Ninja Auto-iQ Multi/Slow Cooker with 80-Pre-Programmed Auto-iQ Recipes for Searing, Slow Cooking, Baking and Steaming with 6-Quart Nonstick Pot (CS960)

Ninja cooking system with Auto-iQ is four appliances built into one. A slow cooker, a stove top for searing and sauteing, a steamer, and an oven for baking. Cook everything from stews and roasts to seafood and vegetables and even baked goods. The cooking system comes with Auto-iQ technology: just select a recipe, add ingredients, and let Auto-iQ cook for you. Choose from over 80 pre-programmed recipes divided into four programs: quick meals, layered bowls, grains, and poached infusions. DONT’ have much time – quick meals are the solution! layered bowls are easy two step recipes with the flavor and satisfaction of multi-layered meals, cooked in one convenient pot. Grains are perfectly cooked portions of oats and quinoa. Lastly, poached infusions are all the nuanced flavor of your favorite poached dishes with none of the guesswork. The included cookbook serves as your guide for selecting recipes. Between manual and Auto-iQ functions, there’s a huge array of delicious, one-pot meals at your fingertips. The 6-Quart cooking system also includes an auto stay-warm feature, digital timer, and steaming/roasting rack.

Product Features

  • Four manual cooking functions: slow cook, stove top sear/Sautee, steam, and bake. Four cooking functions all in one appliance.
  • Auto-iQ technology allows you to select a recipe, add your ingredients, and helps you cook! featuring over 80 pre-programmed, chef-developed recipes.
  • Accutemp technology uses specific temperature calibrations that work behind the scenes to keep your cooking system from getting too hot, so meals don’t over boil.
  • Triple fusion heat: bottom heat, side heat, and steam heat all work together for easy one pot meals.
  • Auto stay-warm: the appliance automatically switches to stay Warm mode when slow cook, steam, or bake functions come to completion. This keeps your food hot and ready to serve without overcooking it.
  • Programmable time and temperature: select your time and temperature for precise cooking (only available with certain functions).

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3 thoughts on “Ninja Auto-iQ Multi/Slow Cooker with 80-Pre-Programmed Auto-iQ Recipes for Searing, Slow Cooking, Baking and Steaming with 6-Quart Nonstick Pot (CS960)”

  1. A potlucktically correct choice We’ve had a few slow cookers over the years. A good one is a great way to add a little convenience and home style cooking to your life, but a cheap one is going to be an endless frustration. Ninja makes quite a few models of slow cooker, and has apparently gotten into the habit of adding a lot of extra features. For the most part these are great, even if the overload of options took me a few minutes to understand.For the most basic: this thing is great at heating the insert (the…

  2. Does Everything Very Well, But Often Not Easiest Option, Bulky, Swiss Knife Of Electric Cookers I really wanted to love the Ninja CS960 cooking system, but I only like it. Like a Swiss knife: it’s bulky, can do lots of things, do them well, but also can be inconvenient compared to more specialized cooking options.What I like:+ The metal cooking pot is non-stick, heavy metal and well made+ The controls work well and the programs are pretty well thought out+ The included cookbook is better than expected with an eclectic mix of recipes+ It seems very well…

  3. I am so happy with this multi cooker I am so happy with this multi cooker. I love using it to pan try, as it does not splatter grease, and I can actually go do something while it is frying. I know I have to check, but not worried about it burning like I would using my gas stove top. I was skeptical about the layered meals in which you pick a recipe number, however, the Arroz con Pollo was so delicious and the meat was so flavorful and tender, juicy. I made spaghetti in it, again easier to let it simmer in the Ninja then on top…

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