The Graham Kerr Cookbook: by The Galloping Gourmet

A new edition of a beloved cookbook celebrating the classic dishes and witty humor that were signature to TV chef Graham Kerr’s The Galloping Gourmet.

With his hallmark joyous abandon, British-born chef Graham Kerr was a pioneer of food television, hosting the popular series The Galloping Gourmet from 1969 to 1971. Kerr presented approachable, step-by-step instructions for recipes packed with personality and flavor. A bible for generations of fans, this classic cookbook is now reissued, with new commentary from Kerr and an introduction by the Lee brothers.

Kerr’s knowing and fun-loving approach to home cooking was ahead of its time, and has more in common with Mario Batali’s or Jamie Oliver’s outlook than with his 1960s contemporaries. Like Batali, Kerr was a passionate cook who was also not afraid to have fun in the kitchen. The encyclopedic variety of recipes—ranging from the basics of brewing coffee and deep excursions into egg cookery, to more sophisticated preparations of fish and poultry—combined with Kerr’s devotion to technique, ingredients, and presentation open up a world of lost classics for today’s home cook. Featuring step-by-step illustrations alongside new commentary updating the recipes for contemporary tastes, this edition gives today’s home chefs the best of cooking from the exuberant postwar era.

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2 thoughts on “The Graham Kerr Cookbook: by The Galloping Gourmet”

  1. REALLY NEW, OR SIMPLY A RE-PRINT? This is the book that should be the first cookbook one buys. This is the one that gives you the basics of cooking and then takes you from there to creative and culinary greatness. Gaining this fundamental understanding of cooking enables one to “Know” his/her way around a kitchen. A real must!Well organized and a pleasure to read. Lots of good tips. The section on sauces is just wonderful.A well put together volume using high quality paper and a hefty binding. Should last a…

  2. I have the 1966/1969 original, First Edition, plus the 1972 big blue tome. They’re excellent but still don’t include all of Kerr’s best, some of which were done on TV’s Galloping Gourmet. So I’ll need to research the index in this new one. If you don’t have any of Kerr’s earliest, then this would be worth buying. If you do have an early one, maybe not. Yet if this new one does have recipes from the TV show not publushed before, I’d definitely recommend buying it. The brass ring though…

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