JEFAL Sous Vide Cooker, Quiet Culinary Immersion Circulator, 1000 Watts With Recipe, Digital Touch Screen & Accurate Temperature Control, Food Grade Stainless Steel Body, Silver

Product Features

  • PROFESSIONAL TO COOK: The Sous Vide immersion cooker makes a great chef out of you to easily generate restaurant level dishes at home. Perfect for friends gathering or home party at weekend, with precisely cooked steaks, juicy chicken, fall-off-the-bone ribs, perfectly poached eggs and vibrant veggies, etc. To own one, the professional chef is you.
  • EASY TO USE & READ: The Sous Vide precision cooker is having touch screen with versatile buttons of clear and reasonable layout. Simply fits any pot with the strong-grip clip, add proper water, drop in desired food in a sealed sous vide bag or glass jar. Touch the button to start to leave a hand free cooking and delicious food.
  • FEATURES: Wider temperature range (up to Max. 203Fo/95Co), 3D circulation technology (powerful motor), Fahrenheit & Celsius indicators, 1000 Watts, Strong-grip clipper, Recipe in IM, food grade SS304.
  • EASY CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE: The Sous Vide immersion circulator is having a slick, which is easy to clean the greasy dirt on it with paper towel. Detachable stainless steel skirt and disks are dishwasher safe.
  • PERFECT RESULT : Precision cooking enables you to produce results that are impossible to achieve through any other cooking method. No Dry edges and no rare centers. Juices and flavors don’t escape. Food comes out perfectly moist and tender. Continuous temperature control provides reliable and consistent results every time. Perfect for steak,vegetables, meat, fruit, cheese and much more.Perfect if you’re new to sous vide or looking for an additional cooker to add to your arsenal.

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Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bag for Sous Vide, Freezer, Microwave, Dishwasher, Perfect for Sandwich, Fruits, Vegetables, Soup, Snack, Airtight Zip and Easy Open Seal, Set of 4 Storage Bags


HAPPY PIECES welcome you to a new way of saving the environment and your money. We offer variety of ways to store, cook and freeze your food. Enjoy & discover more ways to cook and keep your food fresh while keeping the environment clean. Also, as bonus, we give you 2 free ebooks containing hundreds of recipes for you to enjoy.

Product Details

Dimension  23.5cm x 21cm (9.25in x 8.27in), 18.5cm x 16.5cm (7.28in x 6.50in)
Material  High Quality Non-toxic, Made of FDA, SGS Approved 100% Food Grade Silicone, 100% BPA Free and No Chemical Coatings nor Fillers.
Temperature Resistance  -40⁰F (-40⁰C) to 446⁰F (230⁰C)

Features and Benefits

Cold and Heat Resistant Safe to put in the fridge, freezer, oven and microwave without any problem. Also perfect for delicious sous vide and steam boil cooking. Please refer to the temperature range of the product before using it.
Easy to Clean and Dry Easy to wash by hand, safe to put in a dishwasher and additional hole was provided for easy drying by hanging on the wall.
Eco-friendly Help protect the environment by cutting down on wasteful plastic bag purchases and save you money.
Easy to Close and Open Additional Grip and Larger Tab to ensure the ease of opening and closing. 


 When closing the bag, make sure the lids are align to easily slide the bar. The slide bar also seals easier when rinse with water. Make sure that the bag is properly closed to avoid leaking.
 Make sure to follow the temperature range when the bag is heated and Always remove the slider bar before heating.
 To avoid damaging the bag, don’t pack objects with sharp edges or corners.


Product Features

  • IMPROVED SIZE AND DESIGN OF REUSABLE SILICONE FOOD BAG THAT IS EASY TO USE 2 Large 50 oz/1.5L/6 cups bags and 2 medium 30 oz/1.0L/4 cups bag both with additional grip to ensure the ease of opening and closing and additional hole for quick drying by hanging on the wall
  • ENJOY MORE WAYS TO COOK AND KEEP YOUR FOOD Can be used as reusable sous vide bag, sandwich bag, large sous vide container to keep your food and drink fresh without the worry of any leaks and spills and is perfect for storing meat vegetables fish sandwiches fish soup stews milk juices fruits and snacks and safe to use in microwave oven steamer refrigerator freezer and dishwasher
  • GUARANTEED MADE OF HIGH QUALITY AND FOOD GRADE MATERIAL These reusable ziploc bags food containers are made from high quality non-toxic high food grade silicone that is FDA and SGS Approved and is 100% BPA Free with no chemical coatings nor fillers which can be dangerous to your health once they migrate into the food
  • ECO-FRIENDLY, REUSABLE AND SAVES YOU MONEY These 4 silicone food storage bags come with bonus 9 reusable mesh/produce bags to ensure that you will never have to waste money again as these sustainable products are eco-friendly solution that eliminate the need for constantly buying new plastic bags and saving you money in the long run
  • GUARANTEED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Aside from SILICONE FOOD WRAP and 2 FREE E-BOOKS containing HUNDREDS OF RECIPES which are sent thru e-mail , Happy Pieces give also our customer 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you are unhappy with the product for whatever reason we will fully refund your purchase no questions asked

