Sababa: Fresh, Sunny Flavors From My Israeli Kitchen

“We should all be cooking like Adeena Sussman.”
The Wall Street Journal

In an Israeli cookbook as personal as it is global, Adeena Sussman celebrates the tableau of flavors the region has to offer, in all its staggering and delicious variety

In Hebrew (derived from the original Arabic), sababa means “everything is awesome,” and it’s this sunny spirit with which the American food writer and expat Adeena Sussman cooks and dreams up meals in her Tel Aviv kitchen. Every morning, Sussman makes her way through the bustling stalls of Shuk Hacarmel, her local market, which sells irresistibly fresh ingredients and tempting snacks–juicy ripe figs and cherries, locally made halvah, addictive street food, and delectable cheeses and olives. In Sababa, Sussman presents 125 recipes for dishes inspired by this culinary wonderland and by the wide-varying influences surrounding her in Israel.

Americans have begun to instinctively crave the spicy, bright flavors of Israeli cuisine, and in this timely cookbook, Sussman shows readers how to use border-crossing kitchen staples– tahini, sumac, silan (date syrup), harissa, za’atar—to delicious effect, while also introducing more exotic spices and ingredients. From Freekeh and Roasted Grape Salad and Crudo with Cherries and Squeezed Tomatoes, to Schug Marinated Lamb Chops and Tahini Caramel Tart, Sussman’s recipes make a riot of fresh tastes accessible and effortless for the home cook. Filled with transporting storytelling, Sababa is the ultimate, everyday guide to the Israeli kitchen.

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Vietnamese Food Any Day: Simple Recipes for True, Fresh Flavors

Delicious, fresh Vietnamese food is achievable any night of the week with this cookbook’s 80 accessible, easy recipes.

Drawing on decades of experience, as well as the cooking hacks her mom adopted after fleeing from Vietnam to America, award-winning author Andrea Nguyen shows you how to use easy-to-find ingredients to create true Vietnamese flavors at home—fast. With Nguyen as your guide, there’s no need to take a trip to a specialty grocer for favorites such as banh mi, rice paper rolls, and pho, as well as recipes for Honey-Glazed Pork Riblets, Chile Garlic Chicken Wings, Vibrant Turmeric Coconut Rice, and No-Churn Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream. Nguyen’s tips and tricks for creating Viet food from ingredients at national supermarkets are indispensable, liberating home cooks and making everyday cooking easier.

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The Essential Indian Instant Pot Cookbook: Authentic Flavors and Modern Recipes for Your Electric Pressure Cooker

This authorized collection of 75 simplified Indian classics for the immensely popular electric pressure cooker, the Instant Pot, is a beautifully photographed, easy-to-follow source for flavorful weekday meals.

The Essential Indian Instant Pot Cookbook is your source for quick, flavorful Indian favorites and contemporary weekday meals. With 75 well-tested recipes authorized by Instant Pot covering every meal of the day, this is a go-to resource for classic chicken, lamb, and vegetarian curries; daals, soups, and seafood like fennel and saffron spiced mussels; breakfast delights like spicy frittata and ginger almond oatmeal; and sweet treats like rose milk cake and fig and walnut halwa.

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Catalan Food: Culture and Flavors from the Mediterranean

Catalan cuisine authority Daniel Olivella serves historical narratives alongside  80 carefully curated Spanish food recipes, like tapas, paella, and seafood, that are simple and fresh.

In proud, vibrant Catalonia, food is what brings people together—whether neighbors, family, or visitors. By the sea, over a glass of chilled vermouth and the din of happily shared, homemade Pica Pica (tapas) is where you’ll find the most authentic Catalonia. The region is known for its wildly diverse indigenous ingredients, from seafood to jamon Ibérico to strains of rice, and richly flavored cuisine that has remained uniquely Catalan throughout its complex and fraught history.

