On Stage SM7122PB Compact Sheet Music Stand with Bag, Purple

The sheet music stand bag included in this combo pack comes with a convenient shoulder carrying strap. All edges are piped and the durable material make this bag a smart choice to protect your stand. This stand/bag combo is available with 14 different colored stand options.

Product Features

  • Convenient shoulder carrying strap and a Velcro opening flap.
  • Corded piping gives the bag its rigid shape.
  • Sheet music stands fold compactly for easy storage and travel.

2 thoughts on “On Stage SM7122PB Compact Sheet Music Stand with Bag, Purple”

  1. Slightly different from the picture, but good stand and bag. The stand is slightly different from the one in the picture: the braces are below the legs, not above them as shown in the picture, and the stand has knobs to tighten the adjustments while the picture shows (I believe) levers.One plastic knob (I think it has metal screw threads, though) tightens the leg position, another one tightens the height adjustment, and a sturdy metal “T-handle” tightens the music shelf angle adjustment. All of these rely upon friction to do their jobs…

  2. Great stand! not just for sheet music This is the second music stand I’ve purchased in the last year. I tried saving money the first time and bought a cheaper brand but it was very unstable and poorly constructed.. not the case with this one! I find it to be of quality and able to take on moderately heavy loads (multiple books) in less than ideal set ups. I was hesitant at first to buy because of some reviews but I have yet to find any serious negatives about this stand. The holders are great for sheet music, very tight, but can be…

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