Coaching a Popular Music Ensemble: Blending formal, non-formal, and informal approaches in the rehearsal

Coaching a Popular Music Ensemble is a comprehensive guide for the music teacher striving to meet the changing needs of their students, the university music educator examining our current music education paradigm, and the band director trying to expand their school’s music program. Using his experiences as an educator and Memphis musician, Holley details the approaches and methods he used to create this one-of-a-kind, award-winning, student-driven music program. Some of the concepts described include the roles of the musicians in a popular music ensemble, explanations of a variety of rehearsal techniques, and how to go about creating a learner-centered rehearsal environment. Whether you believe the goal of music education is to produce more professional musicians or nurture more musical professionals, this book will help you and your students achieve that aspiration.

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One thought on “Coaching a Popular Music Ensemble: Blending formal, non-formal, and informal approaches in the rehearsal”

  1. Incredible Read!!! Popular music education not only enhanced our music program, it saved it. With fewer than 20 students enrolled, we had to find something that would ignite interest in music in a way that was culturally relevant to our students. Popular music was the answer. Our traditional ensembles (concert and marching bands) have also flourished because of the “cool-factor” that our popular music ensembles provided. We now have over 100 6th – 12th grade students enrolled in our program. The pedagogical…

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