The Plant Based Diet for Beginners: 75 Delicious, Healthy Whole Food Recipes

Free from animal products, full of flavor―plant based recipes for beginners

Choosing a plant based diet is good for your health, your wallet, and the environment. The Plant-Based Diet for Beginners has dozens of tasty whole-food recipes for people who want to switch from eating meat, dairy, and eggs, to eating vegetables, whole grains, and other plant based foods.

Whether your doctor encouraged you to eat a plant based diet or you’re exploring a new way of eating, this cookbook has everything you need to get started. You’ll find nutritional information for each recipe, a guide to eating a plant based diet even when you don’t want to cook, tips for stocking your kitchen, and more. When it comes to your health and your taste buds, now you’re cooking!

This plant based diet book includes:

  • 75 whole-food recipes―Try a variety of scrumptious dishes that are free from sugar, oil, and salt, like Hawaiian Luau Burgers, Easy Enchilada Bake, and Peanut Butter Nice Cream.
  • Plant based benefits―Learn the perks of eating a plant based diet, including how it helps your health, the planet, and animal welfare.
  • Beginner’s resources―Discover plenty of helpful info for newbies―from a guide to cooking basics like grains and beans, to convenient shopping lists, a sample menu, and more.

Take your health and well-being into your own hands with the power of a plant based diet―this guide and cookbook will show you how.

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Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Cookbook: 500 Everyday Recipes for Beginners and Advanced Users. Try Easy and Healthy Instant Pot Recipes.


Enjoy these 500 Recipes for Any Budget.

Recipes are listed step by step in a clear and understandable manner.

With this cookbook, you will cook better, tastier and faster meals for yourself and your family.

In this cookbook, you will discover…

  • Amazing meals the whole family will love.
  • Recipes for vegetarians anyone will enjoy.
  • Most recipes made for anyone with a busy lifestyle.
  • Detailed ingredient lists and precise cooking times so each dish turns out perfect.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions on making each dish in an Instant Pot.
  • Helpful tips and tricks on how to make each meal one your whole family will request time and time again.
  • Plus much more helpful information.

Eating is meant to be a shared experience and is a great time for family members to catch up with each other’s day. A good meal gets them to the dinner table every time.

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Piano Music Book of Bach Classics for Beginners: Teach Yourself Famous Piano Solos & Easy Piano Sheet Music, Vivaldi, Handel, Music Theory, Chords, Scales, Exercises (Book & Streaming Video Lessons)

This book and streaming video course is all that you will ever need for getting started playing the most famous and cherished piano classics by J.S. Bach and the great composers of the Baroque Period, like Pachelbel, Handel, Vivaldi, and Purcell!

Piano Professor, Damon Ferrante guides you through each piece with step-by-step piano lessons for beginners and 20 streaming video lessons.

This easy-to-follow method, used by thousands of piano students and teachers, is designed to be interactive, engaging and fun.

No music reading is required! Learn the great piano classics!

The lessons will greatly expand your repertoire of beloved piano classics and improve your piano technique, creativity, and understanding of music. Whether you are teaching yourself piano or learning with a music instructor, this book and streaming video course will take your piano playing to a whole new level!

Ask yourself this:

1. Have you always wanted to learn how to play famous classical piano pieces, especially by J.S. Bach, but did not know where to start?

2. Did you start piano lessons once and give up because the lessons were too difficult?

3. Are you struggling to follow online piano lessons that seem to jump all over the place without any sense of direction or consistency?

4. Would you like to expand your musical understanding and learn how to play the piano through an affordable, step-by-step book and video course?

If your answer to any of the these questions is yes, then this beginner piano classics book and video course is definitely for you!

