Manhasset 1000 School Music Stand Light Lamp

Light up music for late night practicing or dark concert halls. The ultimate in attractive design and simplicity. Features include glare-free full-width, audience-shielded illumination, ample clearance of even the taller scores of music, and dual clips for assured attachment yet easily installed and removed. Complete with 40-watt bulb, 8-foot cord, and switch. Baked-on durable black enamel finish. Rigorously inspected and tested, this lamp is designed for years of trouble free service, ETL and CSA approved.

Product Features

  • Model 1000
  • Must have for rehearsal or performance on darkened stages or in windowless studios
  • 8-foot power cord

2 thoughts on “Manhasset 1000 School Music Stand Light Lamp”

  1. They are the real deal! Just love these for our band. They are the real deal. They are the original Manhasset light kits we all grew up with in high school, college and playing church music concerts. I’ve been using a strip of two-inch black stage tape for extra security keeping the lights affixed to the music stand. Otherwise a musician or stage hand can quite quickly and accidentally tip, pull, step on the wire and rip the light kits to the ground and break the bulbs. We don’t have that problem anymore now that…

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