Smart Piano Keyboard 61-Key Portable Light Digital Piano Keyboard,Electronic Keyboard Music LED,Great for Beginner-Kids/Adults Learning/Training (Pink)

Smart Piano Keyboard 61-Key Portable Light Keyboard,Electronic Digital Piano Music Keyboard , Great for Beginner-Kids/Adults Learing/Training-Onyx Black

-Product size:36.2″*13″*3.9″,Color:black/champagin,Weight:11lb.
-61 key non-balance keyboard, the feel of the piano keyboard.
-Maximum polyphony 128. 417 tones through “The One Smart Piano APP” when use the smart piano keyboard.
-Plug in or 6 AA battery
-Piano light:61 red keys LED light and light strumming
-MIC:A 6.25mm microphone interface, with your keyboard playing and music playing
-AUX OUT interface:A 6.35mm audio auxiliary output interface that can be connected to a stereo, a tuning station, a recorder, or other equipment.
AUX IN interface:A 6.35mm audio auxiliary input interface that can connect to MP3 / CD player or other audio source
-A 3.5mm headphone jack, a white sky practice, escape from the outside noise, the evening practice of the piano not afraid to disturb the neighbors.

Light Smart Keyboard helps you learn a piano piece within few minutes in an enjoyable way – being a perfect match with your tablet or mobile phone.

1.Please avoid direct sunlight.Direct exposure will damage the piano.
2.Only use soft dry cloth to clean the equipment.Do not use coating thinners, solvents, cleaning fluids, or a cloth soaked in chemicals.
3.Please do not disassemble at will.The damage done to the piano will not be guaranteed.

Product Features

  • GREAT LIGHT KEY FOR BEIGINNNERS LEARNING PIANO KEYBOARD-With light-up keys,a beginner musician can start to play music in minutes. Learn from various modes, including light-up sheet music, integrated video lessons,piano games, and crash course by the smart piano keyboard.
  • PROVIDE WITH FREE LEARNING APP FOR IOS/ANDROID AND MIDI INTERFACE-the smart portable keyboard piano is provided with USB-MIDI interface, which can be used for connection with mobile phone and iPad.(Download The One Smart Piano APP training software, and connect the keyboard with intelligent equipment, which may facilitate training and learning )
  • HIGH QUALITY SONGS DEMO-There are 4000+ sheet music, 100+ videos games about the smart keyboard piano.The light Keyboard 61-Key portable keyboard piano can play 128+ instrument sounds.(Not included iPad)
  • UNIQUE INTELLIGENT TEACHING,SELF-LEARNING SYSTEM AND FIND JOY IN PRACTICING/GAME-The free APP will be helpful to your trainning. The keyboard piano APP teaching video will teach you play step by step through a unique teaching system. You can also watch teaching video to learn different courses.There are some funny piano music games and you will enjoy practising in the form of gam
  • PERFECT APPEARANCE DESIGN-Our light keyboard piano owns design patent.The instrument is from the acoustic piano. 61 key non-balance keyboard, the feel of the piano keyboard.Apple MFI certificate.Apple certified professional smart piano, which can be connected to a mobile phone or tablet, and teaches you to quickly learn to play the piano.

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