Nourishing Meals: 365 Whole Foods, Allergy-Free Recipes for Healing Your Family One Meal at a Time

From two popular bloggers and leaders in the functional medicine movement, here’s the ultimate guide to eating healthfully as a family–a simple, practical cookbook that shows how easy it is to ditch processed foods one meal at a time with 365 delicious, whole food-based, allergen-free recipes that the entire family will love.
It can be daunting to live a whole foods lifestyle in today’s busy world–even more so to prepare plant-rich, allergen-free meals that’ll get the whole family around the table. Popular food blogger Ali Segersten and functional medicine expert Tom Malttere are a team devoted to teaching their five children–and readers–the importance of living a whole foods lifestyle. Nourishing Meals makes it easy and fun with dishes that burst with flavor, such as their Cherry Pecan Salad, Butternut Squash and Pinto Bean Enchiladas, Chipotle-Lime Roasted Chicken, and Banana Coconut Cream Pie.
Every recipe in the book is free of the most common allergens: gluten, soy, and dairy, as well as refined sugar. Many recipes are grain-free and paleo as well. And these dishes are designed to appeal to everyone, including vegan, vegetarian, seafood, and meat-eaters. In addition to wonderful food, Ali and Tom offer easy, doable steps to help you change your family’s health, tips for making the transition easier, and ways to get the kids excited about wholesome foods. They map out the best foods and recipes for every stage of having a family, from pre-conception and pregnancy through each year of a child’s life. And they explain in accessible terms what makes their recipes so effective for achieving optimal health. Originally self-published with an avid following, this edition will feature more than 30 new recipes, and many of the original recipes have been updated. This new edition will also include 100 beautiful all-new food photos featured in two inserts.
With an easy, tasty recipe for every day of the year, it’s never been simpler to adopt a healthy, whole foods lifestyle!

Product Features

  • Nourishing Meals 365 Whole Foods Allergy Free Recipes for Healing Your Family One Meal at a Time

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Vacuum Sealer Rolls Sous Vide Bags Food Vac Storage Heat Seal Microwave Freezer Safe Store A Meal – Deefre 4 mil Embossed Commercial Grade for Foodsaver BPA Free 2 Pack 11″x 50′ each

DEEFRE Vacuum Sealer Bags
Let food from farm to table!

Benefits you can get
Make things tidy and in order.
You won’t be tired of having a messy fridge where you never know what is where.
Not only save your money, but time and the burden of throwing away wasted food that has spoiled. 

• One side of the vacuum sealer bags are embossed(textured), the other side of the bags are smooth, that allows for maximum air extraction
• These vacuum sealer bags are made of superior quality food grade durable plastic, non-toxic, BPA-free, you can cook with confidence.
• Vacuum sealer bags are the thickest – 4 mil layer material, making sure that they lock out moisture and air
• Keep food fresh up to 5x longer, sometimes 10x longer, longer than alternative storage methods.
• Can defend against freezer burn (No Oxygen = No freezer burn), keep foods tasting delicious
• It is boilable – You can sous vide your favorite recipes, boil in bag at any temperature
• These vacuum sealer bags are microwave safe and dishwasher safe

Works well for NON-FOOD household items
The vacuum sealer bags not only can be used for storing leftovers, the resale of goods in a commercial or home setting, but also storing precious metals and other jewelry from becoming tarnished, preserving important photographs, keepsakes, documents, medicines, and seasonal garments from outside elements such as moisture, mold, and insects.

The vacuum sealer bags fit all clamp style vacuum sealers:
• FoodSaver
• Weston
• VacMaster
• Cabelas
• Rival
• Seal-a-Meal
• Ziploc
• Tilia
• Black & Decker
• George Foreman
• Nesco
• Others

Deefre vacuum sealer bags are made in China to US standards, you can buy now with total peace of mind. Just click ‘Add To Cart’!

