Raw Dog Food: Make It Easy for You and Your Dog

Many dog parents, including breeders and competitors, believe that feeding a raw food diet has improved their dogs’ health, performance and longevity. Learn how to source, prepare and feed your dog simply, economically and efficiently.

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2 thoughts on “Raw Dog Food: Make It Easy for You and Your Dog”

  1. A generic book written by someone with no qualifications… Very disappointing. It’s okay not to go into chemistry in great detail, but the calcium phosphorus ratio really IS important, and was NEVER mentioned. If too much meat is fed without enough digestible bones, it’s a very unhealthy diet. So chicken necks and backs are good, but chicken thighs and breasts are not. This was never explained. I guess for a generic book written anecdotally by an individual with no qualifications, it’s okay to a point. But it’s not for people really concerned about…

  2. The raw diet has been absolutely wonderful for little Theodore I bought this book a year ago when we got our 2 month old Maltice-Poodle. The raw diet has been absolutely wonderful for little Theodore. We regularly food him raw chicken (with the bones) as well as other raw meats. He never gets sick, his poop is rock-solid with very little odor, and his coat is incredibly soft. We mix in small amounts of veggies and other stuff…but 90% of his food is raw meat/bones/organs. We are 1 year in with this diet and I can’t imagine switching to kibble…

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