JapanEasy: Classic and Modern Japanese Recipes to Cook at Home

What are your favorite Japanese dishes? Sushi? Surprisingly easy. Gyoza? Very easy. Karaage? Soooooo easy! Tempura? Stupidly easy. Yakitori, yakisoba, miso soup? Easy, easy, easy. It’s easy to be intimidated by Japanese food, but in JapanEasy, Tim Anderson offers an introduction to the world of Japanese cooking via some of its most accessible (but authentic) dishes. It covers all the basics before you get started preparing pickles, grilled squid, Katsu Curry, Yakisoba, Yakitori and much more. Step-by-step illustrations help guide readers through anything on the slightly trickier side. JapanEasy is a fun and simple guide to making your favorite Japanese dishes at home on a regular basis.

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3 thoughts on “JapanEasy: Classic and Modern Japanese Recipes to Cook at Home”

  1. Beautiful gift with reliably delicious recipes What a great book! Tim’s humor and background information on Japanese food culture makes this a fun read, as well as an easy introduction to cooking delicious dishes. All the basic ingredients needed are easily available at my relatively small town grocery store. I’ve made about seven recipes so far, and they have delivered in every way! Japanese Rice Gratin of Shellfish is my favorite so far, a comfort food mix of rice, cheese and panko crumbs – yummy! Curry Rice, Japanese pickles, fried…

  2. Japan SO Easy The problem with Japanese food, usually, is that it is a labor of love to make. In this book, Chef Tim Anderson has taken his devout love of the cuisine and simplified it for cooks who don’t have all day to spend in the kitchen. But the special part is that he has figured out how to retain the flavor of Japanese food. This book is a godsend for Japanese food lovers, and also anyone who just enjoys really delicious food. Additionally, it is a stunningly gorgeous book with edged pages, an…

  3. I love Japanese food, but for some reason have always been wary about cooking it myself. This beautiful book is full of mouthwatering recipes with minimal, (usually) easy to find ingredients and has effortlessly assuaged my apprehensions. Seriously, many of the recipes have only 5 ingredients! Tim Anderson’s instructions are clear and straightforward without being restrictive, and the photos are beautiful.I’m so glad I bought this book and know that many of the recipes within will…

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