with Premium Food Grade Titanium Coated Cutter

The Elechomes Juicer makes getting the most out of your 5 Day as easy as fruit down a chute. Just pop off the top, feed in your flavor of the day, and splash out those vitamins in seconds. Elechomes’ 76 mm feeder chute is wide enough to gobble up whole ingredients. So funnel in an apple and save yourself the faff and fumble of pre-prepping your press during an already mad Monday morning.

With top rotation speeds of up to22,000rpm, Elechomes blitzes through raw ingredients fast enough to prevent them from oxidizing during the juicing process. This preserves essential nutrients that boost your immune system and brings out an all natural, fresher flavor you won’t be able to buy in the store. Start right, start your day with the Elechomes Juicer.


– Input: 120V/60Hz

– Power: 900W

– Max. Rotating Speed: 22000r/min

– Capacity: 1000ml

– Net Weight: 3.5kg

Package Contents

– 1 x Centrifugal Juicer

– 1 x Juice Jug

– 1 x Pulp Collection Jug

– 1 x User Manual

– 1 x Warranty Card

Product Features

  • ★ BLITZ OUT THE BITS: uses 156 FDA certified titanium plated teeth to shred through fruits and veggies in a fraction of the time. Micro mesh filter extracts juice for a glassful that is fresh and full of flavor
  • ★ FAST JUICING, FRESHER FLAVOR: 22,000r/min keeps ingredients from oxidizing while they are in the tank. So your next drink will keep all the best natural ingredients, with the same great flavor
  • ★ 900W ADJUSTABLE MOTOR: separates juice and pulp in seconds. Can be set to low (10000rpm) and high (22000rpm) for a variety of different fruits and leafy greens
  • ★ DURABLE DESIGN: juicer and extraction jug made with sturdy, food grade materials. BPA free and FDA certified, this extractor is a healthy kitchen solution that will last for over a 1000 presses
  • ★EASY TO USE: add whole fruit through the 76mm feeder chute for instant juice extraction, and Elechomes’ pulse feature pulverizes any excess pulp at the tap of a button

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[New Arrival] Aobosi 8-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker 6 Quart/1000W with Cookbook & Food Grade Stainless Steel Cooking pot  Multi-fuctional Slow/Rice Cooker, 10  Proven Safety Mechanisms ETL Qualified

Cook Like a Chef – Enjoy Healthy and Flavorful Eating
This Mini but versitile pressure cooker is the ideal cookware for small family. 18 built-in programs help you to deal with your breadfast, lunch and dinner with ease.With sealed pressure cooking technology, the electric pressure cooker allows to cook food faster but retain moisture, nutrients and vitamins. Treat your family or friends with delicious, flavorful and healthier meals. With the Aobosi Electric Pressure Cooker, cook delicious meals more efficiently, save time, and have peace of mind as well.

Innovative Design–Manuallly Setting Cooking Function
The programmable cooker features a manually setting function. Except the dishes on the cookbook, you can DIY your own recipes.Help you to explore culinary journey.

Electric Pressure Cooker Details
•Multi-functional Cooker
•18 Built-in Programs
•Delay Cooking Time(0-24 Hours),Automatic Keep Warm
•3 Adjustable Textures, 6 pressure level.
•Highly energy efficient and kitchen friendly
•Finger-print resistant brushed stainless steel exterior
•Multiple Safety Device, Latest 3rd Generation Technology
Warm tips: Online manual and recipes can be downloaded respectively form the “User Manual” and “User Guide”.

1×Aobosi Pressure Cooker
1×Stainless Steel Cooking Pot
1×Pressure Cooker Cookbook
1×User Manual
1×Rice Spoon
1×Measuring cup
1×Extra Sealing Ring
1×Soup Spoon
1×Steam Rack

Thank you for purchasing our electric pressure cooker, which has been made to demanding high quality standards and is guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase against manufacturing faults.
If your 6qt pressure cooker fails due to a defect in material or workmanship within 12 months, please return it to the place of purchase.

Product Features

  • 【MULTI-FUNCTIONAL COOKER:】Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer,Warmer,Sauté Pan, Yogurt Maker & Stockpot. Make your family meals easily with this Aobosi 8 in 1 pressure cooker, greatly reduce stress to cleanup multiple pots and pans after one cooking time.
  • 【SEALED PRSSURE COOKING,KEEP NUTRIENTS.】 Better than Traditional Cookware, retains moisture, nutrients and vitamins. Available to control cooking time and choose tastes, ensure your food cooked in the best cooking condition. Treat your family or friends with delicious, flavorful and healthier meals.
  • 【EXTRA COOKING ACCESSORIES:】 Including cookbook, soup spoon,extra sealing ring,steam rack.◆ Innovative design with manually setting function ,you can DIY your own delicacy.Give you different and joyful cooking time with this upgraded pressure cooker.
  • 【SAVE TIME & ENERGY.】Cooking with this multifunctional cooker, save your time and energy up to 70%. Free to do other works.The electric pressure prepares the food ready when you serve it. Stainless steel cooking pot and Exterior,Durable. Efficiently clean up.
  • 【10 PROVEN SAFETY MECHANISMS AOBOSI KITCHEN APPLIANCES】Featuring 10 proven safety mechanisms,certified by ETL and CETL, Aobosi is committed to bring customer safer cooking experience and peace of mind. Innovative design with gas outlet button. 1-year Quality Warranty.

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On-Stage SM7211B Professional Grade Folding Orchestral Music Stand, Black

The On Stage music stand is revolutionary, incorporating all the features of the past with the new tripod folding base for the musician on the go. This stand can also fold up and nest together if you are staying in one place.

Product Features

  • 13.5″ X 18-3/4″. Bookplate, rolled edges for safety and strength
  • Angle adjustment tension knobs, easy removal from upper shaft
  • Friction locking knobs, 1-3/16″ center shaft, adjustments fully extend shafts from 24″ to 45″ and anywhere in between
  • Hi-impact plastic leg housing, friction locking knobs, Leg support straps, non-slip rubber feet, variable spreading legs