The following great pieces are covered in this book and streaming video course:Famous pieces by J.S. Bach:

Aria from the Goldberg Variations

Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

Where Sheep Gently GrazeAir on a G String

Prelude in C Major from the Well-Tempered Clavier

Toccata in D Minor (played in Phantom of the Opera)

Invention in A Minor

Minuet in G Major

Musette in D Major

March in G Major

Minuet in C Minor

Minuet in D Minor

Musette in G Major

Cherished Pieces by Bach’s Contemporaries:

Pachelbel’s Canon

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

Handel’s Hallelujah


Corelli’s Gavotte in F Major

Scarborough Fair

Purcell’s Minuet in A Minor

Scarlatti’s Aria

Rameau’s Rigaudon

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How to Read Music in 30 Days: Music Theory for Beginners – with exercises & online audio (Practical Music Guides)

Do you want to learn how to read music notation quickly and easily? Do you want to understand music theory fundamentals in a simple, step-by-step system? Then this book is for you!

With over 150 music examples, over 100 written exercises, 10 listening challenges, expert tips, lesson summaries, a final test, online access to the audio examples and a 20-page bonus of music reading training, you’ll learn:

  • The essentials of music theory,
  • How rhythm REALLY works,
  • The complete system behind musical notes,
  • The crucial details of music notation (with 150+ examples),
  • How to express your musical ideas with expression marks.

You can finally stop searching the web endlessly in hopes of finding the right information. With this in-depth, easy-to-follow method, your music theory questions are answered in full.

While learning at your own pace, this book will help you to:

  • Compose your own music or write your own songs,
  • Learn your instrument faster than ever before,
  • Build a strong foundation for more advanced music studies.

Hundreds of beginner students have successfully gone through this practical system to master musical notation and fundamental music theory. Now, it’s your turn!

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Keyboard Lessons: Your Guide to Keyboard Mastery for Beginners

Is playing music your desire?

While known to be the simplest and easiest musical instrument to master, the keyboard is also something whose basics you need to know by heart. This book thus serves to be your ultimate guide when learning to play they keyboard. It covers how you should take your first steps in studying the instrument, from choosing an instrument to use, how to position your hands and fingers, and the different ways to carry out a melody until you become capable of finishing whole song pieces.

But what exactly is in it for you?

The keyboard is embraced by musicians far and wide because of its simplicity and versatility. You will never go wrong with it, so long as you master its concepts. Through this book, you are able to see how you can make the keyboard’s features the skill sets it offers to your benefit, regardless if you are learning young or old, or are looking forward to be a master of the craft in due time.

What you will be getting:

  • -tips when shopping for a keyboard
  • -reading sheet music
  • -mastering accompaniments
  • -understanding and appreciating notes, chords, melodies, and harmonies
  • -find ways to own the songs that you love

If you believe that playing music happens to be your true calling, then you no longer have to resist the force. Sit down, find yourself a keyboard, and start playing.

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Piano Lessons for Beginners: The Complete Beginners Guide to Learn Piano Keys & Notes

Struggling to play the piano even after spending countless hours doing research online? Piano Lessons for Beginners: The Complete Beginners Guide to Learn Piano Keys & Notes is the guide that not only tours you through the basics but walks you through in playing a couple of iconic songs!

Getting engaged in the world of music through the piano is excellent for beginners as it helps reduce stress for yourself and your surrounding listeners. Comfortably walk your way through 20 chapters at your own pace and finish your time with an additional chapter to review everything you learned.

Topics covering the book include:

  • Finger positioning
  • Reading music
  • Pedals
  • Pro tips
  • Full instructions to play iconic songs such as You’re a Grand Old Flag as well as children’s songs like Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and several others
  • Great composers worth checking out

Discover why the piano rocks for beginners and start playing by downloading this book now!

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Raw Feeding 101: Beginner’s Raw Feeding Guide

“Raw feeding should be simple.”

Scratching, itching, vomiting, diarrhea, yeast-filled ears and paws…these are the problems plaguing today’s modern dog. The common culprit? An inappropriate diet. The solution? A species appropriate diet of fresh foods. 

In this book you will learn

  • How to transition your dog to a fresh food diet
  • How to prepare fresh food meals
  • How to safely feed raw meaty bones
  • Sanitary practices to prevent illness
  • Important fresh food information

By Scott Jay Marshall II “Dog Dad” Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist

Take the next step in your raw feeding journey and grab a copy today!

