Music Alley 6 String 30 inch Half Size Junior Guitar for Young Kids, Blue (MA-52)

The Music Alley Junior Guitar range are perfect for the young player to experience playing a guitar for the first time. Built to quality standards expected from full size guitars the Junior guitar is suitable for children aged 4-6+ . Fitted with Nylon strings rather than steel the guitar is ideal for or small hands as small hands and fingers will find it far easier to hold the string down and to form chord shapes.

Product Features

  • Small Lightweight Design for Easy Learning.
  • Nylon Strung
  • Quality Geared Machine Heads
  • Includes Gig Bag
  • Suitable for Ages 3-7 years

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3 thoughts on “Music Alley 6 String 30 inch Half Size Junior Guitar for Young Kids, Blue (MA-52)”

  1. Exceeded expectations! This little guitar is great. I’ve been playing for years and own several expensive guitars. I purchased this looking for something cheap that I could keep in my car and practice scales on during downtime as I travel frequently for work (didn’t want to spend $100+ on a legitimate travel guitar from a music store). I was looking for something small/cheap that would somewhat stay in tune for the most part- i did anticipate some tuning issues since it’s a cheap instrument. When it arrived I wasn’t…

  2. Good, small but “official” guitar for kids too Good little guitar. It was given as a birthday present to an 8yr old girl, she’s little and short though like 45lbs and maybe 48″ tall. It fits her perfectly. The gig bag is super cute, thin but it works well. Oversized picks came with it. Tuner works (I clip it carefully into the cutout to tune). I do not like the nylon strings mxed with steel but that’s an opinion. The action is huge, I filed down the bridge a lot, could do better with smaller guage steel strings too, the strings attached to…

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