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Inkbird WIFI Sous Vide Cookers, 1000 Watts Stainless Steel Thermal Immersion Circulator with Recipe, Digital Interface, Precise Temperature and Timer for Kitchen, Food Slow Cooker


The Inkbird wifi Sous Vide precision cooker help you cook like a pro.

Simply pair with Inkbird Smart app to manage your cook everywhere of your wifi range, then will free you and have more time with families and friends.
Especially easy to use and clean, Put the precision cooker to any pot with water and drop your desired food in a sealed bag or glass jar, then set the temp and timer.


Input power(USA):120v 60Hz
Heating Power:1000W
Length of the Cable:1.2m
Readable LCD: (W)36mm*(L)42mm ,128*128 Dot Matrix LCD
Temperature Controlling Range: 77°F~210°F (25ºC~99ºC )
Temperature Accuracy:0.1℃(1°F )
Range of Time Setting: Max 99 hours 59 minutes
Time Setting Minimum Interval:1 minute
Directional Pump: 360 Degree heating

Product Features

  • ★ 【Wifi Sous Vide Cooker】—Download Inkbird Smart app in your iphone or Android phone, this wifi immersion cooker will free you and cook everywhere, stay up-to-date on your cooking status without being in the kitchen. What’s more, a nice design is you can share the device with family or friends on App, no limit for multi people connect. And preset values will be saved when power off. The basic setting procedure also can finished on the sous cooker.
  • ★ 【Precision Temperature and Timer】—Temperature range and accuracy of this sous vide circulator are 77°F~210°F (25ºC~99ºC ) and 0.1℃(1°F ). The max timer range is 99 hours 59 minutes, start timer when the temp reach your settings, let your cooks get enough and accurate . Also readable LCD screen: (W)36mm*(L)42mm ,128*128 Dot Matrix LCD.
  • ★ 【Uniform and Fast Heat Circulation】—1000 watts let the water circulation heats water fast and make full meat tender and moist. Fits on any pot and suit for vegetables, meat, fruit, cheese, egg and so on, you can choose recipe both from APP on your phone and on wifi sous vide LCD screen.
  • ★ 【Easy to Use and No noise】 — No other equipment needed. Put the precision cooker to any pot with water and drop your desired food in a sealed bag or glass jar. Simply set temp and timer anywhere of wifi range to free yourself and make taste food with more nutrients and vitamins. Keep silence during cooking, no worry about the noise disturb.
  • ★ 【Protection and Temperature Alarm】—This thermal immersion circulator will stop working and alarm you when the water level is lower than the minimum. Also will alarm you when temp reaches target setting value. The stainless steel is easy to clean. While this unit is not waterproof. The water level can not over the max line.

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Toprime VS6682H Vacuum Sealer, AUTO-Lock Food Saver System for Dry & Moist Preservation, Recipe Vac Seal Machine for Sous Vide, 120W Fully, Stainless

Why Toprime Vacuum sealer?save freshness, time and money★ save money: with our vacuum food sealer, you can buy in Bulk when food is on Sale, then Package your food based on your desired portions. No more wasting uneaten food! ★ save time: plan meals for the week. Save them in the vacuum storage bags. ★ enjoy seasonal or specialty foods: keep highly perishable foods or infrequently used items fresh longer. ★ control portions for dieting: make sensible portions of your food and write calories or fat content on the bags. ★ marinate in minutes: during the process of vacuum packaging, The pores of your food will open so you can get that great marinated flavor in just around 20 minutes, instead of overnight. ★ make entertaining easy: make your signature dish and holiday treats in advance So you can spend quality time with your guests. ★ protect non-food items: protect polished silver from tarnishing by minimizing exposure to air. Keep camping and boating supplies dry and organize them for outings.

