10 Pack Dry Erase Staff Music Lap White Boards 9″X12″ l Write Musical Notes and More (Double Sided Mini Whiteboards) Erasers Included

Scribbledo staff boards: Are great for practicing music notes and songs. These dry erase music white boards are every musicians dream. No wasted paper or garbage, just wipe off and reuse!

STAFF WHITE BOARDS : These music lined whiteboards are perfect for kids, student, and classroom use.

DOUBLE SIDED : The ruled lap boards are double sided to get optimum use of the lap board. One side is staff lined and the other is blank to be filled as pleased.

Product Features

  • Music staff boards are great for practicing notes, tunes and songs. musical notation, the staff (stave) is a set of five horizontal lines and four spaces that each represent a different musical pitch or in the case of a percussion staff, different percussion instruments.
  • Convenient music notation dry erase boards. Write, erase and reuse!
  • The music staff boards are great for groups, music bands, instructors and musicians.
  • One side is lined staff and the reverse side is a blank writing surface, great for drawing, writing and practice.
  • Environmentally conscious features a dry erase design allows for the boards to be used over and over again for added value, and they save wasting pages and pages of paper.

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An Introduction to Writing Music For Television: The Art & Technique of TV Music Writing With Contributions From Emmy® Award Winning Composers (How to write music)

Learn to compose music for TV with the best in the world

  • Do you have a home studio setup and want to get into the world of music composition?
  • Do you have a long-term goal to turn your musical creativity into income?
  • Would you like to know how to get started composing music for TV?

TV composer Michael Kruk has written and produced the music for many major documentary series which have been seen by millions of viewers worldwide.

Michael has produced scores for David Attenborough documentaries through to series for the BBC Natural History Unit. His music has been performed by a 75-piece orchestra, but he has also delivered entire soundtracks crafted solely in his home studio in New York. In An Introduction to Writing Music For Television he shares valuable insights into the process of writing music to picture.

In this book, Michael has teamed up with three of the busiest composers in the business (all Emmy® award winners). Each shares their story, experience and advice in an exclusive interview, and contributes to each topic covered in the book:

  • Michael Price (Sherlock, The Unforgotten)
  • Mac Quayle (Mr Robot, American Horror Story)
  • Walter Murphy (Family Guy, American Dad)

Learn to write music for TV

In Writing Music For Television, you’ll not only gain an insider’s view of how the music for a TV program is composed, you’ll be guided through the first steps of composing music to picture. You’ll learn…

  • The rarely discussed processes professional composers use
  • How to create seamless intros and outros
  • How to write “builds” and “reveals” without distracting the viewer
  • How to choose the right instrumentation to create a mood
  • How to use chord sequences and scales that immediately evoke a specific emotionHow to compose effective melodies and adapt them for different scenes

As well as being packed with insights and wisdom you won’t find elsewhere else, this book takes a practical approach to composing for TV, and each chapter contains dozens of musical examples you can learn from and apply. 

Learn to write music from an experienced composer whose work has gone from home studio to live orchestra, with numerous tips and tricks on orchestration!

A music to TV masterclass

  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of composing music to avoid common rookie errors
  • Master the musical tools that create an effective sense of movement in a scene
  • Get straightforward guidance on orchestration that really works and sounds realistic
  • Understand the range of various instruments and how they fit together
  • Learn how to use the most common production tools such as EQ, Compression and Reverb
  • Learn how to integrate real instrument samples with electronic textures

Bonus 1: All musical examples are beautifully notated, so you can easily learn and apply them

Bonus 2: Download FREE studio quality audio of every example, so you can hear exactly how it sounds

Buy it now and put your musical creativity to work. Learn how to create music to picture like the professionals.

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Writer Book for Creative Songwriters, a Journal to Write Your Lyric Ideas, Music Notebook for Make Lyrics and Songs!

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Product Features

  • 🎼THE BEST WRITER BOOK: This is the best practical guide to start writing your own songs, in a simple and practical way, it’s almost like a journal for songs!
  • 🎵A JOURNAL TO WRITE SONGS: If you have lots of ideas for writing songs, and you know where to write them, this diary is for you! You can place your lyrics and notes at the same time, to create the music you want!
  • 🎶 30 BEAUTIFUL PAGES: Write in the notebook the best ideas about songs, everything you have in mind you can turn it into a song! You have the potential to write songs, and become the best writer!
  • 🎤STICKERS INCLUDED: Decals included to place everywhere your love for music.
  • 💯LIFETIME GUARANTEE: LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK! We are so confident that you will love our book that we are offering all customers a lifetime guarantee. If at any point you decide you are not completely satisfied just drop us an email and we will refund 100% of the money.

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Recipes and Shit: Blank Recipe Journal to Write in for Women, Food Cookbook Design, Document all Your Special Recipes and Notes for Your Favorite … for Women, Wife, Mom 7″ x 10″ Made in USA

For 50 of your Favorite Family Recipes Recipes and Shit Kitchen Recipe Book

  • Table of Contents, Full 2 Page Spread for Each Recipe Allowing Plenty of Room to Write Down Recipe & Notes, plus a Framed in Area for Photo of the Finished Recipe!

  • Creating Something of your Own Can be a Self-Esteem Builder, Not to Mention Lots of Fun! 

  • Put all your Favorite Family and Friends Recipes in Your Very Own Cookbook – Perfect for Women, Wife, Mom, Grandma Y 

  • 7″ x 10″, 110 Pages, Sturdy Paperback Glossy Cover, Perfect Bound.  

  • Personalize this Family Recipe Book & Adults! Add in all your Secret Family Recipes in this Blank Cookbook This Book makes a great gift and Family Activity for Mom, Dad, and Grandparents to share with Kids and Grandchildren! Create New Traditions, Bake and Record all your Holiday Cookie Recipes and More!

  • Made in the USA.

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