8 Inch Air Fryer Accessories, Set of 14, XL Air Fryer Accessories with Recipe Cookbook for Gowise Phillips USA Cozyna Airfryer, Fit all 3.7QT-5.3QT-5.8QT-6.8QT, FDA Approved (8 inch/Set of 14)

If you’re like many home chefs, you no doubt love your air fryer.Perhaps you enjoy the speed with which it cooks, the health benefits, or the versatility. This universal set of 14 pieces accessories perfectly fit into all manufacturers sizes 3.7 Qt to 6.8 Qt/XL XXL Air Fryers. Now, use your air fryer accessory pack to optimize the healthy, delicious recipes you can make using your air fryer.

Cake Baking Pan
Air fryer Cake Pans are versatile accessories. You’ll be able to bake like a pro when you add specialty cake pans to your air fryer collection.
Pizza Pan
Aside from experimenting with different pizza recipes, this Pizza Pan also provides the perfect surface for a variety of other treats! You can use it to make pancakes, eggs, potatoes, quesadillas or even giant cookies! With the air fryer accessories grill pan, the possibilities are limitless!
Silicone Egg Bites Molds with Lid
Come with FDA Approved, the mold can be used in the freezer, in the microwave and oven (up to 425 F), also be used for baking, food storage, serving or as a mold.
You can put some vegetables and kabobs here.(comes with 4 skewers)
Parchment Air Fryer Liners
Some foods, especially those with a flour or breadcrumb coating, are known to stick to the bottom of the Air Fryer. You will never had that problem when using these liners and they make clean up so much easier. The 8 inch diameter round liners are a perfect fit for most air fryers.

Air Fryer Accessory Kit Includes:
1x Cake Barrel
1x Pizza Pan
1x Multi-Purpose Rack with 4 Skewers
1x Silicone Mat
1x Silicone Egg Bites Molds with Lid
7x Silicone Muffin Cups
1x Food Tong
1x Metal Holder
100x Baking Paper
1x Silicone Oil Brush
1x Silicone Spatula
1x Kitchen Plate Gripper
1 Pair of Silicone Oven Mitts
3x Magnetic Cheat Sheet
1x air fryer Recipe Cookbook

Product Features

  • 【Universal Deep Fryers Accessories】Fit for all standard air fryer 3.7Qt, 4.2Qt, 5.3Qt, 5.5Qt, 5.8Qt & more XL air fryers, compatible with most air fryer brands, like Gowise USA, Ninja, Philips, Cozyna, Habor, OMORC, Secura, etc. Bigger Size, 8 inch accessories kit perfect fit for your large size air fryer, no waste of space of your air fryer. Meet the needs of the entire family
  • 【Easy to Clean & Dishwasher Safe】- All air fryer accessories are dishwasher safe. You may just simply clean the baking pans with warm water. For the rust-free food grade 304 stainless steel racks, put them into dishwasher and your cookware-washing task is basically done
  • 【Air Fryer Accessories Set of 14】Includes 1x Cake Barrel, 1x Pizza Pan, 1x Multi-Purpose Rack with Skewers, 1x Silicone Mat, 1x Egg Bites Molds with Lid, 7x Silicone Muffin Cups, 1x Food Tong, 1x Metal Holder, 100x Baking Paper, 1x Silicone Oil Brush, 1x Silicone Spatula, 1x Kitchen Plate Gripper, 1 Pair of Silicone Oven Mitts, 3x Magnetic Cheat Sheet, and 1x air fryer Recipe Cookbook. You can make different delicious food by each accessory
  • 【Food Grade Material with FDA Certification】 Each accessories is made of 100% safe food grade materials, nonstick Teflon coating cake/pizza pan, SUS 404 stainless steel metal holder and rack, heat-resistant silicon mat and cupcake pan. FDA approved and BPA Free, never worry about any hazardous chemicals. Ideal gift for cook, enjoy your healthy cooking time
  • 【100% Satisfaction & Lifetime Warranty】- Purchase it now can get lifetime warranty. Any questions about our products, feel free to contact us, we will provide a free replacement period to make you satisfied

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8 Inch XL Air Fryer Accessories, 17 Pcs Deep Fryer Accessories with Recipe Cookbook for Growise Phillips Cozyna Fits All 4.2QT – 5.8QT Air Fryer

Air Fryer Accessory Kit Includes:
1 x Cake Barrel, (Diameter: 8 in, Height: 3 in)
1 x Pizza Pan, (Diameter: 8 in, Height: 1 in)
1 x Metal Holder, (Diameter: 8 in, Height: 1 in)
1 x Skewer Rack, (Diameter: 8 in, with 4 Skewers)
1 x Silicone Mat, (Diameter: 7 in)
1 x Pair of Silicone Oven Mitts
1 x Toast Rack (Length: 5.6 in )
1 x Air Fryer Recipe Cookbook
1 x Kitchen Plate Gripper
1 x Silicone Spatula
1 x Food Tongs
1 x Oil Brush
3 x Magnetic Cheat Sheets
6 x Silicone Muffin Cups, (Diameter: 2.75 in)
100Pcs Air Fryer Liner (Diameter: 8 in)

Cake Barrel, Pizza Pan
Temperature range -40°F to 446°F(-40°C to 230°C), not only can be used in air fryer, but also oven free, microwave free, freezer free.