Product Features

  • ★Revolutionary auto Lock mechanical-noo more push, just simply press the close/open button. The revolutionary electric auto Lock mechanics will close/open the lip automatically and lock the vacuum bags to the sealer. Enjoy the simplicity!
  • ★Save freshness, time and money–with Toprime vacuum sealer, you can buy food in Bulk plan meals for the week ahead. Save them in the vacuum storage bags. Instead of freezer burned food filled with ice crystals, now you can seal them as fresh food that is ready to be defrost and served.
  • ★Enjoy your cooking-cookingg and meal preparation will become easier, more economical and faster. Vacuum sealer can also be used for marinating meat or other different food items for ready-made meals. Toprime vacuum sealers are a staple in the sous vide cooking.
  • ★4 sealing settings/moist food model with normal/Gentle setting, provide the best possible Preservation based on the type of food(dry/moist/soft/delicate) you want to seal.
  • ★Lab tested quality-toprimee vacuum sealers preserve food up to 5 times Longer than zipper baggies or containers.
  • ★100% Satisfaction -buyy with Confidence, as we offer 30-days refund/replacement and 1 years new replacement .
  • ★Feel free to Contact us-ourr customer care team is always ready to help. Naturally, we hope you don’t encounter any problems, but when they crop up, our customer support is there to help! We will provide the best solution for you.

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Toprime VS6600 Vacuum Sealer with Digital Kitchen Scale, AUTO Food Saver System for Dry & Moist Preservation, Recipe Vac Seal Machine for Sous Vide, Long Stainless


The TOPRIME Vacuum Sealer is designed to remove air and create a tight seal around the food. It has helped millions of people keep food fresh longer in the refrigerator, freezer and pantry. Keep this appliance on your countertop and discover its convenience and versatility. It’s indispensable to your kitchen.
With the conventional storage methods, exposure to air can cause food to lose flavor and nutrition. Food may spoil because of bacteria, mound and yeast. The TOPRIME Vacuum Sealer removes air and seals in flavor and quality.
With this amazing Vacuum Sealer and its accessories, you can keep your food fresh up to 5 times longer.


★ Save Money: With our vacuum food sealer, you can buy in bulk when food is on sale, then package your food based on your desired portions. No more wasting uneaten food!
★ Save Time: Plan meals for the week. Save them in the vacuum storage bags.
★ Enjoy Seasonal or Specialty Foods : Keep highly perishable foods or infrequently used items fresh longer.
★ Control Portions for Dieting: Make sensible portions of your food and write calories or fat content on the bags.
★ Marinate in Minutes: During the process of vacuum packaging, the pores of your food will open so you can get that great marinated flavor in just around 20 minutes, instead of overnight. ★ Make Entertaining Easy: Make your signature dish and holiday treats in advance so you can spend quality time with your guests.
★ Protect Non-Food Items: Protect polished silver from tarnishing by minimizing exposure to air. Keep camping and boating supplies dry and organize them for outings.

Product Features

  • ★SAVE FRESHNESS, TIME AND MONE–With TOPRIME Vacuum Sealer, you can buy food in bulk. Plan meals for the week and save them in vacuum storage bags. Say goodbye to freezer-burnt food and say hello to freshly-sealed goodness that’s ready to be defrosted and served.
  • ★ENJOY YOUR COOKIN–Cooking and meal preparation becomes easier, more economical and faster. Vacuum Sealer can also be used for marinating meat or other food for ready-made meals. TOPRIME Vacuum sealers are a staple in the sous vide cooking.
  • ★4 SEALING SETTINGS–DRY/MOIST Food Model with NORMAL/GENTLE setting. Choose the best preservation setting based on the type of food (dry/moist/soft/delicate) you want to seal.
  • ★INTEGRATED KITCHEN SCALE–This innovative vacuum sealer with a built-in digital LED kitchen scale, without buying an extra kitchen scale, saving you money and space.
  • ★LAB-TESTED QUALITY–TOPRIME Vacuum Sealers preserve food up to 5 times longer than zip-locked bags or containers.
  • ★100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE–Buy with confidence, as we offer 30-days money-back or replacement guarantee and 1-year new replacement warranty.
  • ★FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US–Our customer-care team is always ready to help. Naturally, we hope you don’t encounter any problems, but if you do our customer support is always there to help! We’ll provide the best solution for you.

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Sous Vide Cooker by Emeril Lagasse, Thermal Immersion Circulator, Sous Vide Machine for Accurate Temperature Control w/ 5 Emeril Recipe Cards, Perfect for Poultry, Seafood, Eggs, More

When sous vide cooking is done right it can turn a regular meal into a gourmet experience. The Emeril Lagasse Sous Vide Cooker does that by providing a digital temperature control and allowing you to cook meat, eggs, fish, chicken, vegetables, and so much more with improved efficiency and hands-free convenience.

