Nourishing Meals: 365 Whole Foods, Allergy-Free Recipes for Healing Your Family One Meal at a Time

From two popular bloggers and leaders in the functional medicine movement, here’s the ultimate guide to eating healthfully as a family–a simple, practical cookbook that shows how easy it is to ditch processed foods one meal at a time with 365 delicious, whole food-based, allergen-free recipes that the entire family will love.
It can be daunting to live a whole foods lifestyle in today’s busy world–even more so to prepare plant-rich, allergen-free meals that’ll get the whole family around the table. Popular food blogger Ali Segersten and functional medicine expert Tom Malttere are a team devoted to teaching their five children–and readers–the importance of living a whole foods lifestyle. Nourishing Meals makes it easy and fun with dishes that burst with flavor, such as their Cherry Pecan Salad, Butternut Squash and Pinto Bean Enchiladas, Chipotle-Lime Roasted Chicken, and Banana Coconut Cream Pie.
Every recipe in the book is free of the most common allergens: gluten, soy, and dairy, as well as refined sugar. Many recipes are grain-free and paleo as well. And these dishes are designed to appeal to everyone, including vegan, vegetarian, seafood, and meat-eaters. In addition to wonderful food, Ali and Tom offer easy, doable steps to help you change your family’s health, tips for making the transition easier, and ways to get the kids excited about wholesome foods. They map out the best foods and recipes for every stage of having a family, from pre-conception and pregnancy through each year of a child’s life. And they explain in accessible terms what makes their recipes so effective for achieving optimal health. Originally self-published with an avid following, this edition will feature more than 30 new recipes, and many of the original recipes have been updated. This new edition will also include 100 beautiful all-new food photos featured in two inserts.
With an easy, tasty recipe for every day of the year, it’s never been simpler to adopt a healthy, whole foods lifestyle!

Product Features

  • Nourishing Meals 365 Whole Foods Allergy Free Recipes for Healing Your Family One Meal at a Time

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100 Best Cat Wellness Food, Diet & Recipes: The hidden healing power diet for cat kidney problems, cat weight-loss, & pregnant cat diet; including … such as diabetes, kidney, liver problem etc.

This book 100 BEST CAT WELLNESS FOOD, DIET & RECIPES is the hidden healing power diet for cat kidney problems, cat weight-loss, & pregnant cat diet; including recipes for all cat diseases and illness such as diabetes, kidney, liver problem etc.


Cat lovers love to pamper their feline friends. They give their cats the best food, the most fashionable collars, and the best toys. It’s a fact that most cats rule their owners, so when they turn up their noses at their food, what are we going to do?

Begin cooking! You cook for yourself and your companions, so why not cook for your adoring sidekick. Spoil Your Cat demonstrates to perusers industry standards to get ready top notch and empowering treats and principle suppers for their felines.
Pamper Your Cat today and give your finicky cat what it actually wants. A home cooked feast!

This book has all the diet to heal your cat diseases naturally and also to avoid diseases, it also has the cat diet weight-loss, cat healing power, wellness cat food, homemade cat food among others.


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Hypertension Cookbook: Cure High Blood Pressure with Healing Foods – 101 Healthy Recipes (Volume 1)


Regardless of what medications you’ve been prescribed by your doctor to treat hypertension, making lifestyle changes are essential to lowering blood pressure. You have probably heard that you need to eat a healthier diet with less salt. However, there is an effective and scientifically proven nutritional solution that includes supplements and healing foods that lowers high blood pressure naturally.

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Music for Healing and Unwinding: Two Pioneers in the Emerging Field of Sound Healing

Your body is a self-healing instrument. If you give it a chance it will always tend toward homeostasis or healthful balance. Sound healer Steven Halpern uses soothing and free floating keyboard compositions to draw the body into this state of balance and harmony. Combining artistic inspoiration, sensitivity, and the sophisticated sound technology.Music for Unwinding was created by music therapist and award winning musician Dr. Joseph Nagler. Composed using specific tempi, rhythms and pacing, and performed by an ensemble of world-renowned musicians, these soothing melodies will freee you to unwind and let go fof the stress of the day. Piano, violin, percussion, flute, guitars and bass all create a lush blend of deeply relaxing music that will peacefully resonate within your body.

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