GYBBER&MUMU Wooden Preschool Shape Puzzle

It is very sturdy and the designs are painted on which is good.Each piece is well shaped and easy enough for a toddler to pick up, rotate and handle.
They are overall fun to play with and a great learning tool for little ones.Baby can sort and stack and learn to identify and match shapes and colors.
The shapes are also numbered so the kids are learning matching, colors, shapes, and numbers.
Due to the small size of some of the pieces, it is very important for an adult to accompany the child while playing with this toy to prevent accidental swallowing of parts.

Product Features

  • The set has 9 pieces colorful shape blocks and a board which size is 7x7x0.4 inches
  • The wood is solid enough with non-toxic water based paint- free from all Solvents
  • Help kids for learning shapes , colors and numbers
  • Pieces is in various shapes such as triangle,star and so on
  • The board is thick enough and with big blocks that is safe for little one but up age 3+

2 thoughts on “GYBBER&MUMU Wooden Preschool Shape Puzzle”

  1. Not just for little ones! Although for preschoolers, I thought the puzzle might be helpful for my 90 yr old Mom who has Alzheimer’s. I was right. She put the pieces back into the puzzle board quickly, which gave her joyful victory! Success! Something she did have to think about but she could do. She didn’t think of it as a baby’s game, either, so it wasn’t degrading at all. I took it a step further to ask her to say the colors, most of which she could (still) get right. This seems like a pretty good little tool to…

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