Combined with your favorite pot, some vacuum-sealed sous vide bags, and the right food, you can maintain moisture in steaks, add more vibrancy to vegetable flavors, and experiment in whole new ways than traditional stovetop cooking can provide. Easy to use, easy to control, and easy to pair with other cooking accessories in your kitchen, add more flavorful versatility to every sous vide meal with the Emeril Lagasse Sous Vide Cooker.

Product Details:

  • Easy-to-Use Locking Clip
  • (+/- 1°F)
  • Digital Touchscreen (68° to 212°F)
  • Brushless DC Motor (Ultra-Quiet)
  • Energy Efficient Design
  • ETL Listed
  • 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Order Includes:

  • Sous Vide Cooker
  • 6 Emeril Lagasse Recipe Cards
  • Custom-Made Storage Case
  • Expand your kitchen cooking prowess with a digital sous vide cooker from Emeril Lagasse by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ above and make your next meal one to remember.

    Product Features

    • RESTAURANT TECHNOLOGY TO YOUR HOME – Cook steaks, fish, vegetables and other foods to perfection with accurate temperature control. Emeril’s Sous Vide can even be used for wine and desserts!
    • ACCURATE TEMPERATURE CONTROL ENSURES PERFECT RESULTS – The digital touchscreen lets you control temps ranging from 68°F -212°F within +/-1° to ensure you get ideal cooking recipe results.
    • MULTIPURPOSE SOUS VIDE USE – Offering ultimate cookware versatility, along with soups, fish, and meat, this sous vide machine can be used for wine and desserts!
    • LOW NOISE, ENERGY EFFICIENT DESIGN- Perfect for the modern kitchen, the brushless DC motor provides quieter, streamlined cooking efficiency for improved kitchen use.
    • EASY TO USE WITH INCLUDED MOUNTING CLIP – This digital sou vide cooker uses a locking clip to attach to your pot and safely circulate water at the right temperature to seal in flavor and reduce over drying. No need for special utensils, the Emeril Lagasse Sous Vide machine attaches to your own pots for ease of use.

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    Costway 8 in 1 Multi Cooker Programmable Multiple Cooking Options w/ Non-stick Pot & LCD display, Slow Cook, Fast Stew, Stir-fry, Boil, Sous Vide, Grill, Fry, Steam, Keep Warm Function, 5.3 Quart Slow Cooker (Red)

    This is our brand new 8 in 1 multi cooker which will give you both precision and flexibility in preparing food all way. This multi cooker features a lot of functions including slow cook, fast stew, stir-fry, boil, sous vide, grill, fry, steam. Cook times and temperatures can be customized easily and conveniently as your need. Accessories that come with the pot, such as steaming racks, barbecue forks, etc., provide more convenience for your cooking. It is a healthier and more cost-efficient way to serve delicious and satisfying meals and will be a great kitchen assistant for you! Come and buy it now!

    Brand new and high quality
    8 in 1 multi cooker, multiple cooking modes , slow cook, fast stew, stir-fry, boil, sous vide, grill, fry, steam
    Customize cooking time and temperature, can be adjusted even during cooking
    LCD display & control panel, easy to control
    Temperature can be set ranging from 122°F – 464°F
    Comes with bonus accessories: a steaming rack, a frying basket and 6 grilling forks
    Keep warm function, holding time adjustable
    Removable non-stick pot, transparent glass cover, easy to clean
    Plastic handle on the cover, easy to cool, will not burn your hands
    Glass cover is designed with a rubber seal

    Color: Red/Black
    Main material: Metal + PP +Glass
    Overall dimension: 13.5″×13.5″×10.5″(L×W×H)
    Net weight: about 9.5 lbs
    Capacity:5.3 Quart
    Rated power:1300W
    Rated frequency: 60Hz
    Package includes:
    1×multi cooker
    1×steaming rack
    1× frying basket
    6 ×grilling fork

    Product Features

    • 8-in-1 multi-functional cooker – This multi cooker features a lot of functions: slow cook, fast stew, stir-fry, boil, sous vide, grill, fry, steam. These eight functions can be easily implemented by operating the control panel.
    • Customize cooking time and temperature – Manual mode of the multi cooker allows you to set temperature and cooking time according to your needs. The temperature can be adjusted ranging from 122°F – 464°F. It allows you to customize cooking time and temperature even during cooking
    • Bonus accessories – This multi-function cooker also comes with a steaming rack, a frying basket and 6 grilling forks, giving you more convenience during steaming, frying and roasting.
    • Keep warm function – When cooking is completed, the multi cooker will keep your food warm if you need it. And during this time, you can adjust the holding time at any time.
    • Easy to clean – The removable non-stick pot and transparent glass cover for effortless monitoring is easy to clean. And the smooth pot shell is easy to wipe down.