In Catalan Food, the recipes are intended to be cooked leisurely and with love—the Catalan way. Featuring traditional dishes like Paella Barcelonata (Seafood Paella) and Llom de Porc Canari (Slow-roasted Pork Loin), as well as inventive takes on classics like Tiradito amb Escalivada (Spanish Sashimi with Roasted Vegetable Purees) and Amanida de Tomàquet amb Formatge de Cabra (Texas Peach and Tomato Salad with Goat Cheese), Catalan Food brings heritage into any home cook’s kitchen, where Catalonia’s cuisine was born. To know a culture, you must taste it; none is more rich and stunningly delicious than Catalonia’s.

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Sweet Potato Soul: 100 Easy Vegan Recipes for the Southern Flavors of Smoke, Sugar, Spice, and Soul

Jenné Claiborne grew up in Atlanta eating classic Soul Food–fluffy biscuits, smoky sausage, Nana’s sweet potato pie–but thought she’d have to give all that up when she went vegan.  As a chef, she instead spent years tweaking and experimenting to infuse plant-based, life-giving, glow-worthy foods with the flavor and depth that feeds the soul.
The result? Her first cookbook, SWEET POTATO SOUL, offering 100 vegan recipes that riff on Southern cooking in surprising and delicious ways, beautifully illustrated with full-color photography. Jenné revives the long tradition of using fresh, local ingredients creatively in dishes like Coconut Collard Salad and Fried Cauliflower Chicken. She improvises new flavors in Peach Date BBQ Jackfruit Sliders and Sweet Potato-Tahini Cookies. She celebrates the plant-based roots of the cuisine in Bootylicious Gumbo and savory-sweet Georgia Watermelon & Peach Salad. And she updates classics with Jalapeño Hush Puppies, and her favorite, Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls.
Along the way, Jenné explores the narratives surrounding iconic and beloved soul food recipes, as well as their innate nutritional benefits–you’ve heard that dandelion, mustard, and turnip greens, okra, and black eyed peas are nutrition superstars, but here’s how to make them super tasty, too.
From decadent pound cakes and ginger-kissed fruit cobblers to smokey collard greens, amazing crabcakes and the most comforting sweet potato pie you’ll ever taste, these better-than-the-original takes on crave-worthy dishes are good for your health, heart, and soul.

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The Cuban Table: A Celebration of Food, Flavors, and History

~Nominated for a James Beard Award in the international cookbook category!~

The Cuban Table is a comprehensive, contemporary overview of Cuban food, recipes and culture as recounted by serious home cooks and professional chefs, restaurateurs and food writers. Cuban-American food writer Ana Sofia Pelaez and award-winning photographer Ellen Silverman traveled through Cuba, Miami and New York to document and learn about traditional Cuban cooking from a wide range of authentic sources.

Cuban home cooks are fiercely protective of their secrets. Content with a private kind of renown, they demonstrate an elusive turn of hand that transforms simple recipes into bright and memorable meals that draw family and friends to their tables time and again. More than just a list of ingredients or series of steps, Cuban cooks’ tricks and touches hide in plain sight, staying within families or being passed down in well-worn copies of old cookbooks largely unread outside of the Cuban community.

Here you’ll find documented recipes for everything from iconic Cuban sandwiches to rich stews with Spanish accents and African ingredients, accompanied by details about historical context and insight into cultural nuances. More than a cookbook, The Cuban Table is a celebration of Cuban cooking, culture and cuisine. With stunning photographs throughout and over 110 deliciously authentic recipes this cookbook invites you into one of the Caribbean’s most interesting and vibrant cuisines.

Product Features

  • St Martin s Press

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Brownies Cookbook: Try the Variety of 25 Brownies Recipes with Delicious Flavors

This book “Brownies Cookbook: Try the Variety of 25 Brownies Recipes with Delicious Flavors” is one of the most wanted book which you would want to have. Everyone can cook but there are rarely anyone who can bake perfectly except the experts. Well, if you wish to become an expert in baking brownies then this is a must have book for you. You will be able to learn variety of brownies recipes here with multiple flavors which can make you a professional in baking. Baking is easy but you just need to pay attention to it with the details of measurements. If you have the right measurements with the ingredients then you can never go wrong with baking.

