Mighty Bright 54910 Encore LED Music Light

The LED Encore Light is a miniature version of our popular Orchestra Light. Featuring a similarly sleek body design, the Encore’s light bar contains six bright white, energy-efficient LEDs, along with an integrated back fin to shield the brilliant light from the audience. The Encore’s head has a sliding power switch which offers two brightness levels. With a signature Mighty Bright clip and a flexible gooseneck, the Encore epitomizes music stand light perfection. For added convenience, the Encore light comes with an AC adapter and a black Mighty Bright travel bag. Start practicing – with our Encore Light you will be playing long into the night!

Product Features

  • LED lights that never need replacing
  • Great for low light situations
  • Durable construction
  • Six energy-efficient LEDs cast bright white light
  • Durable LEDs last 100,000 hours – no replacement necessary
  • Sliding switch controls two brightness settings
  • Precisely engineered optical grade lens spreads light evenly
  • Sturdy clip firmly grips music stands

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3 thoughts on “Mighty Bright 54910 Encore LED Music Light”

  1. Improvement over original model, but could be improved more I had several of the original MightyBright 2-headed LED lamps, and was quite happy with them, and wrote a favorable review for Amazon. When I learned about the new version, which had two LEDs per head, more options to select the amount of light, and the option to use an AC adaptor instead of batteries, I bought a set of the new ones.The build quality seems slightly better than with the older version (my only real complaint with the originals). Otherwise the battery/clip base and…

  2. I Will Stick To Might Brights From Now On Anyone else need more light when they read in bed?I finally broke down and bought this new Mighty Bright Duet-2 and what a difference it makes! For years I had used a “Mighty Bright” light (a single arm with 2 light levels), but when the bulbs eventually dimmed I replaced it with an Luminolight LED single arm, 3-level light, (it was less expensive that a new Mighty Bright and was a top seller on Amazon at in Nov. 2016 when I bought it). It worked well enough for a…

  3. This powerful light is flexible in more than one way! Love this light. I use it for the obvious music stand lighting — although for this purpose I consider the heavier but brighter Mighty Bright Orchestra light vastly superior — but my favorite use for this handy, lightweight lamp is to clip on my belt or bag, or to the cupholder in the car, to illuminate reading materials, maps, etc., at night.The button on top of each arm permits using one or both bulbs of each “head” — with all four lit, the light is quite bright, but…

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