Sababa: Fresh, Sunny Flavors From My Israeli Kitchen

“We should all be cooking like Adeena Sussman.”
The Wall Street Journal

In an Israeli cookbook as personal as it is global, Adeena Sussman celebrates the tableau of flavors the region has to offer, in all its staggering and delicious variety

In Hebrew (derived from the original Arabic), sababa means “everything is awesome,” and it’s this sunny spirit with which the American food writer and expat Adeena Sussman cooks and dreams up meals in her Tel Aviv kitchen. Every morning, Sussman makes her way through the bustling stalls of Shuk Hacarmel, her local market, which sells irresistibly fresh ingredients and tempting snacks–juicy ripe figs and cherries, locally made halvah, addictive street food, and delectable cheeses and olives. In Sababa, Sussman presents 125 recipes for dishes inspired by this culinary wonderland and by the wide-varying influences surrounding her in Israel.

Americans have begun to instinctively crave the spicy, bright flavors of Israeli cuisine, and in this timely cookbook, Sussman shows readers how to use border-crossing kitchen staples– tahini, sumac, silan (date syrup), harissa, za’atar—to delicious effect, while also introducing more exotic spices and ingredients. From Freekeh and Roasted Grape Salad and Crudo with Cherries and Squeezed Tomatoes, to Schug Marinated Lamb Chops and Tahini Caramel Tart, Sussman’s recipes make a riot of fresh tastes accessible and effortless for the home cook. Filled with transporting storytelling, Sababa is the ultimate, everyday guide to the Israeli kitchen.

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2 thoughts on “Sababa: Fresh, Sunny Flavors From My Israeli Kitchen”

  1. If you buy one cookbook this year, this should be it! They say that good things come to those who wait, and I have been waiting with bated breath for this book since I pre-ordered it last January. But nothing prepared me for delivery day this week, as I sunk down to the floor, almost against my will, and read it from cover-to-cover, smack-in-the-middle of a very busy work day. Sababa is full of sunshine, light and the most amazing recipes. It is a captivating and genuine love song – to Israeli food, to my bustling and beloved Carmel Market and to…

  2. The Most Beautiful Cookbook (I’d Eat the Pages if I could) What stunning photography, I’m afraid to take this off my coffee table and bring it into the kitchen because I am SURE to get it splattered with shakshuka (YUM) and a new humus recipe (citric acid instead of lemon!!) and of COURSE tehina blondies (what the what!!). LISTEN, I have tasted those pomegranate chicken wings and I HAVE DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN.So I believe the author co-wrote Chrissy Tiegen’s two best-selling cookbooks? I’m so happy she brings her warm and delicious voice to the…

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