    Sous Vide Cooker Immersion Circulator Stainless Steel Smart Digital Display Kitchen Food Machine Accessories Set with Rack 5 Vacuum Storage Bags Recipe Cookbook 850 Watts (Pro Editon) SLAIYA

    Simply put, Sous Vide is an easy, stress-free method of producing 5-star restaurant quality dishes using just a pot, some water, and food in a bag. SLAIYA Sous Vide appliances helps home chefs master underwater cooking with submerged circulation technology that precisely controls the water temperature, ensuring meals from steak to fish and veggies to eggs never go above the perfect internal heat level, and resulting in a succulently juicy, evenly cooked dish that is guaranteed to impress family & friends alike.

    -Temperature range : 25-99.9℃(77°F-211.8°F)
    -Pumping speed : 7-8 liter/min
    -Safety: bimetal fuse
    -Dimensions: 16 x 4.5 x 8.5 inches
    Perfect Temperature Control (+/-0.1℃)

    Four Easy Use Steps:
    1. Clip the SLAIYA SOUS VIDE COOKER onto a pot or container. Add water to in the pot.
    2. Place your food and all ingredients in a bag. Seal the bag and clip to the side of the pot.
    3.Set the temperature and time.
    Sous Vide Reference Table:
    Steak(126°F 1 Hr)
    Chicken (140°F 1.5-2 Hr)
    Eggs(149°F 45 Mins)
    4.Enjoy the best eating.

    Package Contents:
    1 x Sous Vide
    1 x Fixing Rack
    1 x Hand Pump
    1 x Sous Vide Clip
    1 x User Manual
    1 x Recipe Manual
    5 x Sous Vide Bags

    If you find any problem about the product, We will try our best to serve you. 24 Months Warranty gives you, no worries the quality of our product.

    Product Features

    • 【SMART & PROFESSIONAL】: Wonderful black touchscreen LCD display, sous vide immersion circulator, high-quality PTC heating element, stainless steel sleeve easy to clean and dry out, elongated vertical plastic handle keeping your hands at a safe distance from the flam and preventing burns, simple interface on the device setting the time and temperature manually, temperature (25℃-99.9℃) (77°F-211.8°F) (± 0.1℃) setting, accurate time control (1min-99h59min).
    • 【SAFE & EASY TO USE】: Just attach the small sous vide machine to any water-filled pot, add water, drop in your food (steak, chicken, pork, seafood, eggs, vegetables…) in a sealed bag or glass jar, then press start. No intricate steps required.
    • 【CLEAN & SAVE TIME】: 850 watts of power for hyper-fast water heating, Food is packaged in a vacuum bag. You can add the oil, salt you want to food. Compared with other cooking methods, this practice will not produce any lampblack. You can do the other things within the setting time and save time.
    • 【WHAT YOU RECEIVE】: 1 x SLAIYA Sous Vide Cooker appliances ,1 x SLAIYA Sous Vide Fixed Clips,1 x Hand Pump,5 x Vacuum Storage Bags,1 x Recipe Book,1 x Plastic Bag Sealing Device, 1 x User Manual. Our 24-months warranty, and friendly customer service.
    • 【PROFESSIONAL PERFECT COOKING FOR FAMILY】: Whether it’s a birthday and mothers’ day or fathers’ day, this is a wonderful gift that your family and friends will truly appreciate. SLAIYA sous vide cooker locks the food nutrition 100%, bringing professional quality delicious cooking and medium-rare steak you like to your home.

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    Nutri-Lock Vacuum Sealer Bags. 2 Rolls 11×50 and 8×50. Commercial Grade Bag Rolls for FoodSaver and Sous Vide

    NUTRI-LOCK Vacuum Sealer bags

    Keeps AIR Out
    Locks NUTRIENTS In

    • OVER 3x LONGER than the leading brand rolls.
    • 50 ft. bag rolls… That’s just a few cents per bag.
    • Make your bags the exact length YOU need; no wasted material.
    • Less spoilt food, less waste… MORE $$$ IN YOUR POCKET.

