Our Harlem: Seven Days of Cooking, Music and Soul at the Red Rooster

To hear Ethiopian and Swedish chef, TV personality, and restauranteur Marcus Samuelsson cook with special guests at the Red Rooster restaurant is to make an audio pilgrimage to Harlem. Listeners will get to know the iconic neighborhood, Marcus’ home, through its food, its history, and – most importantly – its people. Special guests join Marcus each day of the week to cook, to laugh, and to share their stories, including Melba Wilson, Jelani Cobb, Bevy Smith, and Kevin Young, to name a few. Our Harlem transports listeners to the hub of African American culture.

Join us when Marcus recreates the short ribs he made at the Red Rooster for President Obama’s fundraiser there, and when author Jelani Cobb discusses the lasting significance of the first African American President. Listen to Marcus explore the African and Southern roots of his favorite ingredients with food historian Jessica Harris, and make fried chicken with Harlem’s very own Charles Gabriel. And venture out in El Barrio to La Marqueta with Marcus and Harlem native Aurora Flores. 

Writers Isabel Wilkerson and Nicholas Lemann ponder the Great Migration, and how it brought Southern food (think shrimp and grits), new voters, and amazing creative talent to Harlem. Dapper Dan, legendary tastemaker, opines about Harlem style. And musicians who play at Ginny’s, Red Rooster’s supper club, provide the rhythms that pulse through the neighborhood – from El Barrio Night’s Latin beats to Sunday’s teenage gospel choir.

A PDF of the recipes from The Red Rooster cookbook that are featured in Our Harlem and reimagined in this audio can be found here.

2019 Marcus Samuelsson Group LLC (P)2019 Audible Originals, LLC.   

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All You Need to Know About the Music Business: 10th Edition

All You Need to Know About the Music Business by veteran music lawyer Don Passman—dubbed “the industry bible” by the Los Angeles Times—is now updated to address the biggest transformation of the music industry yet: streaming.

For more than twenty-five years, All You Need to Know About the Music Business has been universally regarded as the definitive guide to the music industry. Now in its tenth edition, Donald Passman leads novices and experts alike through what has been the most profound change in the music business since the days of wax cylinders and piano rolls. For the first time in history, music is no longer monetized by selling something—it’s monetized by how many times listeners stream a song. And that completely changes the ecosystem of the business, as Passman explains in detail.

Since the advent of file-sharing technology in the late 1990s to the creation of the iPod, the music industry has been teetering on the brink of a major transformation—and with the newest switch to streaming music, this change has finally come to pass. Passman’s comprehensive guide offers timely, authoritative information from how to select and hire a winning team of advisors and structure their commissions and fees; navigate the ins and outs of record deals, songwriting, publishing, and copyrights; maximize concert, touring, and merchandising deals; and how the game is played in a streaming world.

“If you want to be in music, you have to read this book,” says Adam Levine, lead singer and guitarist of Maroon 5. With its proven track record, this updated edition of All You Need to Know About the Music Business is more essential than ever for musicians, songwriters, lawyers, agents, promoters, publishers, executives, and managers—anyone trying to navigate the rapid transformation of the industry.

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Crescendo Music Notation Software for Mac for Music Score Writing and Composing [Download]

Crescendo Music Notation Editor and Composition Software. Free music notation and composition software to arrange your own professional quality sheet music using a wide array of music symbols and notes.

Crescendo Music Notation Editor Features:

  • Change the key signature and time signature
  • Add whole, half, quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes and rests (semibreve to semiquaver)
  • Compose music in Treble, Bass or C Clefs (e.g., Alto and Tenor)
  • Assign sharp, flat and natural accidentals to notes
  • Keyboard shortcuts toggle between notes and rests
  • Insert text to specify a title, tempo, dynamics or lyrics
  • Drag notes to change their pitch or placement
  • Automatically detects if a measure has the correct beat amount for the time signature
  • Adjust staff line placement by snapping them to margins or other staff lines
  • Add ties and slurs across notes
  • Zoom in and out for easier editing
  • View history of work completed
  • Save to Crescendo’s format, or export as MusicXML
  • Print completed music projects, or blank music sheets for hand transcription
  • Create dotted notes, chords, add repeats, and more.

Create professional music scores with this intuitive and easy to use free software.

