Silicone Gap Cover, (2 PACK) Silicone Gap Stopper Kitchen Stove Counter Gap Covers – 21” Flexible Stove Space Fillers, Food Grade, Non-toxic, White

No matter how hard you try, crumbs and other debris always manage to fall into the gap between stoves and countertops. Moving stoves to clean under and behind them is difficult and time consuming. Stop the problem before it starts with Silicone Bridge Strips, the handy stove counter gap filler. Heat-resistant, these stove counter gap covers protect floors from crumbs, spills, and lost utensils.

The Soft Strips Stove Counter Gap Covers are made from food-grade silicone, it’s temperature resistant (up  to 446°F /230 ℃ ) and flexible, easily fit into any gap between stove and counter or anywhere in the home or office where gaps are located.  Each cover measures approximately 21″L by 2.25″W by 0 .39″H.  It can be easily trimmed to fit shorter gaps.


What’s Included: 2 Silicone Strips Stove Counter Gap Covers

Dimensions: 21″L * 2.25″W * 0.39″H / 54cm*5.6cm*1cm

Materials: Silicone

Item Weight: 150g / 0.33lb (2 piece)

Colors: Black, White

Product Features

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: These stove and countertop gap covers are made from premium food-grade silicone, it is BPA free, non-toxic
  • FLEX FIT INTO ANY GAP: Each cover measures approximately 21″L by 2.25″W by 0 .39″H. It can be easily trimmed to fit shorter gaps. Great for anywhere in the home or office where gaps are located
  • SPILLING PREVENTING: Designed with a full-length “T” underside, keeping them firmly in place. Use this seal strip for stove and counter gaps so you never again have to worry about food or sticky liquids falling between the gap, attracting ants or other insects
  • TEMPERATURE RESISTANT: Temperature range from -40 to 230 ℃(-40 to 446 ℉), so covers are safe to use near stoves that are on
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The oven / cooktop / kitchen cabinets gap guard removes easily for cleaning. It can be hand washed with soap or put into the top rack of the dishwasher- TWO-YEAR WARRANTY

Kinetic Play Sand, Magic Space Sand Castle Building Kit, Squeezable Beach Sand 2 LB + Castle Molds and Sand Tray, Best Sand Toys for Kids by AnanBros

Everybody loves playing with sand – especially children! Space Sand allows for limitless creativity, and for fun mental exercise with no boundaries. However, due to various limitations, we can’t just go to the beach to play in the sand with our friends any time. But with Space Sand, you don’t need the beach, you can play with Space Sand anytime and anywhere, and enjoy an even more enjoyable playing experience!

The Space Sand castle-themed play set includes a variety of molds and tools, a multi-use sandbox, and super-fun Space Sand.
√ Inflatable sandbox – Includes a high-speed air pump, allowing you to inflate the sandbox in just 60 seconds, by folding the sandbox, you can also store the entire container in just 3 seconds, and carry it on the go.
√ High quality molds – Thicker than cheap alternative molds, finely polished, making it easier to shape the sand without it sticking to the mold interior.
√ Multi-tool – For even the most detailed and advanced sculpting.
√ Space Sand – Stays wet at room temperature, doesn’t stick to hands, so that you can play without getting your hands dirty. Extremely absorbent, sticking together easily so that no loose grains of sand will fall on the floor and make a mess.

Other Instructions
1. For storage, it is recommended that you keep Space Sand in a sealed zip-lock bag.
2. It is recommended that Space Sand be used under adult supervision. The primary ingredient in Space Sand is real sand, do not ingest.

Package includes
2LB Space Sand (plain colored)
1 x inflatable sandbox (24inch x 17.8inch)
1 x high-speed air pump
10 x (regular) castle molds
4 x large castle molds
4 x vehicle molds
5 x tool knives
1 x Space Sand storage bag
1 x after-sale service card
Beautifully packaged (great as a gift)

Product Features

  • MORE FUN THAN REGULAR SAND – Space Sand is even more fun to play with than sand at the beach! You can enjoy the fun of Space Sand anywhere, whether it be in your bedroom, yard, car, or at school.
  • ABOUT SPACE SAND – Unlike regular sand, Space Sand stays wet without requiring added water, the sand holds easily due to its absorption strength, and is easy to arrange and mold.
  • KEEP YOUR HANDS DRY AND CLEAN – Space Sand won’t make your hands dirty or slimy, and when you’re finished your hands will be so clean it will be as though you didn’t touch sand at all.
  • GUARANTEED SAFE AND NON-TOXIC – Odor-free and ASTM & CE certified, kid-friendly and parent approved!
  • SPACE SAND CASTLE THEME – 2LB Space Sand, 1 x inflatable sandbox, 1 x high-speed air pump, 10 x (regular) castle molds, 4 x large castle molds, 4 x vehicle molds, 5 x tool knives, 1 x Space Sand storage bag, 1 x after-sale service card, beautifully packaged (great as a gift), 30-day worry-free money back guarantee!

