Piano Lessons for Kids: The Thinking Tree – Self-Paced Instruction – Young Beginners, Ages 5-9

Piano Lessons for Kids: Self-paced Instruction for Young Beginners, with Audio and Video Instruction.

Ideal for kids ages 5-9, but great for younger and older kids; corresponds with Level A in the Thinking Tree and Dyslexia Games series, and Primer A in piano method books.

Want piano lessons for the kiddos?

At home?

Without the drive?

At a fraction of the price of private lessons?

Piano Lessons for Kids is the inventive book that unleashes a student’s imagination and love for music! This self-paced, 168-page book spans a semester or a school year, depending how often you visit the subject – once or multiple times in a week.

Adults need no prior musical training and are encouraged to learn right along with their kids. The audio/video materials make this possible.

Students will learn not just to read notes, but also to hear music, compose, and tell a story with the piano – all with songs they really want to play. Separating it from other method books and online programs.

This book – with essential audio/video instruction – solves the problem of having to purchase separate books for note reading, music theory, listening skills, and composing – it’s all here, in one book.

The instruction incorporates the hand shape and technique that classical pianists use, as your child learns familiar songs that everyone loves: Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Ode to Joy, Minuet in G, Jingle Bells, Joy to the World, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Old MacDonald and more.

Make use of PLAY and CREATIVITY, but most importantly a SEQUENCED LEARNING MAP to develop musicality and a solid hand technique, with influences from Kodaly, Orff, Takadimi, Suzuki, Gordon, Paul Wirth’s Gravity Technique and Irina Gorin’s Russian/Ukrainian finger-numbering system.

Music Learning Map:

Hear, Move, Speak, Sing, Tap, Play, Read, Write (With Improvising and Composing throughout)

This is THE book to help your child begin to learn music. Excellent for all students, especially creative, struggling, and/or reluctant learners. Students with ADHD, Dyslexia, Asperger’s and Autism especially thrive with this book – it utilizes the Open Dyslexia font to help with letter reversal and reading confusion.

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Music Alley 6 String 30 inch Half Size Junior Guitar for Young Kids, Blue (MA-52)

The Music Alley Junior Guitar range are perfect for the young player to experience playing a guitar for the first time. Built to quality standards expected from full size guitars the Junior guitar is suitable for children aged 4-6+ . Fitted with Nylon strings rather than steel the guitar is ideal for or small hands as small hands and fingers will find it far easier to hold the string down and to form chord shapes.

Product Features

  • Small Lightweight Design for Easy Learning.
  • Nylon Strung
  • Quality Geared Machine Heads
  • Includes Gig Bag
  • Suitable for Ages 3-7 years

Small World Toys Living – Young Chef Cookware 11 Pc. Playset

A great set of pretend cookware for kids, made of lightweight, easy-to-clean plastic in vivid colors. The 11-piece set includes a large stockpot with lid, small stockpot with lid, frying pan with lid large spoon, knife, skimmer, spatula and ladle.

Product Features

  • A great set of pretend cookware for kids, made of lightweight, easy-to-clean plastic in vivid colors
  • The 11-piece set includes a large stockpot with lid, small stockpot with lid, frying pan with lid large spoon, knife, skimmer, spatula and ladle

IQ Challenge Set by GamieUSA – 7 Pcs Kids Educational Toys for 5+ Year Olds – Highly Stimulating Brain Teasers – Challenging Mental Exercises for Sharp Young Minds – 100% Child Safe


Raise a Brainiac!

Get your kid the IQ Challenge Set for a head start in today’s fast-paced world of making big
decisions on the fly. Re-assembling the 3″ IQ ball tests kids’ perseverance and deduction
power; while solving the 4 different 2.5″ Puzzle Balls offers regular mental exercise. Test their
mental agility as they put the jumbled-up Wooden Cube Puzzle back into a cube; while figuring
out the tricky Metal Wire Puzzle’s entanglements develops spatial relations.

Wise Up And Get Lucky!

As if solving the puzzles isn’t fun enough, the IQ Challenge Set dares kids’ wits and guile for
some interactive fun! How fast can your little genius complete any two puzzles? Send before
and after images of their puzzles via email or Twitter using #IQChallengeSet, for a special gift
from GamieUSA. Check out the exciting instructions included in the Challenge Set.

No More Frustration!

We now include a comprehensive instructions guide to help your little one solve all the puzzles
if they get stuck along the way. The E-book will be sent to your email in 1-3 days after purchase,
and comes with clear pictures and step- by-step instructions that even the kiddos can understand.

A few benefits of GamieUSA’s IQ Challenge Set include:

– Offers 7 different puzzles for exciting variety.

– Excellent design for maximum durability and safety.

– Ideal kids educational toys for training young brains.

– 100% money-back guarantee for a risk-free purchase.

– Special GamieUSA gift for extra motivation and fun.

Kids Intellect, Our Commitment!

GamieUSA is committed to providing children educational toys
in an enjoyable, yet challenging way.

Click “Add to Cart” now and discover how much smarter your child really is!

Product Features

  • – 7 AMAZING IQ TOYS; includes a 3″ IQ Puzzle Ball and 4 different 2.5″ Plastic Puzzle Balls, a Metal Puzzle; and a 2-inch Wooden Cube Puzzle. Each puzzle is designed to enhance kids’ perseverance and deduction power for improved mind sharpness and alertness.
  • – EXCEPTIONAL BRAIN TEASERS; these educational toys will challenge your child’s intellect by stimulating amazing creativity. Your child’s mind will be sharpened enough to develop their problem solving capacity through reasoning, development of mental stamina and boosting their self-confidence.
  • – COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS GUIDE: The durable and kids safe puzzle set comes with a comprehensive instructions guide that will be sent to your email. With step-by-step instructions, clear pictures, and straightforward language, the guide allows you to help your little one along the way if they get stuck.
  • – CHALLENGE YOUR CHILD; to make it even more fun for the little masterminds challenge them to qualify for the GamieUSA’s special gift by solving at least two puzzles. Check out the exciting instructions included in the Challenge Set.
  • – SATISFACTION GUARANTEED; we offer superb educational toys and excellent customer service and if you’re not totally satisfied with your purchase; we also offer a risk-free, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Money-back Guarantee! Click the orange button to order now!

Feeding the Whole Family: Cooking with Whole Foods: More than 200 Recipes for Feeding Babies, Young Children, and Their Parents

This fully revised and updated edition of the best-selling cookbook, including 45 new recipes, shows parents how to make nutritious meals for the whole family, including babies and young children.
For over 15 years Cynthia Lair’s classic cookbook has been the source for parents who want to cook one healthy meal for the entire family, including babies. With more than 200 recipes this revised fourth edition teaches the basics of understanding a balanced whole-foods diet, from grains and beans to meat, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. Lair includes information on breastfeeding, beginning babies on solid foods, food allergies and intolerances, raising healthy eaters, and the importance of sharing nourishing meals as a family. In each recipe Lair offers instructions on how to adapt meals so that babies who are just starting solids, as well as older babies, can enjoy the dish, while children and adults eat a more complex version to satisfy their palates. All recipes use easy-to-find ingredients, are simple to follow, and will be enjoyable for the whole family.

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