55Ft 24V Bluetooth RGB LED Light Strip Extended Long Run Length String Tape Bar Interior Colors Accent Lighting with Music App Controller and Power

Unlike many other cheap strip lights in only about 16ft, this is a 24V operated long run continuous one piece strip start from 40ft to 80ft. The light kit will do the magic to transform your spaces with vivid colors lighting, select any color and dim the brightness to set your mood, scheduling & Automation Set your lights to come on or off at any time of the day with schedules. DC 12V operated strip light, great choice for indoor interior lighting and RV vehicle lighting.


✅ VIVID COLORS: Super bright RGB multiple colors lighting;
✅ LONG RUNS: 40-80Ft Continuous long runs strip in one piece;
✅ LOW VOLTAGE: DC 24V operated, fire & electric hazard free;
✅ FLEXIBLE: Flexible and cuttable with adhesive back tape.


Easy set up Bluetooth App control, Download the App MagicStrip by scanning the QR bar on the controller. It is a lot fun controlling the strip light by the Bluetooth App, more colors and modes options available in the App, it can play music in the App and synchronize the music to RGB colors changing modes, or use the mic in the phone to pick up music arround the phone to synchronize with RGB modes. Comes with a handy infrared remote, directly select colors and modes


Power: 3W/Ft
Input: 24V DC
LED qty: 18LEDs/Ft
Light color: RGB
PCB color: White
Width: 10 mm
Safety: CE & RoHS


1X Strip light
1X Controller
1X Power supply
8X Interconnectors

Product Features

  • ✅ VIVID COLORS: Super bright RGB multiple colors lighting; SMD5050 3-chip LED, 18LEDs/ft, energy efficiency and long lifespan
  • ✅ BLUETOOTH CONTROLLER: Download Bluetooth App into your phone to control the lighting with millions colors and fun modes, and synchronize music to RGB colors lighting; Also comes with a handy infrared remote to control
  • ✅ LONG RUN LENGTH: 24V operated strip light runs up to 80ft in a continous long length, now amplifier requires,one power and one controller from one end
  • ✅ DIY INSTALLATION: Flexible & cuttable with adhesive back tape, comes with some interconnect clamps to secure connect for L conner and twist turn; Complete light kit comes with power supply, plug and play
  • ✅ APPLICATIONS: Under-cabinet lighting, toe-kicks, coves, bookshelves, showcase lighting, RV vehical car interior lighting, or other indoor applications where space is limited

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