Product Features

  • ONE FOR ALL: Vacuum sealer bags can be used with all vacuum packaging machines.
  • ECONOMIC: 2 packs, 50 feet length each, 4 mil thickness. which is 100 feet total.
  • GUARANTEED QUALITY: FDA approved and the vacuum sealer bags are BPA FREE.
  • EXCELLENT VACUUM EFFECTS: The vacuum sealer bags are high transparency,easy to heat seal, good tightness.
  • NO MORE WASTE: The vacuum sealer bag is one continuous roll, not individual bags. You decide the length of the bag to accommodate your need and cut it to fit.

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Meal Prep: The Essential Cookbook To Weight Loss, Clean Eating And Staying Healthy with Easy to Cook Recipes, Meal Prep Guide For Beginners


For Weight Loss, Clean Eating And Staying Healthy

Are you tired of coming home from work every single day and then having to cook? Do you feel like after the hassle of making a meal, you don’t have time for anything else? Meet Meal Prepping.

Explored in MEAL PREP:

    ✅ An introduction to Meal Prep
    ✅ 5 Must-Read RULES of SUCCESSFUL Meal Prep
    ✅ How to cook fast and healthy
    ✅ 10 TIPS to make Meal Prep EASIER
    ✅ Breakfast Recipes
    ✅ Lunch Recipes
    ✅ Dinner Recipes
    ✅ Snack Recipes
    ✅ And much more!

So, don’t delay it any longer. Take this opportunity and invest in this book now.

Get your copy today!

👁 See you inside! 👁

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Bullet Express Meal Maker Trio Standard Mixer Food Processor and Juicer in one Amazing Machine

1 Powerful 400 watt motor base 1 Mixer attachment 1 Meal maker attachment 1 Juicer attachment 1 Juicer pulp container 1 Juicer filter 1 Juicer cleaning brush 2 Stainless steel flat blades (Cross Blade & Flat Blade) 1 Slicer/shredder disc blade 1 Blade remover User manual Recipe book Bonus 101 recipes book

Product Features

  • Mixer: Chops, blends & mixes everything for a tasty salsa verde to a decadent New York style cheesecake Meal Maker: Use it to slice and shred ingredients to create a gourmet chopped salad or a hearty chicken pot pie Juicer: Juices and seeds for fast and nutritious drinks
  • Recipe Book: Contains delicious & healthy recipes for the whole family Bonus 101 Recipes Book: Contains more mouth watering recipes for the whole family UL Listed
  • Base Dimensions: 8.68″ Dia. x 7.5″ H Base Weight: 5.2 lbs. Made in China

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Cooking for Dogs: Nutrition Guide for Healthy Dogs – Easy, All-Natural Meal and Treat Recipes for Dogs of All Ages

Feed your dog for maximum health and nutrition! Become your dog’s personal chef with all-natural dog food recipes for happy, satisfied dogs!

Are you having difficulty finding the perfect meal for your dog? Do you have doubts about the nutritional content of the commercially sold dog food in the market? Are you in search of new, delicious, and easy-to-cook dog food recipes for your dog?

You don’t have to worry about that anymore! This book contains everything you need to know about dog food nutrition. After reading this book, you’ll be able to prepare nutritious and delicious all-natural dog food recipes to maximize your dog’s health and nutrition. No more searching – the answer to your problem is now in your hands. All you’ve got to do is take this book home with you and get started.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Information about the various food and diet options, as well as common misconceptions about dog food
  • Information about nutrients (and their amount) that are necessary for your dog’s wellbeing
  • Which treats and supplements you should give to your dog and why
  • How you should treat your dog depending on its age
  • How you should feed your puppy, your aging dog and also if your dog has certain medical issues to overcome.
  • How to treat your dog’s allergies or sensitivities

You’ll also find countless recipes for growing puppies, full grown dogs, and lactating dogs, as well as vegetarian dog food, dog treat and gourmet dog food recipes,

Let’s get started!

