Recipes and Shit: Blank Recipe Journal to Write in for Women, Food Cookbook Design, Document all Your Special Recipes and Notes for Your Favorite … for Women, Wife, Mom 7″ x 10″ Made in USA

For 50 of your Favorite Family Recipes Recipes and Shit Kitchen Recipe Book

  • Table of Contents, Full 2 Page Spread for Each Recipe Allowing Plenty of Room to Write Down Recipe & Notes, plus a Framed in Area for Photo of the Finished Recipe!

  • Creating Something of your Own Can be a Self-Esteem Builder, Not to Mention Lots of Fun! 

  • Put all your Favorite Family and Friends Recipes in Your Very Own Cookbook – Perfect for Women, Wife, Mom, Grandma Y 

  • 7″ x 10″, 110 Pages, Sturdy Paperback Glossy Cover, Perfect Bound.  

  • Personalize this Family Recipe Book & Adults! Add in all your Secret Family Recipes in this Blank Cookbook This Book makes a great gift and Family Activity for Mom, Dad, and Grandparents to share with Kids and Grandchildren! Create New Traditions, Bake and Record all your Holiday Cookie Recipes and More!

  • Made in the USA.

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Responsive Classroom for Music, Art, PE, and Other Special Areas

Responsive Classroom practices have helped thousands of special area teachers for more than 30 years. Here you’ll find practical suggestions, charts, planners, and examples from experienced special area teachers who use Responsive Classroom practices every day. You’ll learn how to:

  • Open and close each period in calm, orderly ways
  • Set students up for success by modeling and practicing skills and routines
  • Use positive teacher language
  • Engage students more deeply
  • Refocus and recharge students with quick, fun, movement breaks
  • Respond to misbehavior to get students back to learning

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Korean Cookbook: A Comprehensive Cookbook to Enjoy Korean Food and Special Korean Flavors

The purpose of this Korean cookbook is to introduce to you some of the most authentic and traditional Korean recipes. Korean food and cuisine is very different and unique and contains many unusual ingredients. For a beginner, this Book will be very beneficial as it has almost 25 recipes which include Korean desserts, Korean drinks, Korean traditional food and Korean dinner festivities.

To begin with we have provided you with some of the most common Korean recipes to go with. Then we have provided you with Korean desserts followed by their famous cocktails and then their dinner recipes.

This Book will help you in mastering the art of Korean food. All the ingredients have been mentioned along with their methods. You can easily follow them. Download this Book and get the hang of Korean cuisine and start making it yourself at home. The ingredients are unusual but you can find them at a nice super market.

In summer you can try their all time favorite punches and cocktails which are really very refreshing. For dinner parties you can use the Korean dinner recipes. If you have Korean friends you can invite them over to dinner along with desserts. Things will be easy for you once you download this Book. The following chapters are mentioned in this Book:

• Korean traditional foods
• Korean recipes for famous sweets and desserts
• Korean recipes for drinks and cocktails
• Korean recipes for great appetizers

Well! Download this Book and learn the easy way to cook Korean cuisine!

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Miracle Kitchen Plus + New & Upgraded By Chef Vinni. Do Not Be Fooled By Cheap Imitation Knockoffs! This Is the Original Us Patented 10 in 1 Food Processor. This Is the Only Food Processor with an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty! In Addition It Has Special Features Made From Top Quality Materials, High Ration Industrial Gear System, and a Lexan Bowl. Chef Vinni’s Signature Recipes & Cookbook Are Included.

IT CHOPS, MINCES, SLICES, SHREDS, JULIENNES, JUICES, AND MUCH MORE! Fast and powerful as an electric food processor but, simple to use and easy to clean. Full control on small or large chops! Fast industrial gear system! This kitchen Miracle is crafted with quality and new upgraded features for a faster approved product with new industrial gears, food quality lexan (No Cheap plastic) and stainless steel! For details go to and click on “products” to see the why this original Miracle Kitchen Plus + is so amazing and SIGN UP as a VIP member (IT’S FREE!) to receive additional benefits, products and much more! Check out Chef Vinni’s TV show “MEALS & DEALS”. Go to www.facebook/chefvinni keep up to date on the latest!

Product Features

  • New Stainless Steele 3 Prong Curved Blades
  • The Best Product Ever
  • Simple to Use and Easy to Clean
  • 10 Different uses in 1 amazing machine

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