KitchenAid Parmesan and Ice Disc for 13 Cup Food Processor

Complete all your kitchen prep work with ease using this KitchenAid parmesan/ice disc for the 13 cup food processor. This accessory is perfect for grating hard cheese or shaving ice. Place your freshly grated cheese over some mac and cheese and watch faces light up. It fits the KitchenAid 13 Cup Food Processor (models KFP1333 and KFP1344).

Fits models KFP1333 and KFP1344

Product Features

  • Stainless steel
  • Perfect for grating hard cheese or shaving ice
  • Fits models KFP1333 and KFP1344
  • Hand washing recommended

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3 thoughts on “KitchenAid Parmesan and Ice Disc for 13 Cup Food Processor”

  1. FITS 13 CUP Capacity KitchenAids – not 7cup, not 9 cup… I wanted to address some of the reviewers complaints, those who said “it doesn’t fit my KitchenAid components”. The “13” in KFP13SC, indicates the cup capacity of KitchenAids (Amazon, do you want to add a caution to your product description?) whose accessories will fit the KFP13SC. The slicing/shredding/grating discs vary in diameter, increasing as the KithcenAid’s cup capacity does, so the discs with the 7 and 9 cup capacity would rattle around since they are smaller. The…

  2. PERFECT for shaved ice! This 4th of July we were expecting company. These particular guests LOVE frozen margaritas. Being the accommodating hostess that I am, I decided it was imperative we serve these delicious frosty beverages. I had priced some frozen drink makers, but at $300+ I couldn’t justify the expense. I thought “too bad my blender can’t shave ice… But maybe my food processor can…” I did a little research because I didn’t want to destroy my slicing and chopping blades, and came across this disc…

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