Talent iCLaw Mic/Music Stand Holder for iPad

If you are a musician who uses an iPad while performing, you need the Talent iClaw clamp on Mic stand holder for the Apple iPad. Talent”s iClaw offers unlimited adjustability, and can mount directly onto a microphone stand. Three sets of molded claws are included for compatibility with all iPads. Note: Clips for the iPad Air will be available in 2014.

Product Features

  • Attaches an iPad to a microphone stand or desk (up to 1″ thick)
  • Includes snap-in claws for all iPads, including the iPad mini
  • Also excellent for exercise equipment
  • Clamp-on assembly is removable for direct stand attachment
  • Makes a great iPad headrest mount in your car

3 thoughts on “Talent iCLaw Mic/Music Stand Holder for iPad”

  1. Does the job, but only half way If you are going to use this with a full-size iPad (mine’s an iPad 3) then forget about it staying in position when clamped to a fixed stand. The weight of the iPad “outweighs” the strength of the holder to keep it in place. I tried unsuccessfully to clamp it to my microphone stand but no matter how hard I tighten the adjustments it just keep falling down. The only way I was able to use it was to remove it from the rod and clamp device and screw it directly to the top of my mic…

  2. The iClaw This is a nice little holder for the money. I’ve found it to be of decent quality (not great, not bad) but it doesn’t stay up too well. The weight of the bigger iPad seems to drag this thing down unless you tighten it to the point of breaking it. The telescoping part is metal, the holder of the iPad is a plastic which I’m sure that I’ll destroy in time. I still like it though and the price is realistic.My suggestion to the manufacturer: Put some teeth in the clamps that…

  3. Best ipad holder I’ve used. Had one with my Ipad 2, air and air 2. All work well all clips come with for each type of device. Its not the sturdiest unit out there but holds solid even with my finger swiping hard to turn the pages quickly while performing and playing guitar. There are a few nice things that set this apart from other holders which is why I keep going back to this one.It is super quick to turn from portrait to landscape. Just loosen the back knob, position and tighten…

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