Learn To Play Piano Online

Learn to play piano online with a real piano teacher with years of experience.


Join the Jackie Clark Music website and enjoy multiple courses to take you from an absolute beginner to advanced levels with progressive courses continuously moving you forward.

You can learn to play piano online as easily as with a private tutor. Especially as the site has the continuous personal support of Jackie herself. Jackie has many years experience of teaching the piano both privately and online.

As you grow in abilities your courses will grow as new more advanced courses are continually being added. Don’t take my word for it. Pop along to the site and check it out for yourself. jackieclarkmusic.com

Play Piano Online Includes

So what is inside the membership area of the site?

First of all, is links to change your financial details such as changing your card details. The same link allows you to cancel your subscription at any time. Your membership continues for the period you have paid for if you are over the first 60 days. During the 60-day refund policy if you cancel then membership ceases immediately.

Then there is a profile link that shows you all the courses you are taking and how far along with them you are.

Next is a link to the courses, that is all of the courses unless you are a free member. The free section contains a course called BootCamp which is a starter course to get you going.

You can choose any course you wish and take lessons sequentially. Finish one course and start another course. Have a problem? If you contact Jackie she will quickly respond to you and help you with your playing problem.

Jackie does not usually provide the quick fix play in a week style lessons. After over 25 years of teaching the piano, she knows that proper piano lessons with a traditional textbook is the best way forward. she said that she could teach anyone to play a simple song in a few hours. they could play it for friends and family who would be very impressed. If friends wanted to jam and play a different song and maybe in a different key! They would be lost.

This site is for people who enjoy Jackies unique happy lessons, you have to see one to understand. She teaches piano in a traditional manner and misses nothing else. She wants each lesson to be as near to having her in the room with you as with a private teacher.

You could call her a real piano teacher teaching the piano with proper high-quality lessons and superb support.


Jackie tries to reply to support questions the same day. As she says on the site, she does have to sleep and your time could be mid-day while she is 02:00 in the morning. Uniquely Jackie accepts videos of you playing so she can analyse your problem

The site does offer a 60-day moneyback guarantee which is plenty of time for you to decide if it is for you. This is a real guarantee. Not like some sites, where getting money back is a nightmare.

The site does not actually sell access. This is done by Clickbank a world-renowned company that holds your money for 60 days in case you wish to receive a refund. I also noticed a one year option with around a 30% discount on the monthly price. Check it out and see what you think.

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