When the Music’s Over: An Inspector Banks Novel (Inspector Banks Novels)

Inspector Alan Banks—hailed as “a man for all seasons” by Michael Connelly—must face the music when he becomes embroiled in one of his most perplexing and distressing cases in this haunting page-turner from New York Times bestselling author Peter Robinson.

Two women. Two crimes.

The first is a poet claiming she was assaulted decades earlier by a man now regarded as one of the country’s national treasures. The second is a girl found on a remote roadside, her body broken, her life snuffed out.

For Alan Banks, newly promoted to Detective Superintendent, the first case rips a tunnel into long-ago days of innocence and discovery, of music and light. And in the victim, he sees an opportunity for magic recaptured—if he can bring her assailant to justice.

For Detective Inspector Annie Banks, the lifeless young woman poses a baffling mystery—a mystery that will lead her into the unlikeliest of places, interviewing the unlikeliest of suspects.

Emotionally resonant and ingeniously plotted, When the Music’s Over begins a new chapter for Banks—and shows Peter Robinson at his tense, triumphant best.

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Trunk Music (A Harry Bosch Novel)

Back on the job after an involuntary leave of absence, LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch is ready for a challenge. But his first case is a little more than he bargained for.

It starts with the body of a Hollywood producer in the trunk of a Rolls-Royce, shot twice in the head at close range – what looks like “trunk music,” a Mafia hit. But the LAPD’s organized crime unit is curiously uninterested, and when Harry follows a trail of gambling debts to Las Vegas, the case suddenly becomes more complex – and much more personal.

A rekindled romance with an old girlfriend opens new perspectives on the murder, and he begins to glimpse a shocking triangle of corruption and collusion. Yanked off the case, Harry himself is soon the one being investigated. But only a bullet can stop Harry when he’s searching for the truth . . .LAPD Homicide detective Bosch is back from an involuntary administrative leave just in time for the bodies to start turning up. When he finds hints of an mob hit but can’t interest the organized crime unit in the murder, Bosch has to take the investigation into his own hands in a this hard-boiled tale full of sharp turns. Fans of Michael Connelly’s excellent, The Poet, will go wild for this even better addition to the Harry Bosch series.

Product Features

  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Song Writer’s Composing Template for Music Notes & Symbols with Staff Paper

This newly designed, award-winning plastic 4″ X 9″ template contains all the popular music notes, notations and symbols to help produce dramatically neat written music. Simply overlay the template on the staff paper and use a sharp pencil or acceptable pen to trace around the cutout of each desired symbol. It even comes with a matching 50 sheet tablet of 10 staff paper. Additional tablets are sold here separately. And it’s made in the USA!

Product Features

  • Template helps you write music notes and symbols
  • Make your song writing neat and professional looking
  • Use any type of sharp pencil or fine-tip pen
  • Great for song writers, music students, music teachers, and composers.
  • Comes with a matching 50 page tablet.

Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods: 100+ Delicious Gluten-Free Recipes

A newly repackaged paperback edition of the bestselling cookbook from the influential Paleo lifestyle bloggers and authors of Paleo Comfort Foods, featuring 100 Paleo recipes that are easy, healthy, and irresistible. With a foreword by Robb Wolf.

The wildly popular Paleo movement is going strong, with millions of people enjoying the healthy, fat-trimming benefits that come with eliminating gluten, legumes, and dairy from their diets. In this gorgeous cookbook, Paleo pioneers Julie and Charles Mayfield have gathered an impressive selection of palate-pleasing, timesaving Paleo recipes that are not only nutritious and delicious, but quick and easy to prepare.

Packed with delicious ideas for starters and snacks, soups, stews, and salads, main dishes, sauces and sides, and sweets and treats, Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods includes tips and recipes to help you transform favorite dishes and go-to comfort foods into healthy, gluten-free meals every day.

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Chinese Takeout Cookbook: Your Favourites 57 Chinese Takeout Recipes To Make At Home (Volume 2)

Chinese Takeout Cookbook : Your Favorites 57 Chinese Takeout Recipes To Make At Home

Chinese food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Chinese takeout restaurants can be found everywhere on the planet. All major cities have their Chinatown, and more and more supermarkets carry Asian ingredients, making it easier to cook authentic Chinese dishes. it be amazing to make your favorites Chinese dish a home? Chinese cooking involves fresh ingredients, mixing delicate flavors and spices, and cooking techniques that are specific this cuisine. Learning to make your favorite Chinese takeout dish is easier than you might think. With the right ingredients, great recipes and step-by-step instructions, it can’t be easier than that. And that is what you will find in Chinese Takeout Cookbook: Favorite Chinese Takeout Recipes to Make at Home! No need to order anymore, just gather your ingredients and cooking tools, and start cooking!

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Uproot: Travels in 21st-Century Music and Digital Culture

In 2001 Jace Clayton was an unknown DJ who recorded a three-turntable, sixty-minute mix and put it online to share with friends. Within weeks, Gold Teeth Thief became an international calling card, whisking Clayton away to play a nightclub in Zagreb, a gallery in Osaka, a former brothel in Sao Paolo, and the American Museum of Natural History. Just as the music world made its fitful, uncertain transition from analog to digital, Clayton found himself on the front lines of creative upheavals of art production in the twenty-first century globalized world.

