Food Storage: Preserving Vegetables, Grains, and Beans: Canning – Dehydrating – Freezing – Brining – Salting – Sugaring – Smoking – Pickling – Fermenting

There are a lot of books about food preserving but what sets this book (and the first two of this series, “Preserving Meat, Dairy, and Eggs” and “Preserving Fruits, Nuts, and Seeds” is that each food and all of the methods for preserving that particular food are described in their own chapters. In Part I of this book it begins with vegetables and works it’s way through each vegetable in alphabetical order. Then on to Grains and then Beans (legumes). All methods of preserving that work well with each food are explained along with directions for the preparation and processing of that food. There is also information about what doesn’t work and why. In Part II it explains the preservation methods and how to do them, and what you’ll need for: Canning, Dehydrating, Freezing, Salting, Brining, Sugaring, Smoking, Pickling, and Fermenting, as well as some not-as-often heard-of methods: Ash, Oil, and Honey for food preservation. Everything is something that the authors have personally done or tried, or in a few cases, spoke to someone who had. Both authors have been preserving food for about half a century, first as kids helping their parents, and then as adults (and parents) preserving food for their families. The authors live on opposite ends of the country (North and South) and bring some of their own regional flavor to the book, making it interesting as well as informative.

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Breakfast Sandwich: Mania – 101 Breakfast Sandwich Recipes To Satisfy Any Appetite

Breakfast Sandwich Recipes For The Breakfast Aficionado

Are you tired of waking up to the same old breakfast of cereal or toast? Are you desperately seeking out recipes to have a great tasting breakfast? You know the kind of recipes that are actually worth taking the time to make each morning?

If you answered YES! to any of those questions then you have found the book you have been searching for.

A Breakfast Sandwich Recipe For Everyone

With a 101 breakfast sandwich recipes you will surely find enough delicious recipes to make you want to jump out of bed and get your day started.

Those commercials with the guy holding the breakfast sandwich at work are not just for the taste of it. There are numerous studies that indicate eating breakfast can lead to more success in life. Success and these breakfast sandwich recipes taste great together so why not give them a try.

All of the recipes are easily modified in case you have allergies or dislike certain ingredients. If you prefer vegetarian sandwiches ditch the beef and add some fish. Don’t like spicy then choose a different sauce. You most likely will invent some new sandwiches no book has ever thought of. Then you can write your own breakfast cookbook.

You can easily increase the size of the recipes depending on the number of people you have to feed. There is nothing like a big breakfast with all of your family after a special event like a wedding or reunion. Some of the recipes should remind you of some of the hang over food you already love. We all know you need something greasy after a night of fun with family. Save the healthy recipes for another day.

Most of these breakfast sandwich recipes use either the toaster oven or Panini press but all can be made with a good old fashioned frying pan and toaster. There is even a section on quesadilla’s for some unique variety which are easily made with a quesadilla maker or with that frying pan.

Some Of The Recipes You Will Find Inside

  • Jack-O-Pumpkin Breakfast Sandwich
  • Dark Chocolate Sandwich
  • Piggy Panini Sandwich Recipe
  • Creamy Avocado And White Bean Wrap
  • Luscious Spicy Carrot Toasted Sandwich
  • Pale Onion and Kalamata Olive Tuna Quesadilla

There are so many awesome breakfast sandwich recipes waiting for you inside that there is no need to delay you any longer.

Scroll up and hit the buy button.

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RockJam Xfinity Heavy-Duty, Double-X, Pre-Assembled, Infinitely Adjustable Piano Keyboard Stand with Locking Straps

Store heavy electronic digital keyboards on the portable and pre-assembled double-X Xfinity keyboard stand. While most other keyboard stand models only include a few preset height adjustments, the quick release mechanism allows pianists to adjust the height of the keyboard stand at any height between 4 and 38 inches. This feature makes the Xfinity great for adults and kids, sitting or standing, tall or short. The affordable secure Xfinity has many additional features that ensure your keyboard is safe from falling, making it the perfect gift for children. The high strength support straps, which are attached to the keyboard stand, keep the keyboard from moving during performance. The upper non-slip rubber end caps add extra stability for the keyboard. The lower non-slip rubber end caps keep the keyboard stand from moving during performance. Once the pianist is done performing, the Xfinity can easily be packed away to save room. The fully welded Xfinity does not need any screws or assembly instructions. Just open the package and start using it right away.

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Just Like Fire (From the Original Motion Picture “Alice Through The Looking Glass”)

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Blank Face LP [Explicit]

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Memento Mori

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Young In All The Wrong Ways

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Neewer® NW-707 Traditional Wind Up Mechanical Metronome for Piano Guitar Bass Drum Violin and Other Musical Instruments (Black)


Perfect practice tool to produce regular, metrical beats to help you play rhythms accurately

Improve your sense of beat and tempo

No battery is needed. Neewer mechanical metronome uses a winding mechanism for power to produce metrical beats. Beat selection is: 0,2,3,4,6

Produce a clear and loud sound for use when practicing piano, violin, guitar, bass, drums and other musical instruments

The pendulum offers great visual tempo cues which makes it perfect for beginners learning difficult passages


Color: Black


Tempo: 40 to 208bpm.

Beat: 0,2,3,4,6

Dimension(approx.): 7.87×3.74×4.72″/200x95x120mm

Weight(approx.): 15.30oz/434g


1. Always put on the cover after practising.

2. Avoid using or keeping the metronome in a dusty or damp place.

3. Only use soft cloth to clean the metronome.

Package Contents

1 * Wind Up Mechanical Metronome

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Low Carb Salads: Over 80 Quick & Easy Gluten Free Low Cholesterol Whole Foods Recipes full of Antioxidants & Phytochemicals (Natural Weight Loss Transformation) (Volume 100)