Scroll back up and grab your copy today!

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Meal Prep: The Most Healthy Delicious Meal Prep Recipes For Weight Loss

Staying healthy is very easy with the help of practicing a meal prep routine. Discover how quickly you can lose weight when you have a wide selection of healthy food choices to eat throughout the week. The Benefits of Meal Prep includes Weight Loss Become healthier Save Time and Money Great Meal selections Allows you to multitask Avoids Waste More time to enjoy life Relief of Stress, and much more Grab your copy today to learn all the techniques on how to “Meal Prep” , while enjoying all the Delicious Recipes at the same time.

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Rice Cooker Vegan Recipes – Easy Meal Prep Plant Based Cooking: 50 Vegan Recipes Total – 20 Quinoa Recipes (Rice Cooker Recipes)

Are you looking for some delicious, easy to prepare, VEGAN recipes, specifically for your rice cooker?

Well, you have found the right page. Because inside, there is 50 rice cooker recipes in total. And 20 of them are unique quinoa recipes, that you are sure to enjoy.
If you own a rice cooker, then you know how enjoyable, and convenient one can be. A rice cooker is the way to go, if you are someone on the go. Easy prep, easy cooking, easy cleanup. It just makes sense. Today we have 50 unique, and easy to prepare recipes just for you, and your rice cooker.
Take a look at what is inside…
1-Delicious Tomato Bean Quinoa
2-Healthy Quinoa Vegetable Pilaf
3-Fruit and Bean Quinoa Salad
4-Cranberry Kale Quinoa
5-Easy Quinoa Porridge
6-Simple Garlic Quinoa
7-Quinoa Broccoli Casserole
8-Healthy Quinoa Salad
9-Blueberry Breakfast Quinoa
10-Green Beans Quinoa
11-Tasty Red Quinoa with Rice
12-Kale Raisin Quinoa
13-Mixed Vegetable Quinoa
14-Delicious Lentil Quinoa
15-Yummy Fruit and Quinoa Salad
16-Spinach kale Chickpeas Quinoa
17-Pomegranate Mint Quinoa Salad
18-Turmeric Curry Quinoa
19-Easy Steel Cut Oats
20-Simple Plain Quinoa
21-Yummy Apple Quinoa
22-Delicious Mexican Rice
23-Simple and Tasty Spanish rice
24-Healthy Asparagus and Tofu
25-Sweet Rice Pudding
26-Spicy Lentil Rice
27-Rice Bean Chili Stew
28-Cabbage Green Beans and Mushroom Rice
29-Delicious Risotto
30-Delicious Cilantro Lime Rice
31-Tasty Coconut Rice
32-Fresh Mixed Berry Compote
33-Mushroom Rice Pilaf
34-Jamaican Season Rice
35-Garlic Lemon Rice
36-Yummy Apple Cinnamon Rice Pudding
37-Flavorful Basmati Rice
38-Cilantro Green Rice
39-Creamy Coconut Rice
40-Simple Wild Rice
41-Creamy Carrot Risotto
42-Easy Couscous
43-Easy Kale Lentils
44-Pea and Corn Rice
45-Healthy Vegan Curry Rice
46-Flavorful Curry leaves Rice
47-Healthy Corn Kale Quinoa
48-Tasty Sweet Potato Rice
49-Simple Edamame Rice
50-Corn Olives Carrot Pea Quinoa
There is a lot of variety in these 50 recipes, and they all are very easy to prepare inside of your rice cooker.
Order your copy today. This book is printed both in paperback, and also eBook formats

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MEAL PREP: The beginner’s guide to meal prep and Clean eating for busy people to lose Weight and save time.

Are you too busy to spend many hours in the kitchen daily?
Would you like to lose weight naturally with every single meal?
Would you like to save time and money for the gym or other activities?

If yes, then the Meal Prep book is what you need!