Uproot is a guided tour of this newly-opened cultural space. With humor, insight, and expertise, Clayton illuminates the connections between a Congolese hotel band and the indie-rock scene, Mexican rodeo teens and Israeli techno, and Whitney Houston and the robotic voices is rural Moroccan song, and offers an unparalleled understanding of music in the digital age.

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Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory, Complete (Lessons * Ear Training * Workbook)————– (CD’s Not Included)

Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory is designed for students of any age, whether listeners or performers, who want to have a better understanding of the language of music. In this all-in-one theory course, you will learn the essentials of music through concise lessons, practice your music reading and writing skills in the exercises, improve your listening skills with the ear-training CDs (available separately or as a Book & CD combo), and test your knowledge with a review that completes each unit.

The Student Complete Book includes Books 1-3 in a spiral-bound format.

Book 1 (Lessons 1-25): Staff, Notes and Pitches
* Treble & Bass Clefs
* Grand Staff & Ledger Lines
* Note Values
* Measure, Bar Line and Double Bar
* 2/4, 3/4 & 4/4 Time Signatures
* Whole, Half & Quarter Notes/Rests
* Dotted Half & Quarter Notes
* Ties & Slurs
* Repeat Sign, 1st & 2nd Endings
* Eighth Notes & Rests
* Dynamic Signs, Tempo Marks & Articulation
* D.C., D.S., Coda & Fine
* Flats, Sharps & Naturals
* Whole & Half Step, Enharmonic Notes.

Book 2 (Lessons 25-50): Tetrachords & Major Scales
* Key Signatures
* Chromatic Scale
* Intervals, Circle of Fifths
* Perfect, Major & Minor Intervals
* Augmented & Diminished Intervals
* Solfège & Transposition
* Sixteenth Notes & Rests
* Dotted Eighth Notes & Eighth Note Triplets
* Common Time & Cut Time
* 3/8 & 6/8 Time Signatures
* Pick-up Notes & Syncopation
* Primary & Major Triads
* Scale Degree Names
* Dominant 7th Chord.

Book 3 (Lessons 51-75): 1st & 2nd Inversions of Triads
* Inversions of V7 Chords
* Figured Bass
* Major Chord Progressions
* Minor Scales, Minor Triads
* Augmented & Diminished Triads
* Primary Triads in Minor Keys
* Minor Chord Progressions
* Modes
* Harmonizing a Melody in Major and Minor Keys
* Broken Chords & Arpeggiated Accompaniments
* Passing and Neighboring Tones
* Composing a Melody in Major and Minor Keys
* 12-Bar Blues Chord Progression & Blues Scale
* Basic Forms of Music.

The complete line of Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory includes Student Books, a Teacher’s Answer Key, Ear-Training CDs, Double Bingo games, Flash Cards, Reproducible Teacher’s Activity Kits, and interactive software for students and teachers in private study, studio and network environments.

Product Features

  • Designed For Students Of Any Age.
  • Provides A Better Understanding Of The Language Of Music.
  • Learn The Essentials With Lessons And Exercises.
  • Offers A Review Section At Each Ending To Test Your Knowledge.

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HitLights RGB Multicolor LED Strip Light Music Controller – Sound Activated with built in music sensor, Color changing with the beat – Remote Control included – 144W for LED Tape Lights

Our Sound Activated Music Controller is the ideal controller for musicians, DJs or anyone who likes to throw parties. Your RGB LED Light strips will jump, flash and strobe with the beat, and can be controlled easily with the included remote. The music controller is our most popular RGB controller in bars, clubs and home theater systems. The Sound Activated Music Controller sets up easily with a Power Supply (not included) and your choice of RGB light strips. The music controller includes two separate outputs, a remote control, and a sensitivity knob so you can adjust to perfection which beats it picks up and which beats it doesn’t.

Product Features : 
• Change or flash colors with the beat
• Includes remote (which is also capable of regular color changing functions)
• Two strip outputs for maximum flexibility
• 1 Year HitLights Warranty

Technical Specifications :
• Input : 12V DC
• Outputs : 2 (Total 144 Watts)
• Audio Control : Built-In Microphone

HitLights has been selling LED products on Amazon for five years, and is the first Amazon Certified Brand to be UL Safety Approved. We are committed to being the best LED and strip light solution provider on Amazon.

Proudly made in China.

Product Features

  • BUILT-IN MUSIC SENSOR for changing color with the beat, ideal for DJs, bars, parties and musicians
  • SENSITIVITY DIAL allows you to fine tune which beats to change on
  • INCLUDED 24 KEY REMOTE complete with music functions AND simple colours
  • TWO OUTPUTS for maximum versatility
  • HITLIGHTS QUALITY with 1 Year Warranty

Easy Classical Violin Solos: Featuring music of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi and other composers.

This collection features a selection of classical pieces by the world’s most renowned composers: Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Johannes Pachelbel, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Richard Wagner, Johannes Brahms, Johann Strauss, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Giuseppe Verdi, Edvard Grieg and Edward Elgar.

For the beginnner and intermediate classical violin player.

1812 Overture
A Little Night Music
The Blue Danube
Bourre from Lute Suite BWV 996
Bridal Chorus
Canon in D
La Donna é Mobile
Dance of the Flowers
Für Elise
In the Hall of the Mountain King
Jesu, Joy of Man Desiring
Land of Hope and Glory
Minuet in G
Ode to Joy
Spring – Four Seasons

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Music as a Mirror of History