Kitchen Plate Gripper, Oven Mitts, Silicone Mat
If your cuisine makes the plate too hot to touch, you can easily remove them using these accessories.

Silicone Muffin Cups, Oil Brush, Spatula, Food Tongs
BPA free, made of food grade premium silicone, safe to touch food directly.

Air Fryer Recipe Cookbook
Include 25+ delicious recipes and fun way to use your air fryer accessories.

Product Features

  • ▶17 Pcs Air Fryer Accessories Kit◀ Includes 8in Cake Barrel, 8in Pizza Pan, 8in Metal Holder, 8in Skewers Rack, Toast Rack, 8in Silicone Mat, 1 Pair of Silicone Oven Mitts, 6 x Silicone Muffin Cups, 7.5in Air Fryer Liners(100 pcs), Plate Gripper, Food Tongs, Oil Brush, Silicone Spatula, 3 x Magnetic Cheat Sheets, Air Fryer Recipe Cookbook.
  • ▶Perfect Fits All 4.2QT – 5.8QT Air Fryers◀ The size of this set is 8 in, these accessories perfect fit 4.2qt – 5.8qt of most brands deep air fryer, likes Gowise, Phillips, Cozyna. This set can also be used in oven, instant pot and microwave.
  • ▶Expand Your Cooking Dishes◀ Bake favorite cake in the cake baking pan, cook delicious pizza in the pizza pan, maximize cooking surface with the metal holder and make skewers with the rack! Bake desserts in Muffin Cups, bake 8 pieces toasts at one time with toast rack, protect your hands from heat with the Oven Mitts and protect your household surfaces with the Silicone Mat.
  • ▶Useful Kitchen Accessories◀ 3 magnetic cheat sheets can easily stick to your refrigerator or air fryer, check cooking times for 36 common foods. 100 pcs perforated parchment paper keep air fryer free from food residue, make clean up a breeze. Silicone spatula can make cake ice-cream, perfect for folding dough, mixing batter, scraping the mixing bowl.
  • ▶FDA Certification & BPA FREE◀ MONYES accessories are FDA certificated, made of premium BPA free food grade silicone and stainless steel. All accessories are dishwasher safe.

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Air Fryer Accessories XL 8 inch, Compatible with Power, Phillips, Gowise USA, Nuwave, Cozyna AirFryer, with Recipes Cookbook, Set of 13, Fit for Air Fryers 5.3QT – 5.8QT

AirFryerStar Healthy Air Fryer Accessories Cake Pizza Barbecue Baking

With our wide range of air fryer xl accessories, you can cook a wide variety of dishes in a variety of combinations!

Color: Silver, Black
Material: Silicone, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel
Usages: Air Fryer,Barbecue, Baking
Scope of application: It is universal for air fryer 5.3-5.8QT.

The Well Valued Air Fryer Accessories Set includes:

1 Cake Barrel: 8*2.9”
1 Pizza Pan: 8*1”
1 Silicone Mat: 7.1”
1 Metal Bracket : 7.8*1”
1 Multi-purpose grill: 7.7*2.8”
1 Toast rack: 5.8*1.9”
1 Silicone brush: 8.1*1.3”
1 Pair of Silicone Mitts: 3.3*3.9”
1 Stainless steel food tongs: 9”
1 Airfryer accessory cookbook: 5.5*5.5”
12 Multi color silicone cake cups:2.6*1.2”
100 Air fryer liners: 8”
3 Magnet sheet recipes:4.7*4.7”

* Washing instructions:
For the cake barrel and pizza tray, recommend not to wash the in the dishwasher;
To ensure the integrity of the coating, not rub them hard with a rough cloth or metal scrubbing balls;
The rest assured that the other accessories can be washed safely in the dishwasher.

*Sweet Reminder: Do not touch the accessories until they are completely cooled !

Product Features

  • ✔ Upgrated air fryer accessories set, including : 8″ cake barrel, 8″ nonstick pizza tray, 7.8″ multi-purpose grill, 7.7″ metal bracket, 5.8” toast rack , 9” food tongs, 8″ air fryer parchment paper, silicone brush, silicone mitts, 7″ silicone pad, 12 pieces silicone muffin cups, refrigerator magnets recipes, airfryer recipe book.
  • ✔ Crafted from food grade materials: We choose high quality certified materials to ensure people’s health . our air fryer accessories are 100% safe and dishwasher safe. The silicone pad and silicone mitts are highly Scald Protection .
  • ✔ Wide application for XL type air fryers: Our air fryer accessories campatible with Gowel USA, Phillips, Cozyna, Power, COSORI, GoWISE, and other popular airfryers in the USA market, ideal for large capacity XL air fryers (4.7qt, 5.3qt, 5.5qt, 5.8qt, 6.0qt).
  • ✔ Useful air fryer cookbook and magnetic recipe: Collected 70+ common dishes in the airfryer recipe book and the magnetic sheets also provided recept for daily using, just simply look into them, largely enhance you cooking time efficiency .
  • ✔ Enrich and varied your cooking experience: With our multi-purpose of air fryer xl accessories , you can cook a wide variety of dishes freely! The metal shelf are very useful when frying foods or Barbecue .The cake pan and pizza tray will be nice to make your favorite cake or pizza at home .

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