Music for Sight Singing (7th Edition)

Using an abundance of meticulously organized melodies drawn from the literature of composed music and a wide range of the world’s folk music, Ottman and Rogers provide the most engaging and comprehensive Sight Singing text on the market. Arranging its 21 chapters to study both pitch and rhythm, this book presents melodies and over 1200 exercises that enable readers to develop the skills of reading pitch, reading rhythm, and combining these two essential elements. The Seventh Edition contains 30% more rhythmic exercises and new structured improvisation exercises.  For professionals with a career in music, music education, and composition.

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2 thoughts on “Music for Sight Singing (7th Edition)”

  1. Music for Sight Simging 7th edition Great bookIf you want to work on your sight singing skills this book will come in very handy.Alot of colleges use this book in their music theory courses at least the musicianship portion that is.This version is thicker than newer versions meaning you get more lines to practice from… downside being when an assignment is given you wont know which it really is but you can always check a neighbors and find it in this version that way.If youre not…

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