[Exclusive] Electric Knife Sharpener Tool 3-in-1 – Sharpening Machine for Knives, Scissors & Screwdrivers – 2 Stage Multi-Angle Sharpen Kitchen Appliance Kit

2-Step Knife Sharpening – Sharpens Knives, Scissors & Screwdrivers Quickly & Easily (Engineered specifically for straight blades – Not Recommended for Serrated Knife Blades) Sharpens with precision in not just one stage – but TWO! Stage 1: This first step reshapes the angle of your blade while sharpening & refining its edges Stage 2: The second step hones & polishes knife & scissor blades, leaving them lustrously smooth Clean & Care For Your Electric Knife Sharpening System With Ease We recommend unplugging your 2 stage knife sharpener when not in use Never clean the base of the electric knife sharpener with water or liquids If base needs cleaning, wipe it down with a damp cloth & let it air dry Make sure you avoid the grinding wheel when cleaning, as it is sensitive You will also want to empty the receptacles that collect metal shavings Guide Angle Knife Sharpener Top Features, Functions & Benefits 3-in-1 Functionality; Sharpens Most Types of Knives + Scissors & Screwdrivers A unique 2 stage sharpening process eliminates dull edges & preserves durability Delivers 2 types of sharpening; Simply select either a coarse or fine sharpening Our sharpener is equipped with a 3.5ft rewindable power cord for convenience Small & Compact Size – Takes Up Little Room On Your Desk or Counter Top Simple Tips & Tricks for a Better Blade Sharpening Experience It’s best to pull the knife at an even rate to achieve a thorough sharpening We suggest adjusting the angle along the edge for closer contact with the wheel Hold the sharpening appliance while in use to improve & enhance its stability Caution: The motor will heat up after prolonged use; Let cool down between uses Do NOT operate the knife sharpening equipment for longer than 3 minute intervals About 20 minutes is how long you should let your sharpener dry before using again

Product Features

  • 3-IN-1 SHARPENER: Designed to sharpen kitchen knives, scissors & screwdrivers, this 3-in-1 multipurpose knife sharpener wheel replaces a variety of kitchen gadgets & tools – saving space in your cupboards & cabinets!
  • TWO-STAGE TOOL: Engineered to both hone & polish simultaneously, this knife sharpener machine brings sharpness & new life back to your knife blades, metal screwdrivers & scissor blades.
  • SMALL & COMPACT: Featuring a new patented design that’s small & compact enough to sit atop your counter without taking up too much room, our electric knife sharpener for home kitchens can’t be beat.
  • SHARPENS QUICKLY: Unlike other knife sharpening accessories, this adjustable knife sharpener sharpens those blades in no time. All you have to do is insert your blade into the slot & press the power button.
  • SUPER EASY TO USE: Stop fumbling around with that clunky old knife sharpening grinder wheel. This adjustable angle electric knife sharpener surpasses all others when it comes to power & convenience.

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