A lot of people are scared of baking just because the results are not according to what they expect but here you will be able to learn and if you follow the instructions accordingly then you will be able to bake perfectly in no time.

This book is divided into chapters for you to bake brownies as follows:

· Amazing Brownies Start-up
· Delicious Flavors of Brownies
· Soft and Sweet Brownies
· Easy to Make Brownies

Get this book now to become an expert in baking brownies. You will now know that it is easier than cooking food and does not even take much time. You just need to prepare the batter and how you do that, you will learn in this book. Bake it and enjoy it with your family. Your kids will love different kinds of brownies every day so do not disappoint them and enjoy the time baking!

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Traditional Dutch Food: The Cookbook That Brings Old Fashion Dutch Flavors at Your Table

One thing that people must do when they travel is to explore more aspects of the local culture, and not only what travel agency propose to you when they promote their services. Observing the locals, the architecture, trying the local food and blend if possible in the scenery, will make the experience of traveling more interesting, and maybe you will assimilate a tiny bit of local essence.

This cookbook is going to introduce you to the Dutch Cuisine, offering you some of the oldest Dutch dishes that continue to be very appreciated by the present generation. If you travel to The Netherlands, you will surely find them in most of the restaurants with traditional menus. But it can also give you an idea of what Dutch people put on their plates and you can try some of the recipes just to have a taste of their food.

Food has always been a very significant characteristic of a nation. And Dutch food makes no exception, representing its geographic location and being redefined over time. Food was represented by artists in their paintings for centuries, and one the most famous Dutch artists, Vincent Van Gogh, depicts a very representative scene of Dutch people in the famous painting ‘De Aardappeleters,’ translated ‘The Potato Eaters’: peasants eating potatoes. So now we know that the potato is the king on the Dutch table, being used in so many recipes, combined with almost every vegetable that was cultivated in that land.

Some of the Dutch eating habits can be interpreted as weird by foreigners, and with this, I refer to eating raw herring. They just dip the herring, head removed and innards too, in chopped onions. And how about having pancakes as the main course? Or the strange sweet they call ‘drop,’ a licorice flavored candy? But there are some snacks and treats that I personally find tasty, like ‘stroopwafels’, which is kind of a waffle sandwich with caramel syrup, French fries (thicker than regular ones, though) with mayonnaise, croquet, bitterballen, frikandel special, which is some kind of a hot dog served with ketchup or curry sauce and chopped onions.

You can experience all the Dutch food and delicacies on your next trip to The Netherlands, but I suggest you start trying some of the recipes in this cookbook.

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Korean Cookbook: A Comprehensive Cookbook to Enjoy Korean Food and Special Korean Flavors

The purpose of this Korean cookbook is to introduce to you some of the most authentic and traditional Korean recipes. Korean food and cuisine is very different and unique and contains many unusual ingredients. For a beginner, this Book will be very beneficial as it has almost 25 recipes which include Korean desserts, Korean drinks, Korean traditional food and Korean dinner festivities.

To begin with we have provided you with some of the most common Korean recipes to go with. Then we have provided you with Korean desserts followed by their famous cocktails and then their dinner recipes.

This Book will help you in mastering the art of Korean food. All the ingredients have been mentioned along with their methods. You can easily follow them. Download this Book and get the hang of Korean cuisine and start making it yourself at home. The ingredients are unusual but you can find them at a nice super market.

In summer you can try their all time favorite punches and cocktails which are really very refreshing. For dinner parties you can use the Korean dinner recipes. If you have Korean friends you can invite them over to dinner along with desserts. Things will be easy for you once you download this Book. The following chapters are mentioned in this Book:

• Korean traditional foods
• Korean recipes for famous sweets and desserts
• Korean recipes for drinks and cocktails
• Korean recipes for great appetizers

Well! Download this Book and learn the easy way to cook Korean cuisine!

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