Mac Minimum System Requirements: Mac Recommended System Requirements:
  • Processor:   Mac mini G4 1.2
  • RAM:   512mb
  • Hard Disk:   100mb
  • Video Card:   16mb video
  • Supported OS:   Mac Yosemite 10.10, Mac Mavericks 10.9, Mac Mountain Lion 10.8, Mac Lion 10.7, Mac Snow Leopard 10.6, Mac Leopard 10.5, Mac OS X

    Product Features

    • Change the key signature and time signature, add whole, half, quarter, eight and sixteenth notes and rests (semibreve to semiquaver)
    • Compose music in Treble, Bass or Alto Clefs, assign sharp, flat and natural accidentals to notes, keyboard shortcuts toggle between notes and rests
    • Insert text to specify a title, tempo, dynamics or lyrics, drag notes to change their pitch or placement, copy, cut and paste measures to easily insert themes
    • Add ties and slurs across notes, zoom in and out for easier editing, create dotted notes, chords, add repeats, and more, brace staves together to compose scores for ensembles
    • Listen to your composition with MIDI playback, or export MIDI music files, print completed music projects or blank music sheets for hand transcription

    By John Feierabend First Steps in Music – Preschool and Beyond Package – Curriculum Book and 4 CDs (7001) [Paperback]

    Written by a national leader in early childhood music education, this creatively illustrated book contains everything you need to lead a music class for preschool and early elementary students, including: Echo Songs, Call-and-Response Songs, Simple Songs, SongTales, Action Songs, Circle Games, Beat Motion Activities, and more. Repertoire based only on folk or traditional songs and rhymes, because of their natural melodic expressiveness and language flow, and for their texts filled with wonder. Complete lesson plans for a three-year curriculum. Full coordination with high-quality recordings that contain all the rhymes and music from this book-perfect for parents to play at home or in the car. Suggestions on setting up a class, preparing parents, record keeping, expanding your music program, and planning ahead. A classical music component, perfect for movement and exploration. Advanced research continually points to the importance of music in the lives of young children. You can further their musical growth with First Steps in Music!

    Product Features

    • First Steps in Music for Preschool and Beyond Curriculum Book (G-5880)
    • Keeping the Beat (CD-493)
    • There’s a Hole in the Bucket (CD-645)
    • Had a Little Rooster (CD-646)
    • Old Joe Clark (CD-647)

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    K & M Stands K & M Stool w/foot rest, black Music Stand (14060.000.55)

    Stool w/foot rest, black

    Product Features

    • Stool for sitting and playing an instrument w/foot rest, black
    • Seat can be adjusted in height and angle, includes a height adjustable footrest, adjustable end cap to stabilize the stool on uneven surfaces
    • Steel Height adjustment spring-loaded clamping knob Rod combination 2-piece folding design Seat imitation leather
    • Height adjustment from 25.39 inches to 36.42 inches
    • 5-year limited warranty

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    Pro Microphone

    Product Features

    • Professional microphone app for singers
    • 3 microphone types for vocal lessons;
    • Pro equalizer was added;
    • Great voice sound effects’ collection;
    • Studio recording app for rehearsal;
    • Simple interface for karaoke party;
    • HQ sound recorder function;
    • Automatic saves

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    No Crumbs Left: Whole30 Endorsed, Recipes for Everyday Food Made Marvelous

    The best-selling cookbook with delicious and healthful recipes from the beloved blog NoCrumbsLeft.com–fully endorsed by Whole30

    As millions of people know, one of the toughest things about completing the Whole30 is figuring out what to eat next, the other 335 days of the year. Teri Turner, creator of No Crumbs Left, has healthful and great tasting answers. Food is Teri’s love language, and her approach to getting people into the kitchen, rolling up their sleeves, and cooking is contagious. “Don’t be afraid to fail: it’s just food,” is one of her mantras. Teri’s passion is evident on every page of her first cookbook, as she leads readers through a discovery of new flavors and spice combinations and teaches people to trust their cooking instincts. Teri’s recipes, most of which are gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, and Whole30 compliant, are what makes No Crumbs Left so unique. Simple and incredibly delicious dishes such as Pistachio Pesto Chicken Breast, Shrimp Pad Thai, and Spicy Pepperoncini Beef are on the dinner table quickly. The impossibly easy Sugar Snap Pea Salad features two of Teri’s signature Magic Elixirs, Green Goddess Dressing and Smoky Pepitas, which are both made in advance and kept on hand to elevate countless meals. Her signature Marinated Red Onions, 999 Island Dressing, Gomasio, and Spicy Almond Sauce are true secret weapons. The Family chapter features the special recipes her own children grew up with and evoke home, love, and motherhood. Teri considers this book a love letter to her mother, and woven throughout are tips and favorite quotes to bring you right into her kitchen, where there is always an extra seat at the table.

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    Book Stand Sheet Professional Folding Music Stand for Sheet Music Portable and Light weight with Carrying Bag, Suitable for Instrumental Performance, Height & Angle Adjustable, by Vangoa

    Vangoa Black Adjustable Height Folding Sheet Music Stand with Carrying Bag


    The music stand is revolutionary, incorporating all the features of the past with the new tripod folding base for the musician on the go. This stand can also fold up and nest together if you are staying in one place.


    1. 10.75″ X 17.75″ Plastic bookplate, rolled edges for safety and strength.
    2. Angle adjustment tension knobs, easy removal from upper shaft.
    3. Friction locking knobs with center shaft, adjustments fully extend shafts from 26″ to 54″ and anywhere in between.
    4. Hi-impact metal leg housing, leg support straps, non-slip feet, variable spreading legs.

