Sterling By MusicMan 6 String Sterling by Music Man, Majesty, John Petrucci Signature Guitar, MAJ100, Stealth Black, MAJ100-SBK)

Perhaps the most innovative guitar design ever, the Majesty is the crowning achievement in the collaboration between Ernie Ball Music Man and John Petrucci. This Masterpiece design from John’s Signature Collection is now available as the Sterling by Music Man MAJ100 Majesty.

Product Features

  • The Mahogany set neck allows unfettered fret access throughout.  Perfect balance and ultimate playability
  • Every graceful nuance built into the Majesty is a result of the collaboration between Masters:  The Ernie Ball Music Man design team and John Petrucci.
  • 3 position pickup selection fed through an Active “Push-Push” 12dB boost switch on the Volume Control give the player amazing tonal versatility at your fingertips effortlessly.
  • All Sterling by Music Man guitars receive final set-up and inspection in USA and come with a padded gig bag
  • Equipped with Ernie Ball strings to provide durability and optimum performance

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3 thoughts on “Sterling By MusicMan 6 String Sterling by Music Man, Majesty, John Petrucci Signature Guitar, MAJ100, Stealth Black, MAJ100-SBK)”

  1. Guitar Love I have to admit I have a bit of a GAS problem: Gear Acquisition Syndrome but I had to have this guitar after seeing the John Petrucci Majesty Monarch guitar by Ernie Ball Music. The MAJ100 has many of the features of the Ernie Ball version and costs $2k less. I’m in love with this guitar and I’ve made my Danelectro ’64 model guitar, which I recently bought from Amazon, jealous(I love you too, Danno, it’s just…newer). While I’m not the shredder type, the neck and fret board call for speed and…

  2. Worth every penny. Love this guitar. There are a couple guitars I own that I don’t know how to explain it, but I feel like I play ‘better’ on and inspire me to play more. This is one of them. They just got everything right about this one. The balance is great – overall it is a fairly light instrument so you can play it standing all night long. It’s very thin from the top of the strings to the back of the body (tried to show in one pic) which I really like. Worth every penny. I might get another in black lol just…

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