NEW TITANIUM MOTOR, FASTER, STRONGER & LONGER LASTING Milk Boss High Powered Milk Foamer for Coffee – Foam Frother for Bulletproof® Coffee, Handheld Frother and Mini Blender for Cappuccino, Frappe, Matcha, Hot Chocolate by – Zulay (Lemon Squeeze)

Experience the New MILK BOSS Frother with Titanium Motor – Better, Faster, Stronger!

You can now make amazing foamy, frothy beverages in the comfort of your home!

Enjoy a cappuccino, macchiato or latte at home, every day.

Save $Money$ with the Milk Boss electric battery operated milk frother.

Have fun with this powerful handheld battery powered milk frother.

Use it with hot or cold milk. For hot beverages, simply microwave or heat up quickly in a pan.

Simple, Practical and Easy to Use!

Remove from stand, insert whisk in milk, press the button and froth for 15-30 seconds.

Ergonomic design, made to fit comfortably in your hand.

Includes easy, press & hold on/off button.

Uses 2 AA batteries (not included with the mini mixer).

Many Uses

Milk frother whisk is strong enough for frothing milk for coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, cocktails, milk shakes, protein shakes, almond milk, chia latte, matcha teas, breaking up clumps in sauces, etc. Use this electric milk frother & matcha whisk all the time without having to worry about it breaking on you (compare to Jura). For Best Results froth in the Zulay Frothing Pitcher and froth the milk by itself before adding to coffee.

Easy to Clean

Simply submerge the whisk in a cup of warm water, hit the button, and it’s clean in seconds!

Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

We believe in our product so much that if for any reason you are not fully satisfied, just return your Milk Frother and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. Your frother is guaranteed to last for years, if not you can message us directly and we will make it right!

Bulletproof is a registered trademark of Bulletproof 360, Inc. – We are not associated or represent Bulletproof 360, Inc in any way.

Product Features

  • MAKE RICH, CREAMY FROTH IN SECONDS We coffee lovers are serious when it comes to our coffee. The Milk Boss Frother gives that professional finishing touch to your latte, cappuccino, macchiato or hot chocolate. Make delicious foamy creamer for your drinks at home without a trip to Starbucks, with your own milk frother. The benefits of having your own electric drink whisk mixer are endless, you can make your own best latte, you know yours tastes best.
  • MATCHA WHISKING, KETO COFFEE & MORE Customers say our frother works better than a manual matcha whisk for making matcha tea and works far better than fork or whisk for keto bullet proof coffee. It works very well to mix nutritious protein powder drinks with no extra container, blender or bottle shaker to wash. Aerate eggs with our mini mixer for the smoothest omelets and scrambled eggs you ever had. Give healthy shakes and smoothies a kick by adding whey powder or egg nog flavor and mixing.
  • PROVEN AND TRUSTED QUALITY We use only premium materials: 18/10 food safe stainless steel for our dual spring spiral whisk and sleek stand. The construction will last, backed by our Zulay Guarantee to not rust or break, ever. Our New Titanium motor lasts longer while quietly rotating at more than 200 times per second. Our small and efficient frother works on all types of milk – half and half, creamer, soy, almond, cashew, hazelnut, whole milk, and other dairy such as butter or cream.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND STORE The stainless steel stand gives easy access for foamy goodness in seconds. Cleanup for this matcha wisk & frother is even faster. To clean just put the whisk in hot running water and briefly turn it on – instantly clean! When stored on counter or table it sits nicely next other coffee accessories. Our powerful rechargeable battery and durable hand-held milk frother is powered by two AA batteries (not included) with a compact electric design that easily fits in a drawer.
  • NO HASSLE, KITCHEN HAPPINESS ZULAY GUARANTEE We love and take pride in our milk frother and we back this up with a lifetime guarantee. Have the confidence that this frother will last, if there are ever any issues, just contact us and we will make it right. Order now and be assured that this product will live up to your expectations, guaranteed. If it does not make your foam exactly how you want it, we got you covered. Happy Frothing. Bulletproof is a registered trademark of Bulletproof 360, Inc.

2 thoughts on “NEW TITANIUM MOTOR, FASTER, STRONGER & LONGER LASTING Milk Boss High Powered Milk Foamer for Coffee – Foam Frother for Bulletproof® Coffee, Handheld Frother and Mini Blender for Cappuccino, Frappe, Matcha, Hot Chocolate by – Zulay (Lemon Squeeze)”

  1. Highly recommended, fantastic product and excellent seller Originally bought this for my morning latte, but found that it works great for mixing ingredients in simple recipes too!I am someone who has been spoiled by very expensive milk steamers at work, and wanted a more affordable option at home. This little foamer definitely got then job done (and then some), and now I get to enjoy the same delicious creamy coffee every morning.It is affordable, takes up no space on the counter, easy to clean, easy to use, and efficient. Not…

  2. Excellent frother This is an excellent little frother. Light weight, yet powerful and portable. I leave it at the office during the week and take it back home with me for the weekend. The holder that comes with this item is definitely handy. I use it daily for my bullet coffee, a few seconds with this machine and my coffee is now foamy and delicious. Used it there other to make my own green tea latte, it came out just like what you would get from the coffee shop. Told my co worker about it and she…

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