Creole Gumbo and All That Jazz\: A New Orleans Seafood Cookbook

“A delightful book with excellent recipes . . . “
-Mimi Sheraton, New York Times

“Hugely influential for me and my budding culinary peers of the time . . . both [Mitcham] and his books were fascinating depositories of recipes, recollections, history, folklore and illustrations, drawing on his abiding love for humble, working-class ethnic food of the area.”
-Anthony Bourdain

“Creole Gumbo is more than a cookbook. It is a history book, a music lesson and a personality profile of great jazzmen.”

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2 thoughts on “Creole Gumbo and All That Jazz\: A New Orleans Seafood Cookbook”

  1. A gift for my wife, she is exceptionally skilled in the kitchen, and this book, she tells me, is the bible for Creole seafood chefs. The recipes are wonderful, but just reading through it brings back our memories of NOLA and the Gulf Coast. Now, she says, she’ll know exactly what to do the next time we’re headed South along a Bayou towards the Gulf and see a sign for Fresh Shrimp hanging off a shrimp boat! Of course, most of the ingredients won;t be found or easy to get North of Baton Rouge,…

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