Piano-K, Play the Self-Teaching Piano Game for Kids. Level 2

Piano-K is an exciting new self-teaching game-book for children which does not require any previous music skills and the only one that integrates colors and figures into the score, and their matching stickers on the keyboard. The colorful animals’ stickers allow kids to associate the notes on the keyboard with their places and names in the score without realizing that they are learning to read music. There are three levels of proficiency. In the second level, the left hand is introduced and another set of stickers broadens the keyboard area played. Over-sized 11 x 17 inches. For EXTRA STICKERS email: learn at piano-k.com. Spanish edition is also available. PLAY THE RECORDER GAME JUST RELEASED!

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2 thoughts on “Piano-K, Play the Self-Teaching Piano Game for Kids. Level 2”

  1. Highly recommended – perfect for distractible kids who need to see results from their efforts immediately My seven-year old son could play the entire Level One book within a couple of weeks, which happily is composed of popular nursery tunes he knows, so he can self-correct when his playing doesn’t sound right.He started with an instructor last week, who was impressed with his high level of commitment and interest – which I attribute to these books! Enjoying an early success at playing whole songs has been inspirational and fun for him, and he wants to keep learning. Now he is playing…

  2. The papers are sturdy so they won’t tear easily I can only give a qualified recommendation for this book/series.Pros:+ The large format and the colorful pictures will likely appeal to the very young kids (under 5). The papers are sturdy so they won’t tear easily.+ The tunes in the book are all well known. This means that even if you are not 100% comfortable with all the different aspects of the score, you can probably guess the right thing to do.Cons:- There is very little instruction. I kind of…

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