MRKG. Refrigerator Door Handle Covers, Set of 4, Washable Without Fading or Cracking, Keep Your Kitchen Appliance Clean from Smudges, Drips, Food Stains, Oil (Black 15.6×5.3inches)

 Please Stop Using Covers Made of Cheap Fabrics!


1. You will touch them dozens of times a day. How can you tolerate the rough feel of cheap fabrics?

2. When you wash them, do you worry about whether they will become “disposable goods”? Because they deform and fade after washing.

You Need a Handle Cover That Feels Comfortable, Non-deforming and Non-fading After Washing.

↓↓↓  We Made It!  ↓↓↓

We selected the most suitable material for making refrigerator door handle covers from many fabrics.

We call it “Cloud Feeling Covers”.

★   “Cloud Feeling Covers” has an excellent grip feeling, as soft as a cloud, all handmade and you will love it 🙂

★   Our professional test proves that it can not deform and fade after dozens of machine washes. You can wash them with confidence.

★   No doubt it can keep your kitchen appliance clean from smudges, fingertips, drips, food stains.

★   “Cloud Feeling Covers” is made of two colours matching, double side use, you can peel the covers off any time and use another side you want, for a brand new look!

Please measure the length & perimeter of your handles before ordering. 

Use a soft ruler around the handle to find the size.


Order now! 

“Cloud Feeling Covers” is already on the market.

Wear It For Your Refrigerator Door Handle in This Autumn!

Product Features

  • ◕ PERFECT FITTING: The size of one cover is 15.6(L)x5.3(W) inches, it is fit for handle with perimeter between 3.2 to 4 inch. 4 Pieces.
  • ◕ PURCHASING SUGGESTIONS:Package quantity-4, there are two styles,2 for vertical handles and 2 for horizontal handles.
  • ◕ KEEP HANDLE CLEAN: These covers are designed to keep kitchen appliances handle off from stain, dirty kid hands, water and fingerprints, it can be used on handle of fridge, kitchen cabinet, dish washer and other appliances.
  • ◕ MACHINE WASHABLE: Washable without fading or cracking, Please hold the velcro together when machine washing, and not stick to other clothes.
  • ◕ VERY COMFORTABLE: We chose high-quality and skin-friendly fabrics to make it, it’s feels very soft and comfortable, just like touching clouds.

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