Intellect 3D UFO Maze Ball Labyrinth Globe Toys 100 Challenging Barriers Puzzle Toy Space Training Imagination Education Toy for Children 6-18 Years

Improve the understanding of space,Improves hand eye coordination and spatial relations,Explore kids’ ability of control balance, improve intellect, learn to build up patience and explore for final victory.
Flip twist & spin your way to the finish line! It is easy-to-use, but hard to master,Ideal intelligent development toy and stress releasing tool.
Note: Please do not kick or throw this ball, it’s a puzzle toy not a sports toy.
Size: Diameter11.5cm
Package Includes:
1 X 3D Maze Ball

Product Features

  • Material: Environment friendly ABS and PVC material.
  • Improve the understanding of space,Improves hand eye coordination and spatial relations,Explore kids’ ability of control balance, improve intellect, learn to build up patience and explore for final victory.
  • Flip twist & spin your way to the finish line! It is easy-to-use, but hard to master,Ideal intelligent development toy and stress releasing tool.
  • Note: Please do not kick or throw this ball, it’s a puzzle toy not a sports toy.
  • Size: Diameter11.5cm

Fun Little Toys Children’s DIY Building Blocks Space War Battle Toy Bricks 12 in 1 Convertible to Transfiguration Vehicle Pack 12 Style Sets Kids Educational Party Gift (Instruction Guide Included)

Fun Design:

  • This amazing 12 in 1 space war battle building blocks set has 12 differently designed space war vehicles in vibrant yellow, black, blue, and gray (half in yellow and black, half in blue and gray).
  • After assembling each piece, you can combine these 12 vehicles into a deluxe bigger space ship transfiguration.
  • Children can either build these vehicles following the instruction guide or by themselves.
  • Either way is super fun and inspirational.

Educational Purpose:

  • This building block set can stimulate children’s interests in assembling and organizing building blocks.
  • Reading and understanding detailed instruction guide can help cultivate children’s spatial imagination and patience.
  • When children are assembling these blocks on their own, their creativity and manipulative ability can be practiced and improved.

Share with Friends:

  • This 12 in 1 building block toy set is the perfect entertainment for your children and their friends!
  • Each style has a separate instruction guide, which allows children to choose their favorite one.
  • After assembling, children can play a “real” space war battle together.
  • This is also a fun gift for children’s birthdays, Children’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and etc.

Family Time:

  • Wondering how to spend a quality family time with your children?
  • This space war battle building block set is the answer.
  • Help your children follow the instruction guide together or create by your selves.
  • Fun, quality family time that can stimulate your children’s learning and creative ability.
  • The finished space war vehicles can be used as decorations in rooms.

Product Features

  • Includes: This DIY space war battle building blocks set includes 12 different styles building blocks kits that are packaged separately in one box. A detailed assembling guide is included. 12 different kits have 12 separate assembling guides
  • Design: Each style of the 12 space war vehicles is designed differently. 6 of them are in yellow and black, and the other 6 are in blue and gray. The 12 of them can be assembled together and converted into a deluxe space ship transfiguration following the instruction guide. Each kit’s size: 4.33 * 1.18 * 3.54 inches.
  • Educational: This 12-style DIY toy building blocks set is the perfect educational tool to enhance children’s manipulative ability, spatial vision, and creativity. Children are able to enjoy a fun time with friends while improving their different skills
  • Sharing: This DIY space war battle building block set can act as a perfect family activity indoor or outdoor. Children are stimulated to learn how to cooperate with friends or family. This set is also a great choice for children’s gifts, such as birthday gifts and any other special occasion.
  • Safety & Recommendation: ALL Fun Little Toys’ products are made by environmental friendly plastic and premium grade materials, which are sturdy, durable and safe. Recommend for children who are at least 6 years old. Do not keep the small parts of the toy in mouth in case your child swallows it.

Hippity Hop 45 Cm Including Free Foot Pump, For Children Ages 3-6 Space Hopper, Hop Ball Bouncing Toy – 1 Ball

Benefits of a Hippity Hop
Research has shown that physical play can promote language development, coordination, and cognitive skills. Early introduction to these activities can have long lasting, positive benefits for children. Encouraging children to play with, and jump on, the hippity hop is also a great way to get them to exercise, burn calories, and strengthen their bodies, while enjoying a fun, and stimulating activity. At Bintiva, we believe that exercising and strengthening should always be a fun and positive experience.
Besides strengthening the childs body, these hopping toys helps children learn balance, provides proprioceptive input, and helps orient the vestibular system.
See the Included User Guide for Specific Exercises and the Benefits That They Can Provide.

Bintiva Hippity Hops are crafted from the finest green materials and are free of lead, phthalates, and other dangerous chemicals. It is very sturdy, and has a textured non-slip handle for maximum stability.

Product Features

  • A fun and stimulating toy for children ages 3-6, that satisfies the parents, the child, and the environment.
  • Hippity hop encourages children to exercise and strengthen their bodies, in an enjoyable manner.
  • Space hopper is used by educators, physical, and occupational therapists, to strengthen core, abdominal, major leg, and major arm muscles. Jumping provides children with proprioceptive input, balance training and can help with vestibular orientation.
  • Features a textured, easy to grip, handle, for improved stability.
  • Hopper includes a free foot pump for easy inflation, and an instruction chart with specific exercises.