    Package Included:

    1x Music stand
    1x Carrying bag

    Product Features

    • ✔ DURABILITY – Vangoa professional collapsible music stand made of durable material. It provides excellent stability and metal spring arm extensions hold music sheets or song books securely in place.
    • ✔ FLEXIBLE AND ADJUSTABLE – Collapsible design with height adjustment from 28″ to 52″ which higher than other brand, and adjustable angle tilting bookplate make this stand perfect for sitting or standing when you are playing.
    • ✔ GREAT STURDY STAND- You don’t worry about the loading capacity of this conduct music stand with the sturdy metal tripod support legs, which have non-slip rubber caps at the bottom that secure at any height, even with a heavy load of music sheet.
    • ✔ LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE – Our music stand is ultra-lightweight style and the foding bookplate and collapsible tripod base for superior portability and easy storage, good for kids to take it school.
    • ✔ WARRANTY: Our music sheet holder also automatically comes with a full one-year warranty that protects against any damage or defects. Buy it with confidence.

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    Best-Designed Cooking Gift Set: Cool BBQ Meat Temperature Guide + Comprehensive Kitchen Measurement Conversion Chart Magnets 8″x11″ Grilling Cooking Baking Reference Recipe Cookbook Accessories Unique Gifts for Birthday and Holidays

    Your search for the perfect cooking conversion chart magnet is finally over!

    Our magnetic chart is larger and contains more conversions than the others.

    Conversions are US measurements. Some rounding appears for ease of use.

    Your search for the perfect meat temperature guide magnet is finally over!

    Introducing our Best Designed Meat Temperature Magnet to help you to cook the best steak, chicken, turkey, fish or other meat in your home.

    Our well-designed graphics and large letters are for quick and easy reading on USDA Safety and Chef Recommended Internal Meat Temperature in Fahrenheit degrees.

    The Secret to Perfectly Cooked Meat

    Cooking to perfection requires knowing when the meat reaches the ideal internal temperature before and after resting. This is a guide to the core temperatures it needs to reach for different degrees of cooking, from rare to well done.

    Use our meat temperature guide and cook like a pro now, you have nothing to worry about undercook and overcook anymore.

    Suitable for cooking different kind of meat and food like beef, ham, lamb, pork, veal and venison & more. Either chopped, roasted or steak.

    This long-lasting adhesive magnet will stick well on any flat metal surfaces at home like oven, grills, fridge/refrigerator, for an easy access guide when cooking.

    Important Notice

    Please do not stick the magnet on an area that gets really HOT, the magnet is NOT heat-proof.

    1 Year Worry-Free Money Back Guarantee

    For any possible defective products, please contact us first, we will offer you a replacement or refund you.

    Product Features

    • MOST COMPREHENSIVE AND USEFUL GUIDE: Comparing to other kitchen conversion charts, our 8″x11″ chart has 50% more conversion data plus Emergency Ingredient Substitutions as an extra bonus. Simplified most common liquid volume and dry weight conversions for quick and easy reference. Well organized graphic charts to convert cup, ounce, milliliter, pint, quart, teaspoon, tablespoon, gram, and pound unit, plus oven temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit.
    • *** INSTANT 10% SAVINGS ON PURCHASE OF 2 OR MORE OF ANY INTEL KITCHEN PRODUCT. *** EASY TO READ INSTANTLY: This beautifully design Kitchen Conversion Chart Magnet is designed by a multi-award-winning art director. Our well-designed graphics and large font size are for quick and easy reading at a glance and from a distance. A must-have cooking aid tool next to kitchen food scale for quick reference on many types of metric and US measurement conversions.
    • COOL AND FUN: Cook to perfection with correct temperature. The 8″x11″ graphical Meat Temperature Guide Magnet gives you quick reference of USDA safe minimum and chef recommended internal meat temperature for all types of food including beef, pork, burgers, fish, fresh ham, ground meats, meat loafs, ribs, sausage, steak, veal, venison, chicken, turkey, casseroles and leftovers. These magnets are weather-proof and conveniently sticks to refrigerators, ovens, stoves and barbecue grills.
    • PERFECT KITCHEN COOKING GIFTS: These are lovely and ideal gifts for anyone who likes BBQ, cooking or baking. Buy now and send to your friends and family as New Year gifts, college student gifts, housewarming gifts, new homeowner gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, Father’s Day Gift, Mother’s Day Gift, graduation gifts, Christmas gifts, holiday gifts, best friend gifts, great gifts for men, top cooking gifts for women, perfect gifts for boy friend, husband, wife, son, daughter, dad and mom.
    • MADE IN USA: These are unique designed, copyrighted and sold exclusively by First-Rate Gifts. These are heavy-duty, 30mil thick, laminated and strong magnets that will last for many years. They are all weather-proof and waterproof. Buy today and get 1 Year Worry-Free Money Back Guarantee. Buy one for yourself and one for someone you love! Please do not order any other type of product in the same shipment to avoid the magnets to be bent and damaged by the other product in the same shipping box.

    Image Line FL Studio 20 Producer Edition Mac/Windows