Sweet Laurel: Recipes for Whole Food, Grain-Free Desserts

From LA’s trendy bakery comes the new definitive grain-free baking book that makes eating paleo, gluten-free, and dairy-free diets a lot sweeter for home bakers. From the beginning, Sweet Laurel has been about making sweet things simple. The recipes here are indulgent yet healthful. They use just a few quality ingredients to create delicious desserts that benefit your body; all of these treats are paleo, and many are vegan and raw. From Matcha Sandwich Cookies to Salted Lemon Meringue Pie to Classic German Chocolate Cake, these treats are at once uncomplicated, beautiful, and satisfying, made only with wholesome ingredients such as almonds, coconut, cacao, and dates. Here, too, are basic staple recipes to keep with you, like grain-free vanilla extract and vegan caramel, and fancy finishes, like paleo sprinkles and dairy-free ice cream.
     Whether you’re looking for simpler recipes, seeking a better approach to dessert, or struggling with an allergy that has prevented you from enjoying sweets, Sweet Laurel will change the way you bake.

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3 thoughts on “Sweet Laurel: Recipes for Whole Food, Grain-Free Desserts”

  1. The Best I’m in L.A. and have purchased the cake these women make many times. I pre-ordered this book 4 or 5 months before its release date and was not disappointed. It’s a high quality, well written book full of inspiring photos and achievable recipes.I have a rather unpleasant dairy allergy (also celiac, yay). I’ve only had traditional cake a few times and I was always punished for it, so my experience with gluten and dairy free desserts is extensive. These unbelievably simple cakes are some of…

  2. Beware the Coconut Yogurt Recipes I have tried several of these recipes and in general they are very good! However, beware of the recipes that call for coconut yogurt. I presume the authors tested the recipes with their own homemade yogurt, but if you buy it pre-made from the store (there is only one brand that I know of) it does not work. I had more than one recipe ruined that I had to adjust with trial and error because the coconut yogurt measurement was just too much. You would do best to cut 1/3 of it out if you are buying…

  3. Beautiful Cookbook! Sweet Laurel’s cookbook is easily the classiest thing in my kitchen right now. I am obsessed with her grain free cakes, brownies, cookies, all of it! The ability to be able to make these recipes at home and share them with my family is amazing. There are 5 core ingredients that Sweet Laurel uses as their foundation for all baked goods. They are simple, natural, accessible and recipes that I feel great about giving to my family. You will not miss the grains, dairy or refined sugar; you’ll…

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