HotLogic 16801056-PSL Food Warming Tote, Lunch, Paisley

A little like a microwave, a little like a crock pot, but a whole lot better, this portable oven and food warmer is ideal for lunch at the office, parties and potlucks, and home kitchen use. It evenly cooks or reheats fresh or frozen meats and vegetables—even leftovers—without burning or drying your food. Using a patented heating element, it brings your food to the ideal temperature—and holds it there until you’re ready, whether that’s in two hours or twelve. There’s no monitoring needed; just place your meal inside, plug it in, and go about your day.

Product Features

  • Slow-cooked hot meals
  • Heats frozen, fresh or leftover food
  • Use glass, plastic, metal, paper containers
  • Portable for home, office, car/truck
  • 1-2 hour average cook time
  • Holds food Ready-to-Eat 12 hours
  • Easy to use: no buttons, dials, or timers! Just heat and eat!
  • Patented new technology
  • Easy to clean
  • Many colors & sizes

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3 thoughts on “HotLogic 16801056-PSL Food Warming Tote, Lunch, Paisley”

  1. Sear Meats Before Using Oven For every work day, I intended to bring marinated/prepped raw food in to the office, put it in this oven in the morning, and by lunch time, have fresh food ready to eat. After testing the unit out at my house, I concluded that I would have to add one more step: sear/brown any meat before putting it in this oven. Otherwise, this unit is fantastic and is worth every penny. Note: The manufacturer offers a 2-year extension to the 1-year warranty if you register your oven. So don’t forget to…

  2. Railroad Workers read this! Great item for any worker that wants a hot meal conveniently! Where have I been hiding and not noticed this fantastic little meal helper? I am a railroad worker and we are famous for having to live on fast food and junk because we have no cooking place on the engines we spend our lives on. Some people cook and warm foods on the motors themselves in the engine compartment-which, you can imagine, is a greasy mess of diesel fumes and oil- and others warm things on cab heaters that may or may not work properly and were designed as a heater for the air…

  3. Best thing I’ve ever purchased! This is the single best purchase I have ever made on Amazon. And I buy A LOT of great things on Amazon!My work is gross. Like really gross. I work for a trash company gross. We have a roach problem in the kitchen gross.I simply bring this puppy in with my leftovers inside (any flat bottomed container works but I use the 3 cup pyrex ones everyday) and plug it in.I bring one dish for lunch and something foil wrapped for breakfast. i.e. burrito.I slap the…

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