This book, Meal Prep: Beginner’s Guide to meal prep and clean eating, will be your go-to book for 100 delicious clean eating recipes. None of the recipes are complicated with fussy ingredients or lengthy directions; they all help promote the healthy menu of a low carb rapid fat burning diet. 

We will give full explanation and usefulness of meal-prepping, including a list of tools that are helpful. This beginner’s guide on meal-prep for people with a clean eating will be invaluable for you. You will learn a new way of cooking and serving meals that are portion controlled and healthy.

Some of the benefits of Meal Prepping:

  • Lose weight easier naturally
  • Save time and energy daily
  • Save money everyday
  • Greater portion control with eating
  • Control over nutrition intake
  • And much much more…

This book include delicious recipes for:

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • With detail nutritional information
  • With complete lists of ingredients
  • Cooking instructions
  • And lots more…!

So what are you waiting for, grab it now and have plenty of time to have fun

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Electric Kitchen Food Steamer Steaming Bowl Cooking Meal Vegetable Veggie Home

Specifications: Material: PC Color: white Power: 600W Voltage: 110V-120V/60hz Dimensions: 9″x7″x15″ (LWH)

Product Features

  • Brand new and high quality,The loss of nutritional could be reduced obviously
  • Double-tiered 4-quart capacity steamer with 2 transparent steaming bowls,Automatic 60-minute timer
  • Auto shut-off when cycle is completed and/or water is empty
  • Power indicator light,Dishwasher safe
  • Product built to north American electrical standards

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Weight Watchers Whole Foods Smart Points Cookbook: Lose Weight Fast, Optimize Your Health, and Feel Years Younger; Includes Photos, Smart Points, and Nutrition Facts for Every Meal

Kindle MatchBook: The Kindle edition is FREE when you buy the paperback edition today!


Some of the biggest authorities on nutrition, longevity, weight loss, and health have stated that the Weight Watchers diet is among the most effective ways to not only lose weight, but more importantly, to keep it off forever! But hundreds of thousands of Weight Watchers enthusiasts around the world didn’t need the experts to tell them that. They already knew how effective Weight Watchers can be because it has already worked for them!

Weight Watchers and Whole Foods – The Perfect Match!

The philosophy behind the Whole Food Lifestyle and 30 Day Whole Food Challenge is that food should be natural, not engineered in a lab, produced and packaged in a factory, and laden with chemicals and preservatives so it can sit on a store shelf for a little while longer. Eating whole foods is about giving your body what it wants and enjoying the process of embracing health and weight loss. It is a perfect match for the Weight Watchers Diet which is based on eating more of what is good and less of what is bad, rather than starving yourself or living with endless numbers of rules about what you are not allowed to eat. Consuming delicious whole food meals specifically made for the Weight Watchers diet is an amazing way to live and it can help you promote whole body health, boost energy, increase longevity, and drop excess fat fast! This is a lifestyle that has also been shown to provide a dramatic boost to immune system effectiveness, reduce hunger pangs, increase your level of mental focus throughout the day, and reduce the risk of major chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease!

Smart Points values for every recipe!

The linchpin of a following the Weight Watchers program successfully is tracking your Smart Points. This Weight Watchers Whole Foods cookbook makes it easy! Each and every recipe whole food recipe lists its Smart Points value as well as complete serving and nutritional information! Not only that, this cookbook contains delicious Weight Watchers Whole Foods recipes for every meal of the day and for every taste. Enjoy amazing breakfast recipes that will get you started on the right foot, fresh and fast lunch recipes you will look forward to eating, and some of the healthiest and most delicious dinners your family has ever tasted!

Say ‘YES’ to Weight Watchers, Whole Foods, and a healthier and thinner you!

Grab this new cookbook today and discover why everyone is raving about eating a whole food based Weight Watchers Smart Points diet. Don’t take a pass on these whole food recipes your family will love and that will make you feel thinner and better than you have in years!

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