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Piano Lessons For Beginners: The Quick And Easy Guide To Learn And Play Piano Chords

Playing the piano does not have to be difficult. You can make it easy and quick by learning the right methods. The traditional learning approach can feel like a never-ending process before you get to actually play the instrument. You spend time on theory, which can become boring after a while. The theory is definitely important to understanding melodies, chords, scales, and songs. But it doesn’t have to be boring, and you can begin playing quickly.

This book will not waste your time. You will get simpler explanations to begin the actual playing process faster. The biggest concern people usually have is being bored by traditional piano-learning methods. This boredom makes people quit before they can complete the lessons and actually start playing. But do not worry! This book is the solution you have been looking for. Music should be all about fun, and this book will make it happen!

What you will learn inside the book?

  • Why Learn Piano Through Lessons
  • Piano Terminology for Beginners
  • Piano Note Layout And Fundamentals
  • Simple Major Scales: C, F, and G MAjor
  • Basic For playing Major And Minor Chords
  • The Keys of C, F, and G Major and their Basic Chords
  • Understanding The Major Scales in Details
  • And many more…..

Every chapter will help you learn to play the instrument, so you can start practicing right away. Or, you can decide to read all the chapters before beginning your piano practice.

What are you waiting for?… Grab a copy of this book and learn how to play Piano in an easy way!

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Piano For Kids: Teach complete beginners how to play instantly with the Musicolor Method – for preschoolers, grade schoolers and beyond! (Musicolor Method Piano Songbook)

WHY EVERY PARENT & MUSIC TEACHER SHOULD USE THIS SONGBOOK! Learning to make music provides an excellent path to development in children. Plus it is joyful and fun. But learning has not always been easy. Traditional methods start with abstract symbols and concepts. The author began searching for a simpler, more intuitive way to teach music to his then three-year-old son. In his search, he began combining ideas from the worlds of design, early childhood education, film scoring and even storytelling. Thus, the Musicolor Method® was born. For over a decade, it has become a proven way to quickly and gently introduce real music making skills to preschoolers and beyond.

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17 Key Thumb Piano Kalimba,Solid Mahogany Finger Piano with Instruction and Tune Hammer,Portable Bag, Lettering-Best Gift for Music Fans Beginners and Children

Mahogany 17 Key Thumb Piano with Christmas Ribbon as Best Gift for Newbie,Children or Music Fans

Easy to Learn needn’t musical basis; Small and convenient for carrying


Material: Mahogany

Key: Mineral Steel

Color: Brown

Style:17key kalimba

Size: 35 * 115 * 135 * 185mm / 1.37″ * 4.52″ * 5.31″ * 7.28″

How to tune your kalimba

1: Tuner:

You can use a real tuner or download an App

Android system app: gStrings, Apple system app: Instuner

2. Tune with harmmer:

Making tines longer (from the point where they are held down on the bridge) will lower their pitch, and making them shorter will make their pitch higher

Package included:

1 x Kalimba

1 x Tuner Hammer

1 x English Song Book

1 x Sticker

1 x Bag

1 x Christmas Ribbon

Product Features

  • 【Pretty Grained Wood and Excellent Sound Tone】Made of high-quality hard mahogany. you will be surprised how pretty & smooth the wood grain is and how wonderful the sound, it’s surprisingly comfortable to hold (Even small hands)
  • 【Easy to Learn and Play】Needn’t musical basis,you just move your thumb to get the wonderful music that delights your day long,You can learn by instructor or on YouTube.Everyone can creative and play their own songs,enjoy Kalimba as much as you like
  • 【Thumb Piano 17 Keys】 Laser engraving tune symbols, they are clear to be seen, simple identification of phonetic symbols!Place red stickers on your keys for easy memorization. You can use it according to your personal habits,there is no fixed use method
  • 【Small and Portable】Light to 0.84lb,even small hands can holds thumb piano well. come with tuning hammer,key stickers,cleaning cloth,english song book,carry bag,green or blue packing ribbon
  • 【Nice Gift for Everyone】This Kalimba mbira is bundled with ribbon can be as nice christmas gift,you can give our Kalimba to music fans,beginners ,kids or adults.Tips:you should wipe finger piano after played

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