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Monolith Of Phobos

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ELDORADO [Explicit]

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The Juice Lady’s Remedies for Diabetes: Juices, Smoothies, and Living Foods Recipes for Your Ultimate Health

Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in America.
It affects twenty-nine million people and the potential to affect eighty-six million more who currently have prediabetes. Juicing, green smoothies, and living foods are proven antidotes against this devastating disease and even more, they are preventative devices.
In The Juice Lady’s Remedies for Diabetes Cherie Calbom presents a way to help heal those who suffer from diabetes and lower the risk of diagnosis for those seeking a healthier lifestyle.
This book includes:
  • Recipes for healing teas and juices
  • Green smoothies that pack a powerful punch of phytonutrients and antioxidants
  • Raw food recommendations
Exclusive feature:
Tips on choosing the best juicer and the best produce, as well as tips for prepping, cleaning, and storing your juices and smoothies, and more!


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Whole Food: The 30 Day Healthy Eating Challenge Part II (The Healthy Whole Foods Eating Challenge – 60 Approved Recipes & 1 month Meal Plan for Rapid Weight Loss) (Volume 2)

If Creative Whole Food Recipes are What You Seek, then Look No Further.
Introducing PART II of the Best Selling 30 Day Whole Food Challenge
This book will use a step-wise approach to take you through the Whole Food Diet and further beyond into the practical application of making healthy and super tasty recipes.

This lifestyle expounds on a practical and sustainable way to nourish our bodies to maintain life long Health, Physical Performance and overall Wellness- Try it for just 30 Days and you will be Absolutely Amazed by the Results

In this Book You Will Learn:

  • The A, B, C’s of the Whole Food Diet
  • The Whole Food Diet Shopping Guide
  • Gearing up for Your 30 Day “Reset’
  • Full Meal Plan – Easy To Implement
  • Aligning Your Attitude & Mind
  • Things to Include on Your Whole Food Journey

Some of the Profound Benefits You are Guaranteed to Experience:

  • Increase Energy Levels & Vitality
  • Accelerated Fat Loss
  • Improved Mental Focus
  • Lower Blood Sugar & Cholesterol
  • Hormonal Balance
  • Normalized Sleeping Patterns
  • Reduced Anxiety and Stress

Think of the Whole 30 Diet like pushing the ‘reset’ button with your overall health and relationship with your food habits.

Here Is A Preview Of The Wholesome recipes you will find in this book:

  • Pork and Egg Breakfast Casserole
  • Zucchini and Steak Casserole
  • Beef Breakfast Casserole
  • “Toast” Whole Style
  • Fruity Breakfast Shake
  • Chicken topped with Mango Salsa
  • Grilled Chicken Over Squash Spaghetti
  • Spicy Chicken Cilantro Wraps
  • Arugula Salmon Salad
  • Gazpacho & Guacamole
  • Roasted Rack of Lamb with Blackberry Sauce
  • Lamb Ragu with Celery Root Pasta
  • Pork Meatloaf with Sun Dried Tomato & Mushrooms
  • And Much Much More!

Comes with a 14 Day Meal Plan to Jump-start your new Whole Food Lifestyle

★☆★Let this book be your guide as you start your journey to a healthier, happier, fitter and more successful life!★☆★

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M Y Fly Young Kalimba Thumb Piano Finger Piano 8 Keys Tunable Leaf Design Wood for kid Children Gift Green

1.Thumb piano is in small size, easy to carry.
2.When it is the sunset, people would like to use it for singing accompaniment or stories telling accompaniment.
3.While people will bring it to spend their leisure time along the long walking way.

1.Material: Rosewood, Aluminum Bar
2.Size: 6.42*5.31*0.83 In
3.Sounding bar: 8 Key in different length
4.Packing way: carton filled with bubble bag
How to use:
The main function of thumb piano is used for accompaniment.
When it is played, you should hold the main body by two hands, and then use two thumb to play with it.
When the thumb presses and releases the piano, the steel slice will make sounds.

Includes: 1 x Finger Thumb Piano

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The Essential Sirt Food Diet Recipe Book: A Quick Start Guide To Cooking on The Sirt Food Diet! Over 100 Easy and Delicious Recipes to Burn Fat, Lose Weight, Get Lean and Feel Great!

This book is the perfect companion to the official SIRT Diet book and provides you with over 100 easy and delicious recipes rich in Sirt foods to make your SIRT diet meal planning a breeze.

The SIRT Food diet is all about incorporating a selection of sirtuin-activating ‘wonder foods’ into your diet to activate your fat-burning and muscle building genes! And the great news is that those super sirtuin-boosting foods include: Red wine, coffee, olive oil, rocket, dark chocolate, kale, strawberries and lots more!

Consuming foods rich in sirtuin-activating compounds has been shown to aid weight loss and help build additional lean muscle, so JUMP START your fat-burning genes today with these easy and delicious SIRT Food recipes!

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Mascarello® 54 Keys Music Electronic Keyboard Kid Electric Piano Organ W/Mic & Adapter

Product Description

This Is Our 54 Keys Electronic Keyboard Which Is Perfect For Stimulating Your Child’s Imagination. Comes With A Learning Function That Can Be Used For Kids Of All Ages, This Keyboard Is Definitely The Best Gift For Your Children. Don’t Hesitate To Bring It Home!

Vibrato/ Sustain/ Chord

Record/ Playback

Learning Function

LED Display

External Speaker/Microphone/DC/AC Power


Color: Black

Dimensions: 24.8″ X 7″ X 2.4″(L XW XH)

Package Size: About 27″ X 9″ X4″(L XW XH)

Weight: About 5 Lbs

Output Power:4w

Rated Voltage: DC 9V

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Piano and Keyboard Music Note Stickers with Piano Songs eBook & User Guide©; Transparent and Removable! Set Stickers for All White Keys – For Easy Piano Lessons -100% Satisfaction Guarantee

These stickers are designed by an experienced musician to accelerate and simplify your keyboard and/or piano learning skill. He figured out that in early days, the little masters usually forget the keys, which is why they cannot practice without their instructors. It decreases the practice time and hence, makes it even tougher for them to learn each key.
But, no more.

With our QMG stickers, it becomes a lot easier to remember the keys on your piano/keyboard as you can just read the stickers whenever you forgot the keys. Moreover, the satisfaction of being able to play your favorite music and show your art to the world fills you with aka positive energy and motivation to work harder, learn quicker, and excel.

Besides, it’s a complete pack and comes with 60 stickers, 9 mm X 40 mm each, which is enough for even the larger keyboards and pianos having 88 keys because of the lesser number (52) of the white keys – as already said. And we have already told you about the free eBook and the wooden craft stick above.

Ebook will email after placing your order.

QMG is a DVN Product brand. ©2015 All Rights Reserved.

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Roll-up Electronic Silicone Rubber 61-key Portable Flexible Digital Piano Musical Keyboard (silver) with Built-in Speaker and Sustain Pedal