Gift House Brass Music Stand (51″ Tall)

Read your sheet music in style with this elegant Brass Music Stand! This striking music stand has a unique design and a decorated base. Stand is perfect for the home, studio, or classroom! Great for beginners or experienced musicians. Be the envy of other musicians with this beautiful Brass Music Stand. Please note: It’s not an adjustable tilt, it’s permanently fixed to the angle shown. Fully adjustable from 34″-51″. Made from brass. Assembly required.

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3 thoughts on “Gift House Brass Music Stand (51″ Tall)”

  1. Beautiful but without much function I gave this two stars only because it’s pretty and looks lovely in my music room. As far as its function as a music stand, I would have given only one star. A normal spiral bound music book will hang over both sides because the desk is too small. A heavy binder will overbalance it and cause it to topple. The angle is too acute to make reading the music easy.I’m keeping it just because at a formal harp gig with maybe a few sheets of music, it would look classy, but I’m going to…

  2. Red flag!!! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! It was delivered extremely fast and I can see why. Zero attention was paid to packaging. It is made in Taiwan and had I known that I would not have purchased it. It was shipped in a box that I am sure was not designed for shipping as it is flimsy. ZERO… ZERO, packaging material inside. The pieces were wrapped in plastic to prevent scratching but that was it. I heard it rattling around as UPS approached the house. The item itself, well it is, what it is. The desk portion…

  3. Not really functional Many years ago, I received this stand as a gift to study at home opposed to the solid Manhassets at school. I spent years of frustration on this item. Here are the pros and cons…Pros: it has a solid cast metal base and will fit in a corner. I don’t have the exact dimensions but remember the clef design shelf being small just as in the image.Cons: mine was not sturdy. The connection between the support pole and base was crude. I just dealt with the lean and wobble. The lyre…

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