    • The durable 4Mil-layer material is air and watertight!
    • High density micro-channels make the bags SUPER flexible to provide a super-tight fit… LIKE AN ARMOR FOR FOOD.
    • Nutri-Lock bags are BPA free!
    • Nutri-Lock bags are made to US standards on an FDA approved site.
    • Defends against FREEZER BURN.
    • Perfect for SOUS VIDE cooking.

    • Designed in Australia for healthy lifestyles, healthy bodies and healthy food.
    • Helps keep food fresh up to 5x longer
    • Help keep super foods, super!

    • Helps keep fruits and vegetables crisp and crunchy
    • Avoid freezer burn; keep steak looking and tasting juicy!
    • Helps slow down food spoilage; no more soggy, gritty, wilting fruit and vegetables.
    • GREAT FOR MARINADING; Lock your meat in a Nutri-Lock bag to speed up the marinade process.

    With our 3 MONTH GUARANTEE, you can BUY NOW with total peace of mind.

    Nutri-lock is made in China to US stds.

    Product Features

    • VALUE $$$$ – Over 3x Longer than FoodSaver Bags! Just a Few Cents per Sealer Bag! 2x Vacuum Sealer Rolls; 11″x50′ and 8″x50′ Size Bag Rolls.
    • FITS ALL CLAMP STYLE VACUUM SEALER APPLIANCES – Works with FoodSaver, Seal-a-meal, Nesco, Weston and Others.
    • KEEPS FOOD FRESH AND RICH IN NUTRIENTS FOR LONGER – Incredibly Flexible, Providing an Air-Tight Fit and Keeping Food Fresh for Longer. Perfect for Sous Vide Cooking & Freezer Storage.
    • RETAINS FLAVOR LONGER – No More Soggy, Gritty, Wilting Fruit and Vegetables. Keep Steaks Juicy and Flavorful.
    • BPA Free, 4 Mil, DURABLE, FDA APPROVED FACTORY – Developed in Australia for Healthy Minds, Bodies and a Healthy Lifestyle.

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    New & Improved Gourmia Immersion Sous Vide Pod 2nd Generation Circulator Accurate Cooking Digital Timer 1200 Watts Black Includes Gourmet Recipe Book (Black) – GSV140

    Can we tell you a secret?

    Sous Vide.
    It’s how the best chefs in the world get the most moist, mouth-watering dishes- every single time.
    And now you can too!
    This Gourmia GSV140 Sous Vide Pod simplifies the entire process,
    and packs in the power of much larger, complex sous vide oven alternatives into one immersion pod POWERHOUSE.
    It’s small enough to stick in a drawer, but don’t let it’s size fool you.
    This Sous Vide boasts 1200 watts of hands-free cooking power.
    Simply clip on to your (heat safe) pot, pan, or bucket,and use the rotating time/temperature wheel to easily adjust your preferred cooking settings.
    Then drop in your bags of food, and walk away!
    The bright, slanted LCD control panel features a hyper accurate thermostat to the +/- 0.1º degree.
    The Pod will circulate constantly to maintain an even and gentle water temperature, cooking food to moist perfection, while allowing rich, deep, flavor saturation.
    Check out the free recipe book for some of our favorite Sous Vide recipes, like Butter-Poached Beet Salad with Pecans, Turkey Breast with Cranberry Chutney, and White Chocolate Creme Brulee!

    Gourmia’s mission is to make everyday cooking easy, healthy, and delicious. Our products deliver a higher standard of innovation, performance, and value. Our founders are experts in the modern world of small appliances and are passionate about providing our customers with dependable, efficient tools that will make life in the kitchen fun and easy.

    Product Features

    • CLIP & COOK: Securely clamps onto any (heat-safe) bucket, pot, or pan of up to 10 gallons, for completely hands-free circulating and cooking.
    • DELICIOUSLY TENDER: Constant 360º water circulation of 2.1 gallons per minute maintains even and gentle heat- cooking food to moist perfection while allowing rich, deep, flavor saturation.
    • DIGITAL DISPLAY: Conveniently slanted LCD control panel features hyper-accurate, set and working time/temperature readings. Use the rotating wheel to easily adjust your preferred cooking settings of up to 203°F and 59 hours.
    • COMPACT POWER: Don’t be fooled by it’s small size; this 1200 watt motor is the strongest on the market.
    • ETL CERTIFIED: We, at Gourmia, take the quality of our products seriously. This product is ETL certified so you can be confident that you’re receiving a safe, efficient, high quality appliance.

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