Avanti CK3616 Complete Compact Kitchen, 36″, Stainless Steel/Black

With the growing demand from city dwellers in small apartments, condominium owners, or families with a backyard cabana, basement guest studio, RV, or boat, Avanti has designed this compact kitchen specifically to fit in a small space. It’s packed with all the features as the full-sized counterparts that make up this compact kitchen. This 36″ compact kitchen features an all stainless steel top for easy cleaning and durability. The sink’s faucet and lever handles are chrome plated for a sleek finish, and the lever handles are highlighted with red and blue for hot and cold labeling. Two (2) electric coil burners are ready to make pots of soup, rice, pasta, or stir fry. The rear burner offers 500 watts of cooking power while the front burner gives more powerful heat at 900 watts. Below the sink and cooktop are a storage closet with one cabinet shelf, and a 2.2 cu. ft. all-refrigerator with two (2) adjustable/removable slide-out shelves, door bins for extra storage space, and a reversible door hinge to best accommodate wherever the compact kitchen will be placed.

Product Features

  • Stainless Steel Sink with Chrome Faucets
  • Stainless Steel Countertop
  • Two Electric Heating Elements – 500W; 900W
  • Separate Storage Area with Door
  • Refrigerator

3 thoughts on “Avanti CK3616 Complete Compact Kitchen, 36″, Stainless Steel/Black”

  1. Not the greatest quality. I dislike this product for a number of reasons.1. The product gets rust watermarks if you leave water sitting on it within a hour or so.2. The refrigerator broke after 2 days on me. It does come with a warranty, but it’s quite a process to get it replaced still.3. The back of the unit doesn’t come with a punch out panel, so you actually need to go buy a metal cutting tool to cut out the back to install the plumbing.4. The shipping was insanely…

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